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 (4 Years Later)

The Khaos Empire was in high spirits today because today was the wedding of their Crown Prince Magnus Khaos. The entire Empire was in a festive mood because today was a day their Crown Prince finally got married. The Khaos Family and the Laken Family had a good relationship for centuries and yet another union of the two families made both families delighted. This was given because it was exactly the Khaos Family that supported the Laken Family when they were chased out of the Endless Devil Empire.

(In the Royal Palace)

"How are you feeling? Today we officially become husband and wife." Magnus looked at his beautiful wife who's going to be finally his.

"Husband and wife? Does that mean we have to to do THAT?" Belle lowered her eyes anxiously, but there was also some excitement and anticipation in them.

"Ohhh? My Belle knows what 'that' is? Magnus teased Belle.

"Of course I know about the matters between husband and wife. My mother told me a few things about it!" Belle arrogantly replied.

"Hehehe, a few things huh? Tonight I'll be turning the 'few things' into 'plenty of things'!" said Magnus as he scanned Belle's voluptuous body with his fiery eyes.

Belle looked Magnus fiery eyes, turned around, and quickly ran away to her room, but the blush on her couldn't escape Magnus' eyes.

Finally the time of wedding started as both the Crown Prince and fiancee walked to the Saint Church with both of their families. The Saint Church was the religion the majority of the population of Saint Khaos and Saint Holy Empire followed. Of course this doesn't include cultivators and the only reason the wedding was done in the church was because of the commoner's belief in the Saint.

As Magnus and Belle sat down on their thrones next to each other, people started handing out gifts. Of course, the gifts were priceless because many clans and sects wanted to establish a good relationship with the Khaos and Laken Family. The gifts mostly included priceless alchemy ingredients, but there was also a Saint level sword. This was inconceivable because there are only 4 Saint weapons in all of Misty Star. That being said, whoever gave the gift definitely had good intentions towards the Magnus, but Arthur was skeptical because he felt this was a scheme. Arthur looked around with wariness and quickly calmed down realizing whoever gave the gift must be more powerful than him, so why would someone stronger scheme against someone weaker than him. In the cultivation world, there was the law of the jungle. Cultivators died all the time and only the strong could rule. This was also the reason why the commoners worshiped Arthur.

After this thought, Arthur quickly secured the sword with a wave of his hand and the wedding resumed without any more disturbances.

After the gifts were handed out, it was time for the Crown Prince and his wife to visit the nuptial chamber.

"Stupid kid! I'll let you enjoy this one night." an ominous voice whispered as Magnus felt shivers up his spine.