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Chapter 21: Dark Green Live Exercise

"Then, I will be returning to my position."

Less than half an hour later, Landur suddenly spoke up, and in a flash, he retreated back to a tree 10 meters away.

So fast! As expected, even if you're a Magician, if your level difference is big, the difference in speed is still considerably large as well.

However, this was not a time to awe at his ability, as there's only a single reason why he decided to retreat, and that's because something was approaching us.

However, after after inspecting my surroundings, I did not find any names among the trees and bushes.

This means...

"Shir, pack everything up. Hurry."


After hearing my commands, Shir immediately kept the utensils. Seeing his quick reaction, he must have realized the approaching danger when Landur retreated.

The problem is...

Is it a human or a monster?

Although Landur is near us, however, I can't just ask him about our current situation. After all, it's directly against the rules.

According to the rules, the supervising teacher is not supposed to give the participating students hints. So, if I talk to him now, I will be breaking the rules, right?

In my opinion, it will be better if monsters appear. After all, I will just have to exterminate them. However, if humans appear instead... things will get complicated.


Although I have been concentrating on the situation around us, I haven't been able to spot any movements. Time continued to tick, but still, nothing happened.

This feels like a situation where you heard your doorbell rang, however, when you went to open the door, you realized there wasn't anyone there, and because of this prank, you carry an indescribable feeling of bitterness.

"Seems like there's nothing coming..."

"You're right... Are you sure someone's there?"

"Even if you ask me..."

Just when we began our conversation, a red warning marker suddenly flashed in front of me!

"Quick, dodge!"

I cast an [Ice Castle] behind me and pulled Shir to the opposite direction to dodge the incoming attack.


Before we could even retreat a meter distance, I could already hear the ice castle collapsing. Immediately after, a strong force of wind blew towards us, and I almost flipped in the air.

Damn, if Landur wasn't spectating us from the side, I would have definitely dodged with [Charge] and [Accelerate]. Unfortunately, I couldn't use them openly.

My HP immediately dropped by 20%. I hurriedly tapped on the HP Recovery Potion icon, and summoned an [Ice Shield].

Less than five meters away from us, a green leopard-like monster was staring at me intently. Interestingly, there was a ring of leaves on each of its legs.

So it's a wind-type monster? And it's even level 15. This will be quite a good challenge.

Dark Green Hopper 60,000/60,000 LV 15

Wind Monster

An agility-focused monster with its four legs wrapped in wind elemental energy. It specializes in Wind Magic.

Looking at its description, it seems like a troublesome opponent, as it was actually agility-focused. This is a bad match-up, as generally, Magicians lack speed.


There's no other choice but to take it down!

"[Ice Arrow]!"

Three Ice Arrows that were under my control surrounded the leopard, and the arrows ruthlessly sped towards it.

When the blue arrows were still flying towards it, the leopard instantly rushed out of my target area with ghostly speed. The three ice arrows pierced the ground, and the leopard began to accelerate towards me.

"[Ice Castle]!"

I had no other choice but to rely on this spell to block the leopard for a moment. After all, if I was attacked with a direct charge like that, it would definitely be painful.

However, the leopard actually flipped in the air, and landed near my left!


A flash of green light collided with the ice shield on my left arm, and instantly, the shield shattered and my HP, which was just fully recovered earlier, was shockingly reduced to half, even with the block from the ice shield!

Oh my god! What's with this battle strength!

"[Ice Valley]! [Ice Assassination Spikes]! [Ice Arrow]!"

Originally, the thorns of ice were supposed to be released in a straight line. Through my control, I released the thorns in a spiraled manner, with my position as the epicenter. At the same time, ice arrows and ice spikes came from both the sky and earth, and they were aimed at the leopard's escape route.

The leopard began to transform into a flash of green, as it planned to escape from my attack range.

Looks like I don't have any other choice. Although this magic spell does not have any offensive power, however, it's the only available spell that could restrict the leopard.

"[Restrictor of the Frozen Earth]!"

In an instant, a flashing blue ice mist covered a circular area of 5 meters radius around me, and at the same time, a 'frozen' status icon appeared beside the leopard's name.

How unfortunate... It would have been better if the leopard stopped moving completely because of the 'frozen' status, but unfortunately, only his speed was reduced.

But, this is good enough!

Tens of ice arrows and ice spikes struck home on the leopard's body. It immediately turned into a block of ice, and fell onto the ground.

Because of the 'frozen' effect, the leopard's HP continued to decrease constantly, and it currently has less than 10,000 HP. It was already brought to near death by the bombardment of attacks earlier.

