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Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile

When I came into this world, the most rest I could get was simply by closing my eyes. Whenever I tried to sleep, I would get nightmares. Unless I were to be knocked unconscious, I wouldn't be able to get a good sleep at all.

I simply laid on the couch in the library for an entire night. When I saw that my fatigue meter was still filling up, I had a thought of returning home to take a bath, so as to fill up the rest of the meter instantly.

"Oh? Isn't this Fir? Do you mind giving me your autograph?"

"Yesterday, you were simply too incredible. Is this the result of studying intensively in the library?"

The moment I left the library, the students at the entrance saw me.

"Umm, do you mind if I ask something? Currently, am I actually known to the entire school?"

"That's of course. You're the only elementary grade student who defeated a demonized opponent, and you're the first in history to do so. It's natural that everyone knows you."

This Wind-type male student answered. And, looking at the badge on his chest, he seemed to be in the Intermediate Grade as well.

"Probably because I'm the only one who would be silly enough to fight against a transformed demonic being."

"Haha, I didn't expect for someone to be so strong to be this humorous. But, you must be wary of those people in the advanced-grade teams. If you're able to defeat a demonized elementary grade student, it means that you have the ability to duke it out with them. We, the intermediate grade students, are convinced of your abilities. However, the advanced-grade teams might not allow you to defeat them that easily."

"Why do you say that?"

"Haha, looks like you aren't aware of this. After the Annual Tournament, the three winning teams of the respective grades will compete against each other. However, it's only a friendly bout in name. It's actually a platform for the higher grades to demonstrate their power in front of their lower grade peers."

"I see. So it's to show off their abilities, huh... If the winning higher-grade team lose to the winning lower-grade team, that entire grade will probably be humiliated."

"Don't worry. Most of the intermediate-grade students are already fans of yours. Because in our current semester, our research topic relates to defeating demonic beings. You gave us a very good demonstration, and we can't thank you enough. But as for the advanced-grade students... you best be careful of them."

"I understand, thank you. But you told me so much..."

"Obviously, it's to get your autograph."

He took out a board as he said so.

And it was actually made of sheepskin imbued with anti-corrosion magic. It's pretty complex for a simple board.

"Please write 'Wish Karlun's Demonic Being research topic to be successfully completed.'"

"Ah... Alright..."

"Thank you very much..."

Receiving the board I signed, he happily replied.

"Do you mind if I ask another question?"

"Un, please do."

"Which intermediate-grade team will probably turn out champion?"

After a series of setbacks, I finally managed to return to my dormitory.

Although there were still quite a large number of people outside, but because I leveled up my Disguise Technique, I thus managed to successfully return home.

Disguise Technique LV 1 - Hair Manipulating Technique (Change Hair Color)

Disguise Technique LV 2 - Eye Color Technique (Change Eye Color)

Disguise Technique LV 3 - Plastic Surgery Technique (Change Facial Structure)

Earlier, I looked like a red-haired middle-age man. Adding the red outfit I bought at the store, I looked just like a Fire Magician.

Naturally, when I entered the place, no one noticed me.

Other than the Disguise Technique, I leveled up my Phad's Eye and Dominator's Hawkeye as well.

Dominator's Hawkeye LV 1

Acquire the mini-map of every map. (Details can only be seen on a hard-copied map)

Mini-map cannot be seen when on the move.

Dominator's Hawkeye LV 2

Allows user to view the mini-map on the move.

Dominator's Hawkeye LV 3

Allows user to see people that are on alert or are hostile against you on the mini-map.

Phad's Eye LV 1

Allows user to see through the target's name, gender, age, class, or title. (Randomized) Unable to re-use skill on the same target.

Phad's Eye LV 2

Allows user to directly see through the target's name. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again.

Phad's Eye LV 3

Allows user to directly see through the target's class and level. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again. (If the target has more than one class, only one class will be revealed. If originally, the user could already see one of the classes, the other class will be revealed. )

Phad's Eye LV 4

Allows user to directly see through the target's age and gender. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again.

Just like that, all of the 9 skill points I was awarded with were used up.

Although there are various other skills I could choose, however, seeing that all those skills had ridiculous costs, I could only turn away from them.

Although most of the skills I chose were not for combat, but, all of them are rather interesting. And since they do not carry any costs, I think they're pretty decent.

After taking a bath, Aliyah's call came in again.

"Just what did you do? All your fans are currently heading towards the library, you know?"

The moment I picked up the call, Aliyah roared.

"Probably because I gave my autograph to someone at the library's entrance."

"Hahaha, looks like you're becoming really famous now."

"I rather not. I'm someone who keeps to a low profile."

"Someone with a low profile would not exterminate a demonic being in 30 seconds."

"I was only lucky... Oh right, what did you call me for?"

"Because not only your fans aren't able to find you, your cute teammate isn't able to find you either. We will be waiting at the bookstore across the restaurant we ate at yesterday."

"Are we discussing battle plans again?"

"No, because Michelle said that you might be in danger."

"Danger? In what way?"

"Your life."