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 Chapter 64: The Girls Named Pride And Gluttony

Half an hour later and we had arrived at the Govenor's mansion in the next city.

Since it was an unusual situation where the Demon King was overseeing the frontlines, the Govenor's mansion had been specially commandeered. Since the govenor was a night demon they naturally had no opinion. Since they had been unable to freely go to the human world for a hundred years, they just spent every day sleeping. I heard that when the Demon King had come they looked extremely drowsy and immediately handed over the city governance before fleeing into the basement to sleep more.

Because of this, the Demon King's men had to spend two full days cleaning out the dust that had been gathering for hundreds of years. If they hadn't this place would've looked like a haunted house.

And had become somewhat famous amongst the demons because of Greed's friendly comments. I even heard comments like 'scary humans' and 'humans might turn into a demon race' being talked about by the demon soldiers.

I wasn't intending to listen to them of course, it's just that they normally spoke fairly loudly so I'm able to hear them even when they start whispering.

But I don't really get what Greed's duties are. She spends every day running around, although she's able to move quickly due to shadow demon magics she seems to always have something else she needs to do.

Well, it's not something that I'm going to get involved in. She must have her own reasons since the Demon King was the one to arrange it.

Going through the newly decorated hallway, we pushed open the thick wooden door the the city government's central hall. Inside there was a large round table covered in strange fruits and drinks.

There is a large variety of gold decorations next to it, but there isn't any silverware.

It's probably because some demons can't stand the silverware, right?

And most of the decorations on the wall are paintings. There aren't that many landscape paintings too, most of them being portraits or scenes of war. It looks like the demon race really does enjoy war.

Well, the new Demon King has changed that a bit.

I saw that there were two people sitting on the couch in the next room.

When we came in a small girl suddenly raised her head to look at us but became disappointed.

"Hey~ I'm still eating."

The little girl was completely wrapped up in a grey windbreaker. With white hair and large green eyes......most people would think that she's pretty cute.

Or, at least I felt that way until I saw her titles.


Zombie LV 78 Boxer

Neutral · Natural · Binge Eater · Whatever Goes · Destroyer · Fusion · Captain of the Demon King's First Army · One of the Seven Sins

A zombie......no wonder their skin is a dark grey. I had originally thought they were sunburnt. But they are actually a binge eater, that must be another reason why they ended up being called Gluttony.

"Shut up, you good for nothing chowhound."

Another girl said, she glanced at us before returning to her book.

And they......were of a race we were very familiar with.


Vampire LV 80 Blood Mage

Evil Neutral · Unlimited Slaughter · Taciturn · Blood Devotee · Virgin Hunter · Captain of the Demon King's Second Army · One of the Seven Sins

Pride was wearing a sinister looking [Golden Formal Dress], but her expression felt like she was looking at a piece of garbage. It seems that she's the type that's hard to get close to.

That's not hard to imagine though. She is named pride, so it's easy to understand.

"Oh, two are already here even though it's almost time. Where's the rest?"

"I don't know~ There's obviously delicious stuff here~"

Because she was so short, the loli Gluttony sat on the couch and swayed her legs. That's when I noticed that she wasn't wearing anything like shoes...... could it be that she's only wearing a cloak......

Hey hey hey, don't do that even if you are a loli. Thankfully we don't have and lolicons here.......

"But......are these the humans that big sis Demon King mentioned? They don't seem too strong."

"These people, while they aren't as strong as you are, managed to hold back a seventh generation werewolf. Although they had to run back, they somehow managed to get away."

"Ohh? Really?"

The loli Gluttony tumbled to the ground and looked at us.


She really wasn't wearing anything under it.

That thought had just flashed in my mind when she darted in front of me!

What the fuck! You want to fight?

But in the same instant a fist hit the loli causing her to fly several meters!

Gluttony slammed against the wall and left a dent.

"You wanted to touch my elder sister without asking me?"

Said Oyado, licking her fist.

"Really, you're incredibly hard."

"Oyado did a good."

I said, patting her head.

"Ohhh, Elder sister praised me!"

"It looks like you have some skill."

The loli Gluttony pulled herself from the wall, twisted her head back into place and came over.

I could feel my neck hurting just from looking at it. Is this some innate skill zombies have?

"But your big sister's speed and reaction time isn't really that good. Did you really survive against a seventh generation?"

"Sorry to say, but he nearly killed me."

I said, shrugging.

"But I am good at recovering!"

After that I sent light balls flying at her with a wave of my hand.

"What? A light magician!?"

The loli Gluttony startled. Moving a short distance to dodge the light balls, she then accelerated over to me.

"What the heck! You mages are useless in melee!"


I smiled, and launched a pillar of ice straight at her!

"Ice magic?"

She smashed the Ice Totem with her fist only to see countless wind blades coming from every direction.

"Wind magic? Hey hey, just what are you......"

Just as I avoided her attack, I used every acceleration magic I had and shining with the radiance of multiple magics appeared behind her.

"Un, my profession? Please call me a hero."

When I said that, a red sword coalesced in my hand.

"Super Arcane · Punishing · Tearing Cross!"

But in that instant, someone behind caught the hand I had summoned the Tearing Cross in.。

Turning around, I saw someone looking at me from behind.


Taking advantage of this, the loli Gluttony opened some distance between us. At the same time Oyado rushed between the two of us.

"Big sister just now was picking a fight, do you want me to hit you twice?"

That's right, it was the proud looking big sister that had been reading a book.

She stared at me for a while before looking at the sword in my hand.

Then she leaned in close and licked the back of my neck.


I jerked away from her with my sword hand and took several steps back.

"What are you doing!!!! Pervert!!!!"

"Ah, I couldn't help myself."

She said without changing her expression.

"I havn't seen anyone use that skill in a long time. Are you a Vampire Hunter?"

"Vampire Hunter? What's that?"


She tilted her head and licked. Seeing this made my entire body shiver.

Is Pride the type of person who hides their emotions?

"It was a skill that was developed to deal with vampires, is it a just general skill now? It seems Humanity has changed over these two thousand years."

Two thousand years......

All right Miss, what are you trying to say?

But then I suddenly remembered one of her titles.

[Virgin Seeker]

I was instantly covered in a cold sweat and unconsciously moved a few steps back.

Speaking of which, my body......

I believe it's still a virgin?

Probably. I don't know how I would tell. Did this pervert find out?

"Well, very good."

She looked at me.

"Let me know if you ever want to become a vampire. I can help."

"......If you want to suck my blood then there's a lot more of it over there."

I pointed at the people next to me.

"Hey, that's not nice of you Felicia, now is it?"

Aliyah said unhappily.

"I'm not interested in warriors."

She pointed at me.

"Magicians are superior."

Mommy! This girl's a complete pervert!