Neji's Pov

I have practiced to my limit in order to vent my anger and divert my attention from the main branch and my stupid fate.

Then someone called me. It was my Brother My hatred doubled for my younger brother has more talent than i am so how can I be happy knowing that he will just be a servant and tool for the main's.

He is trying to make me acknowledge him but i already acknowledge him and doing my best to protect him in the future so we sparred and I was surprised I lost. what a monster is he I was secretly happy and remembered about my fate.

He explained about the reason about our fathers decision. and talk about how he can remove the Seal. I was flabbergasted and immediately activated my byakugan and searched for people around us. that was treason in a sense of objecting the main branch.

THankfully no one is around. He really break my seal and we continued to spar and was surprised how and what kind of taijutso is he using. He sends me flurry of kicks and punch that throws my rhythm off balance I cant counter him. I asked him where he learned it.

He told me he Created it on his own and called it taekwondo boxing and aikido implemented with gentle fist.

We trained evryday for the next 5 years.

We have been improving alot and we can be considered chunin with our power. We are considered as the Uncrowned Potentials. For we are limited by our paths that the village knew we can only be a servant for the main branch but little did they know that we already break the shackles limiting our selves.

My brother showed me his secrets his eyes became blue with rainbow iris and a rippling pattern around it with nine tomoes on the inner pattern. i was so shocked that this was the rinnegan told by legend and sharingan also that blue color is tenseigan I am so confused and sora explained it to me.


"Brother dont be surprised this is What I called Mystic rinnesharingan doujutso."

"this is the first time i heard about it what does it do"

"It has the power of the sharringan but 100 times more. I can see pattern and weaknesses with it that with only 1 strike i can break anything."

"was that how you break my seal?"

"No brother I used an innate ability of mine i call imagine breaker to safely break the seal without harming you"

My brother has so many secrets around him.

" Thank you brother for sharing these kinds of secrets"

"dont worry your my only family here I mean youre the closest family i have for you are my bro"

He smiled at me and shared other secrets about his bloodline.