Looks like this monster exchanged its defense for agility, thus it had such a weak defense, and could be killed with two or three magic spells.

"Then the next spell is... [Ice Totem]!"

A large icicle appeared from the ground. It shattered the ice block, and at the same time, sent the leopard flying.

Dark Green Hopper defeated.

EXP Received: 40,000

Money Received: 0

Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

You leveled up!

Current LV: 12

Once again, I drank a HP Recovery Potion to restore my HP, and tapped on a MP Recovery Potion. When I turned around, I saw Shir staring blankly at me at his original position.

"Hey, what are you dreaming about?"

"Umm... That battle just now was simply too fast-paced, and I couldn't react at all..."


Even though this guy obviously have a higher Dexterity stat than mine, so why...

Before I could lament any further, I saw a very dangerous scene. An image of a scene of instant death flashed in my mind.

Dark Green Hoppers.

Though I'm not sure when it happened, but an uncountable number of red names had already surrounded us completely!

Chapter 22: EXP Grinding Live Exercise

Twenty... No, there should be about thirty enemies surrounding us, and their levels range from 14~18. And these are only the ones that are visible. Earlier, that monster already revealed that it had an ambush ability, and I'm not able to see the target when that ability is in effect.

This is really the worst situation ever in the history of mankind...

I looked towards Landur's earlier position, and that bastard actually disappeared!

Doesn't that guy have the responsibility to protect us? And he actually ran?

"Shir, you should be able to understand our current situation, right?"

"Yes... What do we do? I... I don't wish to be eaten by those monsters!"

"How many of the wind magic buffs do you know?"

"......[Extreme Shadow], [Blade Wall], and [Wind Armor]."

"What's the cast time?"

"If I were to chant for all of them, at least a minute, I guess?"

"Use all the spells on me! I will get you out of here!"

"A... Alright!"

Shir raised his magic staff, and began to chant. Unlike me, inhabitants of this world are unable to use magic instantaneously, and have to chant out their magic. The stronger the magic spell, the longer the chant.

Being able to unleash the magic spells by tapping on their icons and calling out the skill names... The people here wouldn't even think of that, right?

As green particles began to gather around Shir, several Hoppers leaped out of the trees!

Geez, I'm starting to reminisce turn-based games. Can't you guys attack in order?

In this scenario, no ordinary magic spell will be able to stop them. Before Shir finish chanting, I can only try to hold on as long as I can. Wind Magic [Extreme Shadow] increases speed by 100%, which is much better than Warrior's [Charge] which only increases speed by 30%.

Geez, hopefully, these leopards will drop some valuable items. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to make up for the loss of Irlin's Knight Sword. And even though it was a gift by a girl... Sigh... Though, I did keep the shattered pieces.

"[Ice Sword Summon], [Tachi - Demonic Blue]!"

According to my idea of an alchemist, it is a class that creates several weird artifacts and potions. However, I did not expect that they could smelt, and create weapons by following schematics as well.

Although a sword isn't bad, however, as I'm a fan of the Monster Hunter series, I'm more familiar with the swings and movements of Tachis and Dual Blades.

As such, I drew a design of a tachi from my memories, and sent it to a Smithery for production. And the workers at the Smithery were interested in my design as well, and after I answered their questions related to the design, they managed to produce a Tachi of 80cm in length.

What about Tachis which are longer than 90cm in length? Stop joking, it's not possible for me to wield something like that...

And [Ice Sword Summon] is able to enchant any weapon. When I use the magic skill while equipping the Tachi, it would strengthen it.

Including the Ice Magic Stone embedded onto the tachi, its power has been increased quite a bit.

Tachi - Demonic Blue + 1 (Ice) (Embedded)

+800 Strength

+30% chance to freeze targets.

+50% chance to reduce target's speed.

However, even with my tachi equipped, my speed will not increase much. If I have to accurately hit my target... Then I have to reduce their speed as well!

"[Restrictor of the Frozen Earth]![Ice Shield]! [Charge]! [Shield Bash]!"

By using a chain of skills, my MP immediately reduced by 440 points, which was 1/4 of my current max MP. After I leveled up, my max MP increased to a value of 1,400. Adding the MP I accumulated from Meditation, my total MP was 1,680. Although the MP consumption doesn't seem much, however, if I were to not drink any MP Recovery Potions, my MP Recovery Rate is only a painful 3 MP per second. Though, even if I were to constantly drink potions, my recovery rate would still be only 10MP per second.

However, if I use this skill combo, it will achieve the greatest effects.

