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Chapter 27: Operation Fake Death (II)

The entrance to the underground dungeon was under the oldest building in the academy. However, normally, the entrance looked like a warehouse's door.

From looking at the rusty nails, the worn-out wooden door looked as if it was about to collapse.

But, in actual fact, it only looked that way. There's an unique magic formation above the door to prevent it from being destroyed.

And with my current abilities, it's basically impossible to break that door.

However, its defense isn't actually perfect. From the incident that happened earlier, the other entrance to the underground dungeon was actually revealed when it was attacked.

"This is the entrance? It doesn't look the part."

Yuon looked at the huge door, and knocked on it.

She then took out something similar to a magnifying glass and stuck it on the door. Right after, she pressed the button on the magnifying glass.

A blue circle of light was slowly emitted out from the magnifying glass apparatus. After a scanning-like motion, the green magical symbols surrounding the large door were absorbed into the magnifying glass. On the glass, several magical symbols appeared, and were flashing constantly.

"What's that? An apparatus that could analyze magic formations?"

"You should know this by now, this world is different from ours. The machines in this world are powered by magic. In other words, those messy circuit boards and programs from our former world do not exist here. What replace them are magical formations, symbols and leylines, and they are controlled by a core. Something like a CPU."

"... If you explain it that way, they're pretty similar. In other words, the password locking this door is encrypted using magic?"

"It's like those light novels or movies whereby doors are opened by knocking on them with their respective magical staves. They could be considered as passwords as well."

"So, this thing is able to help us dispel the magic on this door?"

"Not entirely."

Yuon took out a book. She flipped through the pages while looking at the symbols on the magnifying glass.

"This is only an apparatus that analyzes magical leylines and symbols. From there, we will be able to find the corresponding dispel magic needed."

"So you're telling me, there's a mix of different magic formations on this door, and we will have to find the various dispel magic needed to remove them?"

"That's right."

Looks like Yuon found the things she needed. The magnifying glass flashed one last time, and then, a row of magical symbols was projected in the air.

"This, this and this... Oh my god, they even included this into the formation. Alright, with this, the problem's solved."

Placing the book on the floor, she took something else out and pressed the magical symbols in a specific sequence.

The large door flashed for a moment, and opened silently.

"How much do those two items on your hand cost? And where did you buy them?"

"... Let me guess, you haven't had a good walk around the world ever since you came here, right?"

"I guess you're right. But what does that have to do with this?"

"Because, if you were to leave the academy, and have a good look at the merchandises in the black market, you will actually find out that these items are actually really cheap and common."

"Is that so..."

After keeping the tools, Yuon pulled the door and walked in.

"Alright, I will see you later."

After that, she disappeared behind the door.

A few moments later, the door slowly closed. The large door then flashed, and the light emitting from a magical formation once again appeared.

This is a pretty convenient mechanism. Looks like I have to install this on my door in the future as well.

I took a look at the time. It was already 9pm in the evening. At the open plaza, there were several Magicians working on removing the ice crystals. Evidently, they have not realized that my 'corpse' had already dissipated. Once those ice blocks are removed, they will find out that the corpse they're looking for isn't there.

And now, other than Aliyah, no one else is able to recognize me.

By the time they're done removing the ice crystals, it will probably past midnight. By then, my life and death will no longer matter.

I think that the best choice right now is to return to the bookstore and wait for midnight to come.


However, looking at the crowd surrounding the plaza, I felt a little sorry for them. After all, their efforts were being wasted.

But, thinking of the million gold bounty placed on me, I felt a little bit better, since there's actually someone spending so much money to kill me.

Though, so as to avoid any unnecessary problems, I have informed Irlin before the act, and told her to bring Michelle back to her apartment and prepare a sound barrier magic.

Even though it would probably look more realistic if people I knew were to mourn for my death at the scene, but, I felt it would be troublesome to explain why I was still alive if they actually saw what happened. So, I decided to inform Irlin of the act.

And that was the best idea I could think of.

Of course, there isn't a need to explain to Falan and the other two girls. Looking at how they were just standing at the side, they probably knew for a fact that I did not die.

After pondering for a while, my only conclusion is that Falan could use the 'Heart of the Momiji' ability as well, and she was able to feel my presence.

But, I believe that she does not have something such as a mini-map, so she isn't able to deduce my exact position.


"What?! Fir died?!"

Suddenly, a frightening roar shocked me back to my senses. Then, I realized while I was reading, the time had already past 12pm.

I must say, this bookstore is actually pretty good. By spending a little money, I could read up some pretty useful stuffs.

And the voice earlier, evidently belonged to Michelle. Looks like they have already returned, but they realized I have yet to arrive on time. And, I believe she had just received a report on what happened outside.

"Why did you not tell me about this!?"

"Obviously, because I didn't actually die. So there isn't a need for them to tell you that, right?"

I walked out of the toilet, with the book I was reading earlier in my hand.


Everyone was stunned, including the emperor who just walked in.

"Un. This is indeed shocking. And earlier, I was still wondering what havoc my daughter would create after hearing the news. But, what I really want to know right now, is how you are still alive after you were killed in front of the large crowd earlier."

"It's a trade secret. If I were to reveal it now, I might really die next time. The ice blocks should have been cleared out by now, right? So? What did you find under them?"

"Some crystallized powder. However, we do not know what it's made of."

"That's how it should be."

I paused for a moment, before continuing.

"Now then, why don't we discuss about the request you spoke of? Or are we going to discuss about how you're going to ensure my safety after this?"