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Chapter 26: Operation Fake Death (I)

I had been standing at the same position for some time, and I looked as if I was staring blankly at the sky. At this sight, Dorumi had no idea what to do, and in the end, she had been leaning against the wall the entire time.

"You don't wish to idle here as well, right? Why don't you play out an act with me?"

I turned and spoke to Dorumi who was against the wall.

"An act?"

Dorumi revealed a skeptical expression.

"Don't we already look like we're acting right now?"

"Well, that maybe the case. However, it isn't a very feasible plan to simply wait for midnight to arrive. What do you say?"

I smiled at her, and after hearing what I said, she nodded.

"... Indeed. To tell you the truth, by staying with you, my identity might be exposed. I actually spent quite a bit of money to obtain this identity. It will be unfortunate if I lose it."

"As such, Aliyah and Dorumi, help me out with something later. After we're done with that, we can leave for the night. How about it?"

Since Dan and the rest shouldn't be able to recognize me with my disguise, I was able to ask for help this openly. In any case, it's not like I'm telling them to protect me.

"Sounds interesting. Dorumi, let's help him."

"Do you think I have any other choice? Aliyah, how did you come to know a weird guy like him?"


"Because birds of a feather flock together?"

"You're referring to yourself, right?"

"... You're not exactly wrong."

Ignoring their tsukkomi's, I coughed twice, and continued.

"Alright, there will be another person coming to help. As such, later, you girls will be doing this..."


10 minutes later, I walked out of an inconspicuous restaurant.

Of course, this time around, I wasn't fully disguised, rather, I appeared openly with my usual appearance in Gray Magical Academy.

But why did I say it wasn't a full disguise? Because whenever I appear in the academy, I would have already dyed my hair golden.

Currently, it was the perfect time for dinner, and there were many people walking on the streets.

Excluding the few people that came from afar, for example, people wearing armor like Aliyah, the rest were wearing robes. As long as I do not approach them, they wouldn't be able to notice me.

Probably adding the fact that they weren't able to find me for a quite a long time, their attention towards me had decreased, and the number of people greeting me on the streets decreased as well.

Is this what they call the calm before the storm?

I chuckled. I quickly cut across the center of the business district, and headed towards my dormitory.

Just when I was about to step out of the business district, a black figure immediately descended from the skies, and with a cold white flash, a dagger pierced towards my neck.

Aliyah, who had been stationed at the side, quickly pulled out her sword, and blocked the dagger before it was able to touch my neck.


A deafening metal clash resounded, and my ears rang. It felt like my eardrums were going to explode.

And, although the dagger was blocked, the air pressure created was still able to pass through, and a cut was made on my neck.

Oh my god, Yuon's attack is seriously really strong. If I hadn't drank a potion that would isolate pain, I would probably die from the pain.

And beside my HP bar, a 'Poisoned' status icon appeared as well. She actually applied poison as well?

However, for the sake of making this realistic, I immediately froze my wounded neck and pulled out my Blasphemer. Pointing it at Yuon, I cast a Icicle Field of Light.

Why did I use a Light and Ice Composite Magic spell? Because its damage was high?

Of course not. Light Magic is only effective against Dark Magic, and with my current level, a magic spell like this will only bring harm to people who were LV 15 and below.

The reason why I used it was because this magic spell was the flashiest.

In an instant, the entire business district was lighted up by the shining ice crystals, and countless light rays were reflected among the icicles. It looked pretty impressive.

Of course, to prevent any harm to the innocent masses, the act was staged at the corner of the business district.

The black suited Yuon leapt out from the roof of the building at the side, and flashed towards me, while slicing the incoming icicles.

Aliyah and Dorumi stepped forward to block, but with a single slash, the two of them were sent flying. Even their weapons shattered from the impact. and then, she pierced her dagger straight into my neck.

'Does it hurt?'

Yuon suddenly sent me a message.

Was the reason she used this method to communicate because she knew this attack of hers had pierced my windpipe?

'I drank a potion which isolated my senses of pain.'

'Hmph! Count yourself lucky! Just to let you know, the fatal aspect of this attack of mine is that it could cause my targets to suffer so much pain that they would rather die.'

'You used this skill on purpose, didn't you!?'


'Damn you...'

When I finished typing that last sentence, I could no longer feel my hands touching the keyboard.

As I have entered the state of apparent death, I already lost control of my body.

Yuon then pulled out her dagger and pierced it right into my heart. Since I received an attack in my current state, I died immediately.'

You have died.

As your race has been changed to an Undead Holy Angel, you will resurrect in the cemetery. You will be resurrected in an hour.

Title Unlocked: [Suicider]

Ability Unlocked: Cursing the World

For every self-willing death, a death marker will be recorded. For every 50 death markers collated, the user can choose any one person to die.

What a resentful ability. To think I had to die 50 times in exchange for killing a single person once, just how much resentment must I have to do this?

However, that's not the point. The point is that, I'm currently dead, and it was right in front of a large crowd.

With this, there should be a lot of people who thinks that I died, right?

Who would possibly know that I would resurrect in the cemetery in an hour?

PoV: Yuon

Oh my god, this guy is seriously willing to do anything. I didn't think he would actually wanted me to kill him.

He knew he would be able to resurrect in a short period of time. There isn't any point in killing him either. His head would disappear and turn into fragments in a matter of minutes, so it isn't possible to deliver it back for the bounty reward.

His 'corpse' was currently lying on the ground. I pulled out my dagger from his chest, and retrieved his weird wand with a sword tip.

If I recall, this guy said that he prepared a magic crystal at the bottom of his wand. I inspected the wand, and threw the crystal on the ground when I found it.

Immediately after, I sped towards the roof. And at the place where I killed Fir, a giant ice flower of about 2 meter in size sprouted, enveloping his entire body.

I looked towards Fir's two companions who were lying on the ground. They're actually faking unconsciousness. Geez. I can see that you girls are squinting your eyes, you know?

However, indeed, it's best that I leave this place as soon as possible. My 'Sanguinary Hearing Radar' had already detected several experts rushing here from all around the academy.

Suppressing my aura, I kept Fir's wand in my ring, and disappeared quickly into the shadows.

PoV: Fir

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the star-filled sky. What a wonderful feeling.

It would have been better if there wasn't the smell of rotten flesh all around me.

I crawled up from the ground and dusted off the dirt and mud off my body. I then inspected my body.

Resurrection successful, and I feel better than ever.

After that, I looked at my surroundings. This was the cemetery beside a cathedral, which was situated at the corner of the academy. Honestly, there isn't much of a difference between resurrecting in the cemetery and in the cathedral, is there? Other than sleeping on the ground, filled with the smell of fresh and rotten corpses.

From afar, I could hear the commotion from the academy, and it seems, everyone was in an uproar. Looks like my plan was successful.

I immediately disguised myself, and changed into a Water Magician's robe. Otherwise, it would be trouble if someone saw me with my usual appearance.

However, I suddenly heard something metallic dropping onto the ground. When I turned to look, it was actually my 'Blasphemer'!

"How was your sleep, careless one?"

On the roof of the cathedral, Yuon smiled and asked.

"Not bad. Deaths are pretty worth it, you know? Not only your HP and MP, your fatigue meter is filled to the brim as well. Committing suicide once a day would definitely guarantee a healthy body."

(t/n: Kids, do not try this at home.)

"If you're that bored, then do it. Alright, tell me the location of the entrance to the underground dungeon. This isn't a place where I could stay for long."

I smiled casually.

"I'm about to head back as well. Follow me, I will take you there."

Currently, my operation is half successful.