Reincarnated Chef: Rise of Culinary Tycoon

Reincarnated Chef: Rise of Culinary Tycoon
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Update: 2021-03-08 19:19
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Intro: You Ben is a talented young cook, in Shi Kingdom. But because of vicious intrigue within the palace, he lost his life in tragic death, followed by his family member.When he’s opened his eyes, he’s already in someone else body. Someone with the same name as him, You Ben, a small restaurant owner in He Xing city, thousand years ahead from when he died.Inherit the previous owner memory, You Ben found that the previous owner dies because drown in drinking habit because of his restaurant that once a popular restaurant, plummet in the bottom of food business by dirty tricks that made by his rival, which make him depressed.Cherishing his second life, You Ben steeled his mind to rejuvenate the previous owner restaurant and bring his cooking skill to renowned in the world.
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