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"I am Kukulkan, the God of Massacre!" The A.I. Chip clone released a powerful domain after getting the authority from the Nightmare Hydra, seeming just like the original.

[Faith channeled successfully, blessing system in order.] A lot of data appeared from the A.I. Chip.

The clone was but an intermediary. It allowed Leylin's Magus body to borrow the powers of his divine kingdom, using the divine domains he'd possessed as the god. Even as the A.I. Chip made its report he could feel his main body connecting to a massive sea of faith.

Kukulkan had accumulated decades upon decades of faith, and now it was all being absorbed by the Nightmare Hydra. It made Leylin feel stronger with each passing moment. Combined with the power of emotions he just absorbed, it pushed Leylin towards a higher realm.

[Beep! Emotion energy has been accumulated, beginning breakthrough to rank 8.] Leylin was a Warlock. It wasn't just laws that he had to worry about, his bloodline and power had to be accumulated as well. However, he'd spent all this time accumulating resources, and the fusion with the divine clone brought him up to standard. Advancing was only a matter of course now.

*Hssss-* The four physical heads of the hydra continued to spew out the energies of their respective laws. A perfect path of original sin took place, forming a phantom behind the Nightmare Hydra that repelled even the origin force of the World of Gods.

Time seemed to pass in an instant, but it also felt like a million years. By the time Leylin recovered his senses all the power inside his body had fused, forming an extremely powerful bloodline that filled each and every cell in his body with power. A black stream of energy appeared before him as he raised his hand, carrying traces of the Weave.

"The fusion of bloodline and laws, coupled with dreamforce... My power has already evolved, transforming my path into one that is completely my own. This strength, this path..." The feeling of extreme power caused Leylin to grin widely, "It shall henceforth be known as the power of Original Sin, something that can only be used by its Lord!"

The A.I. Chip had a lot of information as well.

[Beep! Host has advanced to rank 8, obtained the strength of Original Sin. The Nightmare Hydra bloodline has evolved the Devour skill; obtained innate skill- World Devour.

World Devour: The laws of devouring have reached their limits. With the support of other laws, host has gained the ability to devour worlds. The NIghtmare Hydra can devour all dimensions, semi-planes, and small worlds. I can absorb the bloodlines, emotions, and even laws of what it devours...]

"Even with a small world as the limit... What a frightening ability!" Leylin sighed. No matter how small a world in the astral plane was, it still had billions of lives within it. The origin force of any one could give birth to at least a rank 7 Magus! However, these small worlds were now an insignificant meal in Leylin's eyes.

[Beep! Host's stats have changed, recalculating... Changes have been detected in the world due to a shift of laws. Stats calculated on the basis of the World of Gods' standards.

Name: Leylin Farlier, Rank 8 Warlock.

Bloodline: Nine-Headed Nightmare Hydra (Incomplete Body)

Strength: 45. Agility: 50. Vitality: 65. Spiritual Force: 99.

Soul Status: Soul of Original Sin

Laws: Devouring (100%), Massacre (100%), Death (100%), Greed (100%)

Path: Original Sins

Innate Talent: Nine-Headed Nightmare Hydra! Devour World!

Abilities: Dreamscape Vision, Origin Force Detection, Illusions, Warp Reality, Epic Massacre, Death's Decree]

'It adjusted my stats since we're in the World of Gods?' Leylin looked at the stats of his Magus body. His lips curled upwards as he looked at most of his divine force being retained, "Even a greater god only has stats hovering around 50. I'm only a new rank 8 Warlock, but my stats already surpass so many of them..."

This was quite logical. The power of a god came from their divine kingdom, their power being distributed by faith unlike Magi whose power was their own. The gods were thus weaker overall, only able to contend with the Magi due to the buffs from their divine kingdoms.

Additionally, Leylin himself had overpowering strength. He'd formed his path before even approaching the peak of rank 8, ensuring that his path of advancement smooth and his battle prowess exceptional. He was almost a peak rank 8 fighter himself, so he was vastly different from other Magi.

"This power... I can determine the life and death of a divine being!" Leylin no longer bothered with the prime material plane after his advance. It had already turned into a land of screams, being ravaged by the Magi new and old. With Mystra's fall and the collapse of the Weave, the world had turned into a mess.

With Distorted Shadow and the Goddess of the Weave taken out, there remained nobody foolish enough to challenge Leylin outright. The region around his divine kingdom was actually relatively peaceful.

'"How can a Warlock's advance not be celebrated with blood?' Leylin smiled lightly. He took a step into the Fourth Hell, where the devils and devil hunters were still embroiled in war.

He looked at the armoured devils, only speaking two words, "Original Sin!"

*Hsss-* The phantom of the Nightmare Hydra appeared behind Leylin's back, seemingly turning into a black hole. The dark power of original sin that contained a trace of blood turned all the devils into ashes in an instant, even absorbing their souls.

Each of the four heads of the Nightmare Hydra had turned into a sinkhole, absorbing everything connected to original sin without end. As evil beings themselves, these devils would not be able to escape.

Phlegethos immediately turned silent, and only the six Lords of Baator showed themselves.

"Magus!" Asmodeus looked at Leylin with the greatest fear his daughter had ever seen on his face.

"The primordial contract states that even demons and devils must put aside their differences against the Magi, forming an alliance of blood. They must even join forces with the gods... For this is an apocalypse of multiple worlds!" Both of Asmodeus' hands trembled as he flipped to the last page of his book of contracts, "If the Magi are not stopped, that shall be the end..."

Devils were naturally lawful. Looking at Leylin's Magus body, every cell in their body radiated fear and rage, even their souls trembling. The lords showed themselves without the slightest reservation, all six putting aside their differences as they roared in unison, "More evil than the devils, and more chaotic than the demons... Magus, scram from Baator!"

Each Lord of Baator was a being of laws, and Asmodeus had inconceivable might. Even the gods dreaded their combined strength.

However, Leylin Farlier was not Kukulkan. Having advanced to rank 8, he feared nothing unless he was surrounded by a bunch of greater gods or was forced to fight in one's divine kingdom.

"Do you know why I brought my divine kingdom to Baator? Indeed I wanted to avoid the gods, but there's more to it... I wanted to collect your power..." A phantom hydra appeared behind Leylin, the ravenous manner in which the illusory heads looked over at them causing the Archdevils to feel fear.

"Your strength will define me. Be honoured to be a part of my path!" The void trembled with Leylin's proclamation, as an extremely sharp weapon descended from the skies.

The weapon was extremely strange. It seemed to possess the distinctive traits of all weapons at the same time, like an ancient beast of times past thirsting for blood. Dazzling origin force radiated around its body, cutting apart the very world without end.

Dazzling origin force radiated around its body, causing the void to be cut continuously. This was Leylin's origin force weapon, similar to the overgod weapon once attempted in the World of Gods. It had the power to kill gods, being the result of an ancient civilisation's research coupled with the A.I. Chip. This was something Leylin had taken several centuries of hard work to create!

*Hss-* The Nightmare Hydra roared, and the nine different heads each spit out a black gas that formed more runes atop the weapon, as though celebrating its birth.

"You are now my overgod weapon, the Seven Sins!"