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Chapter 12: School Transfer

I ran towards the academy, and as expected, the place was crowded with students.

The teachers were tasked with security, and were standing at the academy doors, preventing students from entering the school.

That's a rather natural thing to do, as with a simple glance, two or more collapsed buildings in the academy could be seen. I recalled one of the buildings clearly, as it was the building the statue monster destroyed before leaping down from it.

But, it seems that the infirmary were untouched. After all, the place we were battling at was not close to the infirmary, and hence, there were no signs of destruction at the infirmary.

However, the academy had been sealed off, and the teachers did not allow anyone from entering. The people inside should have been brought out by now.

Two hours had past since the conclusion of the battle, so...

"Fir, you're here."

Suddenly, I felt a pat on my back.

"Un? Irlin? So you girls were here."

The people behind Irlin were her friends.

"You sure ran quite fast, huh? To to think you would leave us there and flee on your own."

"That's right."

"As a man, you don't even have a little sense of responsibility."

"That's right."

Mur's and Sheil's tsukkomis were still going strong.

I left so as to save all of you... Although I wanted to say that, but, I would obviously be courting my own death if I did so.

"Let's put me aside for now, what happened on your end?"

It's best to change the topic for now.

"Umm... Because something weird happened in the academy, Mur, Sheil, and I were carried out by a teacher tasked to evacuate the people. Seems like a monster attacked the academy, and caused everyone in the school to fall into deep slumber."

Irlin explained.

"Did anyone describe the monster's appearance?"

Irlin wanted to say something, but the other two girls at the side cut in.

"It had wings."

"Bone wings."

"Devilish face."

"Giant figure."

"A demon."

"A monster."

"I say, did you girls used to chat in QQ in your previous lives? Why can't you two link your words into complete sentences?"

(t/n: QQ: China's version of Windows Messenger.)

"QQ? What's that?"

"It means, why can't you two finish what you want to say in a single sentence?"

"Obviously, it sounds so much better like this."

"That's right. It sounds more rhythmic like this."

"Fine, I will give it to you two..."

Looking towards the direction of the school, I continued.

"Then what are you girls planning to do? Since things have become like this, I'm not sure whether they would proceed with the Annual Tournament."

"There isn't a need to worry about that. Earlier, the supervising teachers explained to us. Everyone is allowed to stay in the nearby hotel, and the Annual Tournament will proceed as planned."

"Is that so?"

"Because the competition venue was not damaged, so there's no problems."

Competition venue... The buildings that were destroyed were buildings used for some magical research and the northern battle arena. However, since they said that the competition venue was not damaged, then only the western arena is left.

However, I recall that the arena there isn't as good as the one in the north...

"And, I decided to transfer to this school. Like this, I wouldn't need to return even after the Annual Tournament ends."


Not just me, her other two friends were looking at her flabbergasted.


"That's right, why?"

"Aren't we knights?"

"Why do you want to transfer to a Magic Academy?"

"Because... Because..."

Irlin looked at me, and continued.

"Because, I will be able to forget about some of my family matters here..."


Her two companions looked at each other, and helplessly shook their heads at the same time.

They then looked towards me.


The two girls sighed at the same time.

"I don't understand."

"Why does it have to be this guy?"

"It's fine. After all, I'm a Magic Knight. Gray Magical Academy did issue me an invitation once, but because of several reasons, I ended up rejecting them then."

Looks like Irlin did her own homework. She understood quite well.

"As a Magic Knight, I'm really strong, you know?"

"In other words, you will enter this academy as an Ice Magic Knight? They probably won't be creating an Ice Magic Knight School, so you will be entering my Ice Magic School."

"Seems so."

"Looks like my upcoming academy life is going to be quite lively..."

I helplessly smiled.