'Restrictor of the Frozen Earth' halves the speed of every monster in a circular area of 5 meter radius, however, it does not deal any damage. But, it's a nightmarish skill for these Hoppers which rely on their speed to fight.

They are basically courting their own deaths by facing me with their halved speed. With my Ice Shield equipped, my charge would deal twice the damage of my physical attack strength to every target.

Doubling my base 940 Strength and my tachi's 800 Strength, it's a total of 3,480 damage dealt with every blow. Although it's not much to a Hopper with 60,000 HP, however, my goal was not to simply deal damage to these Hoppers.

It was to stop them!

Shield Bash's greatest usefulness is its ability to stun targets, and also... this skill affects a small area.

Even though their speed were halved, they were still considerably fast. However... It was already enough.

After all... FPS is my specialty. Be they guns or magic, as long as they possess speeds which my eyes could follow, then I will never miss any of my targets!

From now on, this is my time!

"[Ice Arrow]! [Ice Assassination Spikes]! [Ice Meteor]!"

Earlier, that Hopper was too fast, so only a few of my hits landed. However, since they are all currently stunned, my ice arrows and ice spikes would definitely pierce ruthlessly into their bodies!

A chain of hundreds and thousands of damage values appeared. The Hoppers were pierced and frozen repeatedly, and finally...

"[Ice Totem]X3!"

Three Ice Totems immediately sent the Hoppers flying, and at the same time, their HP plummeted to zero.

Dark Green Hopper defeated.

EXP Received: 40,000

Money Received: 0

Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

Dark Green Hopper defeated.

EXP Received: 40,000

Money Received: 0

Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

Dark Green Hopper defeated.

EXP Received: 40,000

Money Received: 0

Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

You leveled up!

Current LV: 13

They were defeated flawlessly! With these two battles alone, my level immediately increased to 13, and in a span of few minutes as well. Fortunately, only a few Hoppers leaped out, otherwise, I would not have been able to handle them this easily.

Although leveling felt quite refreshing, however, the moment I defeated the three Hoppers, the rest of the Hoppers immediately came charging out of the trees in packs of two and threes.

And the speed they possessed were beyond my expectations!

I charged towards the back, and simultaneously tapped on 'Accelerate' and 'Strengthen'. I picked up Shir who was still busy chanting, and accelerated towards the opening created by the three dead Hoppers.

At the same time, three green lights shined upon my body, and in an instant, my body felt as light as a feather. With a deep breath, I rushed towards the forest!

My reaction time was honed and improved by my long interaction with FPS games, and thus, dodging trees in the forest was not a difficult task.

The problem now is...

Even if my body was able to endure it, it's difficult for the acceleration magic skills to last long enough.

Magic buffs tend to cost more MP than offensive magic skills. Because I learnt [Extreme Shadow] as well, I'm well aware that it's MP cost is close to 300 points by itself.

Shir was level 14. With his base MP of 1,800, and Magician's class enhancement of 40%, his total max MP should be 2,520 points. Without any bonus from Meditation or other equipment, he could only use 8 Buff-type magic skills at most. He already used three of these skills on me to escape from the Hoppers' attacks, and their effects will only last for 10 minutes.

In other words, our safety will only be ensured for half an hour, at the very most!

At the same time...

The Hoppers behind us were not showing any signs of slowing down. Compared to us, their speeds were still slightly faster than ours.

I will definitely tire myself out from this...

Just when I was about to fall into despair, I suddenly saw hope!

Several names appeared deep in the forest! Although I do not know who they are, however, since we're able to encounter each other here, then we're simply destined to do so. So, we should have a little chat~


Author's Skill Information:


Warrior Skill

MP Cost: 40

Strength will be doubled for 10 minutes.

Shield Bash

Warrior Skill

MP Cost: 100

After selecting a designated position within a distance of 10 meters, enemies within a radius of 1 meter of that position will be stunned with a 100% chance. 'Stunned' status will last 5 seconds. Damage being dealt will be twice the user's physical attack strength.

Extreme Shadow

Wind Magic Skill

MP Cost: 100

Increase a target's Dexterity by 100%. Last 10 minutes.

Blade Wall

Wind Magic Skill

MP Cost: 120

Summons a wall of wind blades near the target. Any enemies that deal harm to the target will be dealt damage equal to the sum of the caster's and the target's strength. Damage once every 5 seconds. Last 5 minutes.

Wind Armor

Wind Magic Skill

MP Cost: 150

Increase the defense of a target by 120%. Last 5 minutes.