Dining Chamber Shi Kingdom

The ruler of Shi Kingdom, King Shi Lie The, sit on his throne with delicacy spread in the table in front of him. Eunuch Hong who responsible to King's food reading today's menu to King Shi, start from the appetizer, soup, main dish, side dish and dessert.

King Shi nodded after hearing the list of food that presented to him during the lunch

"Today's which junior cook makes the new dish for Zen?"

"Reply to your highness, today junior cook You Ben makes the soup for your highness"

"Start with poison testing, Zen already can't wait to taste today's new dish"

"Your lowly servant will conduct the poison test immediately Your Highness"

Eunuch Hong immediately starts the poison test on each food presented in the table. While he testing the soup that You Ben make, he secretly put what he received from Bao into the soup. After all the food had been tested, he reporting to King Shi

"Reporting Your Highness, all food has been tested and no poison found inside. Your Highness can eat safely now"

"Good. Zen already wants to taste the new dish. Bring that soup to Zen"

Eunuch Hong brings the soup bowl to King Shi which accepted and opened immediately by King Shi.

"Hmm, the aroma is good. But this scent ... is this fish?"

"Reply to Your Highness, the cook himself say that this soup indeed fish soup"

"He really has guts to cook this, very well, Zen will try the taste"

King Shi takes the spoon and scoops the soup from the bowl. Before put the spoon into his mouth, he sniffs the smell of the soup first

"Hmm....such rich fragrance, this soup indeed made with meticulous effort"

After commenting this, King Shi puts the spoon in his mouth and start to taste the soup. He nodded and took another scoop from the soup bowl. After some scoops, suddenly King Shi brows frowned, his face becomes red, smashing the jade bowl in his hand to the floor, and he shouted a loud roar


A palace guard immediately runs to palace kitchen to pick up You Ben and bring him to the dining chamber.

Meanwhile in Palace Kitchen

I'm waiting for the news from the dining chamber anxiously. I know it needs at least one hour before his majesty King Shi finishing his lunch. The other cooks also waiting with an anxious face, they hoping there's nothing go wrong with today's lunch. Once his majesty King Shi unpleased with any dish presented today, the cook will get punishment. If senior cook, he will demote into a junior cook, and if he's a junior cook, he will immediately fire from Palace Kitchen. I'm startled when a palace guard suddenly enter the Palace Kitchen and shouting,

"Junior cook You Ben, your highness King Shi summon you to dining chamber!"

Eh? That fast? Did his majesty King Shi impressed with my cook and immediately rewards me? I raise my hand to answer the call

"I'm You Ben"

"Come with me quick, don't make Your Highness King Shi waiting"

I follow the guard to the dining chamber with the heart full of expectation. My mind full with imagination how his majesty King Shi like my soup and call me there to give praise directly. But when I'm entering the dining chamber, somehow I feel the tense atmosphere and the air feel eerie. My heart getting cold when seeing the smashed jade bowl in the floor. Did I do something wrong? I immediately kneel down in front of his majesty King Shi.

"Your lowly servant You Ben, greet Your Highness, King Shi. May God bless Your Highness long live, long live, long live"

King Shi just snorted before speaking.

"You're You Ben? You know your mistake?"

"Reply to Your Highness, your lowly servant didn't know. Your servant make today soup with my utmost care and carefully avoid any mistakes, Your Highness"

King Shi step down from the throne platform approaching me and suddenly...


He spat in front of me. His saliva that dropped into the white marble floor in front of me. My heart suddenly feels anxious when seeing the red trace in that saliva.

"If you don't know what your mistake, then look at what Zen had in Zen's fingers"

King Shi lowered his hand to show me what he held in his finger. I raised my head to look at what thing is in his majesty King Shi's hand. What I see make my heart suddenly like stop breathing.

What his majesty King Shi held in his hand is a big, almost transparent, fish bone!