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Chapter 17: The Feeling of Being a Celebrity

The battle just ended, and a mixture of light began to circle the entire ring.

The traces of battle disappeared and the destroyed ring returned to normal in an instant. Only Lee and Brecht were left lying on the floor.

Princess Michelle and I looked at each other, and gave each other a high five.

"Fir, in that battle earlier, you were really awesome! How did you manage to do those skillful movements?"

'I learnt that from playing games.' I really wanted to say that, but oh well.

"Probably because I usually focus on working out."

If a professional were to hear me say that, I would definitely be rewarded with a slap or two. After all, it would be all nonsense to them.

At the same time, the barrier around the ring was dispelled, and earth-shattering cheers came from all around us.

Not just the elementary grade students, but there were voices of students from the intermediate and advanced grade as well.

"Students! Earlier, we have all witnessed a spectacular battle! Fir from the Ice Team, with his skillful magical techniques, actually managed to strike down Brecht from the Fire Team even when he used a magic tool which violated the rules! This is basically the most beautiful magic battle I have ever seen!"

The host, Kalua, shouted loudly in the air, and the cheers from the students were raised to another level.

Eh? Brecht's mod was against the rules? What the hell. If I knew about it, I wouldn't have continued. It was frightening as hell.

I was only fortunate that my usage of spells were successful. If there were any miscalculations, I would have fell into the sea of flames in that battle earlier.

And, I'm different from them. They're protected by the barrier in place. If my HP is depleted, and no one were to pass me a Recovery Potion in a limited time frame, I would really die.

Also, my battle capabilities were immediately exposed. This definitely isn't beneficial for my later matches...

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!

Current LV: 7

Resistance increased by 70 points.

Active skill unlocked!

Active Skill: Counter

When attacked, absorbs 70% of the incoming damage. The absorbed damage will be added to your next attack.

Alright, I knew this would happen. I'm already used to it.

But I managed to earn a skill, so it isn't a loss.

And at this moment, several people that looked like medical officers rushed up the ring, and ran towards Brecht's and Lee's direction. The other two who looked like teachers walked over to us, and one of them swept her magic staff around my body.

"Oh oh, the teachers in-charge of inspection have some results... Un. Our dear student Fir used his own power, without using any magic tools, to defeat his opponent! Let us give him the loudest of applause!"

With Kalua's announcement, the atmosphere was once again liven up.

And the inspecting teachers at the side revealed slight smiles as well.

"Congratulations, Fir. Your battle earlier was really spectacular. When I heard from Mari-sensei that your battle capabilities were strong, even though you had poor theory results, I really couldn't believe it. However, after seeing your battle today, you're really out of the ordinary."

The one who spoke up was the teacher who scanned me. She had wavy blue hair, and was wearing a headscarf. She looked pretty similar to Mari-sensei.

But, her name and titles were filled with question marks as well, her level must be frighteningly high.

"You flatter me. I'm only a tad bit agile, that's all."

I smiled and replied.

"It's not just that, isn't it? You instantly used an Ice Shield to block the incoming fireballs, and even used Ice Totems to move. These two maneuvers themselves were praiseworthy. I have never seen a student capable of casting so quickly and accurately."


I don't even have any casting time at all, and people believed that everything was judged and planned in advance. This is really embarrassing.

"And for you to act like how you did earlier, it's not possible if you did not have the courage to do so. With just this point alone, you already did very well."

"Thank you..."

"Your last magic inspection was... a month ago right? Back then, you were Elementary Grade, but from my analysis earlier, you should already be in the Intermediate Grade level. You sure improve fast. But don't worry, we will not send you directly to the intermediate grade tournament. For matters regarding yourgGrade advancement, we will have to wait till the tournament ends."

"Alright, I understand. Thank you."

"Then, for now, please follow me. Your next battle will be in the two days. Before then, please have a nice rest."

"Two days? Why isn't it tomorrow?"

She looked at me weirdly, and then smiled.

"Looks like you still have plenty of energy to spare. Aren't you feeling tired at all?"

When she mentioned it, I finally noticed my fatigue meter below my HP bar.

As expected, it was depleted by two-thirds. Looks like the earlier battle was indeed really exhausting.

However, I wouldn't have realized it until the meter is close to being empty. Hence, I didn't feel any exhaustion.

"After I hear you say that, I do feel a little tired. It seems it will be good to have a full day of rest."


She smiled, and then guided us out of the ring.

"Fir, this time, you must really teach me your battle techniques! You were seriously incredible!"

The moment I got out of the ring, I could hear Shir shouting out loud.

"That's right, please teach me how to fight!"

"Please give me your autograph!"

"Just now, how did you dodge that fireball? That was so awesome!"

"That's right, please tell us! And then give me your autograph!"

The exit was packed in an instant, just like a celebrity's autograph session. I really do not know what to do in this situation.

"Stop with the noise. Can't you guys let Fir have his rest?"

Irlin who was suited with her armor squeezed out of the crowd, and pulled me away.

"Princess Michelle, hurry up and catch up to us, otherwise you will never be able to get away later!"

Princess Michelle was stunned momentarily, and when she saw that I was being dragged away, she quickly followed us out of the crowd.

However, the people at the back did not spare any thoughts and chased after us.

It seems that I'm experiencing the life of a celebrity, and to tell you the truth, it's feels really terrible.

"Alright, you lot, give the participants some rest!"

Suddenly, three people rushed out and blocked the path of the people chasing us.

When I turned to look, I was surprised to see Falan, Yybril and Lanya.

The brilliant white aura emitted by Yybril instantly stopped the mob from advancing. As expected of the academy's strongest trio.

"Let's do a trade. Whoever wishes to buy a high-definition recording of the battle earlier please come over~ 500 gold each~ Please form a queue~"

Looking at Lanya's bulky backpack, the corner of my mouth twitched for a moment.

What the hell! Why didn't you contact me about a money-making business like this one!? And I was the one who did the work in that battle!

"Alright, hurry up!"

Before I could lament, Irlin increased her speed as she pulled me away.

"Where are we going?"

"Un... Let's find a restaurant and have a meal."


This is an answer derived from the bottom of my heart, and it is, and will be, the most correct decision I have ever made today.