I carefully remove each bone from the fish even the smaller one, how come such big bone still on the soup? Moreover, the fish's bone is something his majesty King Shi hates most, and now that fish's bone even makes his mouth or tongue injured. Suddenly I realize how grave my situation now, should I plea lighter punishment by admitting something that I have never done, or should I defend my innocence with that fish's bone? I'm still muddled with this unexpected situation when his majesty King Shi said something that more shocking than his previous words.

"Since you already see it, your punishment is executed tomorrow"

'Executed tomorrow'....'Executed tomorrow'.... 'Executed tomorrow'

That words like thunder that striking my ears, echoing without ending. Not just fired but directly executed? Oh my God! No! I can't accept this! I was wronged, I never let such a basic mistake by leaving such big fish bone in my cooking. I want to see my kid born from my wife! I want to see my kid growing! I must stay alive to see that!

"Your Highness, have mercy! This lowly servant beg your forgiveness"

I'm kowtowing many times in front of King Shi until my forehead bleeding. King Shi only watch me with cold eyes.

"You admit making mistakes?"

"Your Highness, this soup is your lowly servant made with a meticulous effort for whole night that even smallest bones removed just to give Your Highness the highest taste from a fish can bring. Please have mercy, a cook will never make such a basic mistake"

"Are you accusing me wronged you?"

King Shi glare become colder and ruthless.

"Your servant did not dare. Did not dare at all. your lowly servant only ask your Highness to investigate this matter and uphold justice"

"You dare to order Zen?"

King Shi frowned and asks in a stern tone

"Your servant did not dare. Only beg magnanimous heart from your Highness to spare this insignificant life of your servant"

"You said you prepared this soup for a whole night. Did anyone else ever touch your soup?"

"No, your Highness"

"Before you put your soup in the bowl, do you check it again?"

"Yes, I do your highness"

"Then blame yourself for your carelessness. Guards, throw him in jail and executed tomorrow"

I'm stunned hearing what King Shi said. He definitely only finds a way to blame me without any intention to look for the truth. His image as a just and fair ruler in my minds shattered into pieces. In my eyes, he just likes another tyrant, only care for himself. I'm unwilling to accept this!

Slowly I stand up from my kneeling. This man in front of me is not worthy of my respect. He just wants to kill me because small wound caused by a fish bone which I'm sure not from my cooking. Anger, grievance, sorrow, frustration all mixed together and exploded in my words.

"Shi Lie The! I thought you're a wise and just ruler, but I'm wrong. You're just a tyrant that only care about yourself. You're just a narrow-minded person, egoist, ruthless, you don't deserve any respect! Pui! Your kingdom will not last long under your rule..."

"INSOLENT! KILL HIM AND CHOP HIS HEAD!" King Shi roared hearing my words

"Heavens will not forgive you! You should protect your people! Not kill them on your whim! Damn your kingdom....Argh!"

I saw a sword prick my heart from my back through into my chest. And when the sword retracted my body fall listlessly in the floor and another sword chop my head apart from my neck. I watch what they doing with my eyes open wide. Isn't that my body? And that head that rolled in the floor...is that my head? Why can I see that? Am I dead and this is.....my soul?

King Shi spat on my head, he looks at my head with a sinister look

"Dare to curse Zen? Kill his family too!"

A group of guards is immediately leaving the dining chamber. Oh no! Did he just say to kill my family too? My wife! My parent! I must return and make them leave the house. I run from the dining chamber to my house. Without a body, I can get through the wall and arrive at my house faster than those royal guards. In my house, I see my wife is sitting in the dining room while rubbing her belly

"My child, your father will soon return home, let's prays he comes with good news okay?"

It seems my wife waiting for my return with the result of today's new dish event. But it doesn't matter anymore my wife, you should leave this house and escape


Sadly, no matter how hard I'm screaming, Ming Er seems didn't listen to my voice. She still sits calmly waiting for my return. I try to grab her hand but my hand seems only passing her hand. I keep shouting and grabbing her hand although it's all futile until there's knocking sound on my house's door.