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Chapter 20: Turning into a Woman is Impossible

After leaving the restaurant, there were three new items in my hands.

Two of them were the Ice Empire's proof of citizenship and my proof as Ice Empire's State Magician. I immediately threw these two items into my ring.

I could only use these two items when I'm in the Ice Empire, so it's best to keep them in my ring for now.

And the last one was a notebook on magic that I received from the Emperor.

I heard it once belonged to an Ice Magical God who lived in the Ice Empire long ago, and tons of magical knowledge were written in it.

Of course, there's no point in simply reading things like this. The only things that are useful are the Magical God's original magic spells, which were recorded in the notes.

According to the Ice Empire's emperor, this notebook is simply a collectible with a certain amount of history. Earlier, he had to spend quite a long time to look for this book in his ring.

Because I asked if he could lend me some books related to magic, the old man happily handed this thing to me.

"Have a good look. If you like to read, I can give you permission to read as many of them you want."

This was what the Ice Emperor said, probably because he believed that the worth of the books was not as valuable as money itself.

However, to me, these books are the fastest way for me to obtain skills and spells. I can't hope to have some people in the streets to grab onto me and say, 'It seems you have the qualifications. Let me teach you some skills.'

And regarding money... I can always steal some after learning the skills. Unfortunately, the monsters in this world do not drop gold at their deaths, otherwise, I would have ran out to the wilds and grind.

And I don't know when I would get the chance to sell the loots I got from grinding in the live exercise. Several of the monsters' cores looked pretty beautiful, and most likely, I would be able to sell them off for good money.

If I sell them to Lanya, she will definitely grind them into powder for her potions. And that girl will definitely exchange my item for another, and shoo me away after passing me some recovery potions. I rather find another opportunity to sell them off.

Later, I will return home and properly study the contents of this notebook...

Just when I was thinking about this, I stopped walking.

The reason why I stopped was naturally because I saw a terrible scene... If I were to recall, my dormitory should be just up ahead. But why was there such a huge crowd over there?

New Call by Aliyah. Do you wish to connect?

Suddenly, a conversation window popped out to the left of my vision. I was startled for a second, before tapping on the 'Connect' button.

"Hello, can you hear me?"


"Wooah! Looks like this Message system is pretty useful, it's just like using a phone. With this, things have become rather convenient!"

Aliyah sounded really excited, probably because she was bored and had nothing to do. Hence, she started to play with this new function.

"It's definitely convenient, but our vision would be slightly blocked when there's new mails."

"Is that so? Well, it doesn't matter. Oh right, just to let you know, your dormitory is currently flooded with people. Looks like the number of your fans definitely increased quite a bit."

"Stop fooling around. Do you think this is Weibo? The more fans, the more dangerous it gets. As public figures, they are no longer able to do things as casually as before."

(t/n: Weibo: Chinese Twitter)

Speaking of which, that 'Hair Manipulating Technique' did hint that I could develop towards the 'Disguise Technique'. Looks like I have to try it out soon. After all, it would be more convenient to change my entire appearance.

"Well~ Don't say it like that. If your fans were to hear that, they will definitely be saddened."

"Alright, let's put that aside. Looks like it's best not to return to my dormitory tonight. I will stay in the library for the night then."

"Eh~ Are you sure there won't be any problems? You have a match the following day, you know."

"No problems. As long as I do not exert myself, the fatigue meter will fill up. I will take a bath tomorrow when I get back, the meter should be full by then."

"If that's the case, fine. Alright, I will be heading out for supper."

"Careful, your agility might drop if you get fat."

"If you say that again, in front of all your fans, I will shout out your current position. Do you believe I will do it?"

"Please, hurry and be on your way. Eat well, drink well."


Dropping the call, I helplessly sighed. After that, I turned and headed towards the academy.

At this time, there will only be a few people in the library. Sneaking into the place, I found an empty room and entered.

All the rooms in the library were equipped with computer-like terminals. As long as you use the academy's student card, you would be able to access the information in the terminals.

However, it's function is limited to only information search. To them, it's not possible to implement games-related entertainment into the terminals as of yet.

But, the person who pioneered this thing would definitely not stop at just this. Hopefully, there won't be a situation where students would flood the rooms and play computer games every single day.

Closing the door, I immediately opened up the notebook.

Although no one in the Ice Empire could understand the workings of the skills recorded in the notebook, however, to me, as long as I could read them, I would be able to learn the skills.

After simply browsing through the notebook, as I expected, a notification window immediately popped out.

Do you wish to learn these Original Composite Ice Magic Spells?

Icicle Field of Light

Ice Land of Eternal Darkness

Snowing Moon - Ice Flower

I quickly tapped on the 'Yes' button. A progress bar appeared, and I began learning the skills.

Spell learnt: Icicle Field of Light

Spell learnt: Ice Land of Eternal Darkness

Spell learning failed: Snowing Moon - Ice Flower

The progress bar filled to a certain point, and it suddenly stopped. And then, the notification above appeared.

I was stunned for a while. I opened the notebook again, and the same notification window appeared.

But, only the notification for 'Snow Moon - Ice Flower' appeared. It seems the other two spells were indeed learnt successfully.

What's with this situation? Did the information transfer fail? Or is it impossible to learn this spell?

Originally, I thought the point about me being able to learn every skill could be considered a bug, but, it just doesn't feel right to not being able to learn a skill without any explanations why.

Once again, I tapped on the 'Yes' button, and the progress bar began to fill again.


Spell learning failed: Snowing Moon - Ice Flower

The progress bar once again stopped filling, and the same message popped out. Oh god, I'm fine with not being able to learn the spell, but at the very least, give me an explanation why. Is my level not high enough? Or is it a matter of compatibility?

Thinking about this, I opened the notebook, and flipped to the part about 'Snowing Moon - Ice Flower', and began to read.

This skill seemed to be pretty overpowered. Using the ice elemental particles in the user's body, it turns the surroundings into a field that aids the user, and it's able to simultaneously attack opponents, and protect the user from harm automatically.

Why can't I learn this spell?

The answer only appeared after flipping to the last page.

'This spell is only limited to women. If a man is to forcefully use it, he will turn into an ice sculpture, and without any aid within an hour, the man will die.'


Alright, even if I'm able to change my appearance, it's impossible to turn into a woman.