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Chapter 25: Can You Help Me?

"You two sure look like a pair of siblings like this. Un~"

In the corner of the flower garden at the academy's center, Aliyah said as she sipped on her drink.

"Dorumi has a Western European look, and making an outline of it was easy. Adding the black hair and eyes, I was able to make a disguise with a similar face as hers."

"Looks like you have become very familiar with your new ability."

"I was pretty skilled at replicating famous people and characters during character customizations, you know?"

I laughed and replied.

"That's good... Speaking of which, I didn't think that Dorumi would be a killer. In the future, if my teacher gives me too much homework, can I hire you to kill him?"

"I think it's best to keep a low profile in the school."

Dorumi facepalmed as she answered.

Looks like Dorumi felt that she failed herself with how she acted this time. Right from the start, she had looked pretty depressed, and had been constantly sighing and facepalming.

"Don't mind it. After all, my bounty was 1,000,000 Gold. It's rare for such an easy money-making opportunity to appear."

"Obviously, I know that. However, there's a problem with the mind of the person who issued this mission. And a pretty big problem at that."

"Un? Why do you say that?"

"When you issue a bounty, you have to at least investigate the person first, you know? If the hirer wish to kill a person who belong to another assassins' guild, he has to include that information in the contract. The hirer actually placed you on the underworld wanted list without knowing of your identity as a member of the Momiji Secret Society, is he crazy?"

"The dog is eager to jump over the wall. There are many times when people have no other choice but to do desperate things like this one. Speaking of which, do you know who commissioned my bounty?"

"Of course. However, this is matter of top secrecy between collaborators. Although the hirer broke the rules, but I don't wish to do the same."

"Then that's fine. I will just have to investigate later."

Since I'm already wanted, then it should be able to search for related information in the library's terminals.

"Oh right, you have the ability to search for information as well."

"It's getting pretty late, let's first have a meal. In our current states, people will not be able to recognize us. Other than people like Aliyah... Wait, I just thought of someone."

With my current outfit, for people to know of my identity, people must be able to see my name. Only people like Aliyah and I, who come from another world, have the ability to see our targets' names.

But a killer... There's someone I know like that, who was also a killer.

'Yo, looks like you have a pretty decent disguise technique.'

Suddenly, a conversation window popped up.

Oh my god, speak of the devil.

Before I even realized it, the dot beside Yuon's name turned green, just like Aliyah's.

In other words, she had entered my messaging range.

This wasn't good news, especially when two killers were in such close proximity to me.

No, actually, there should be two and a half killers in this school, as I'm supposedly a killer-in-training.

However, since there were already two of them, it meant there will be more coming. Looks like there are people who would even travel a thousand miles to earn a million gold.

'Yuon, it's been a while. Are you here to kill me?'

I immediately replied.

"What is it? Someone you know?"

Aliyah asked as she saw my typing motions in the air.

"Well, she's considered as one. Looks like a million gold has attracted quite a lot of people."

"Is that so? Good luck with that."

Aliyah shrugged.

'Why would I kill you? I will only PvP when I'm close to leveling up. In this world, we're actually among the weakest. It's best to avoid unnecessary conflicts.'

'It's great that you're so understanding. Speaking of which, do you know of any killers with formidable backgrounds who are coming?'

'You wish to know of the person who placed you on the wanted list as well, right?'

'Of course.'

'I knew it. Stop looking around. I'm currently watching you from a place where you can't see. And stop hoping you could see my name, I have quite a bit of understanding of your abilities.'

'Is that so... Then, is there anything you need help with?'

'Yes, and it's a simple task. I can't just idle here, right? I picked up another quest that's just around here, and it is to investigate the entrance of the underground dungeon below the academy. Find the entrance for me, and I will help you seek out the people threatening your life.'

I looked towards the sky. The sun was already setting. It seems to have past 7pm.

Even if that's the case, I still had to survive for another 5 hours.

'No problem. If you asked me about something else, I would probably be unable to help you. But, I do know of the location of the dungeon's entrance.'

'Great, I believe you. Currently, there's only a few killers in the academy. Although I received a report that two other killers would appear, but, comparing their levels to yours, they aren't that much of a trouble. It's possible that they might not even be able to identify you as well.'

'Sounds like good news.'

'Not entirely. Want to hear of the people who placed you on the wanted list?'

'I'm all ears.'

'A Druid Kingdom in the northern continent.'

'Let me guess, Druids specialize in manipulating plants?'

'That's correct.'

I see. Looks like the ones who were anxious were not the enemies of tomorrow, but enemies in the future, my fellow Plant Magicians.

Interesting, this scenario is really becoming interesting.

Since my enemies are already so interesting, why don't I spice up the scenario a little?

'Yuon? You're not in a rush, are you?'

'A rush? Of course not. Otherwise, why would I even bother accepting a quest in this place?'

'That's good. Help me with something.'

'What is it?'

'Kill me!'