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 Rise of Monsters 31 Elven City

Although I was able to connect to the doll's visual and control systems, it still felt a bit dangerous.

We are in the Elves' territory after all. God knows if they don't have magic detecting equipment. It would be terrible if they detected the connection between me and the doll right away.

When Dale developed a camera, remote control devices also came out. Drones, however, haven't come out yet if there is anything. A mounted robotic arm was kept in my storage ring. It's an essential tool for thieves!

I'm getting off track. I'll just have to deal with it for now.

I waited outside for a bit, but there was no reactions. Finally, I calmed down.

"Good, starting out."

The stealth doll made it's way up to the ceiling and made its way out a window.

"Its definitely convenient to use. Good thing you thought of it."

Aliyah said with a sigh.

"Well~ This is my first time."

I smiled and said

"Help me focus on this. If someone wants my attention I can hide it and disconnect."

"Ok, don't worry~"

I heard Aliyah answer, but all of my attention was in controlling the doll.

In addition to the prison cell, I found that this place is actually in the middle of a forest. All around were the tall trees of the sea, blocking line my view.

There were no other routes aside from a path leading into the distance.

This really is a good place for people...... if someone were to call out, would anyone hear it?

Granted, aside from guards.

But this place doesn't have the magical shielding like the temple. There are 5 elves nearby that I can see clearly.

Controlling the doll, I had it jump off the prison roof. It grabbed a tree branch and did a flip.

I listed for the voices of the guards coming over, I quickly climbed the doll up. At the top I jumped to another tree and leaned out.

Sensing an abnormality, two elf guards quickly came over to the tree that I had just jumped to. They looked up in my direction.

"Did you hear it too?"

"Yeah, the sound came from here."

"But there is no signs of life......"

"Don't lower your guard, it might be a really powerful individual. Two humans came in today, it might be to save them."


"I'll go back and see what's happening, you and Estelle stay vigilant on your patrol."

"Got it."

An elf walked into the prison, while the other turned and met his partner.

I took the opportunity to have the doll leave in the treetops in the direction of the road.

On Aliyah's side, it will just look like I've dozed off. They won't wake me up without reason.

Dashing along the treetops, I quickly noticed a variety of beautifully decorated street lights along the road and the material ground tiles had a brilliant glow.

Really high level stuff. This high level stuff makes me want to quickly pull the material out to see what it is.

Well, there are more important things to do.

Continuing the rush forward, I could already see a few similar peaks ahead.

Finally coming out out of the forest, I came to a rest on the roof of a tree house. Looking down, I could see the whole city of Elves.

Guards...... I didn't see many of them. Aside from the two at each gate, there didn't appear to be anything else.

The Elven construction......it looks a bit like the buildings inside of an RPG. A large residence built inside of trees. It feels like there is some sort of commercial residences?

Beyond that there is a shop, library, restaurant......

Why does this setup look so strange, if feels like they rushed to construct buildings?

Don't tell me there is more than one city of elves? Apart from that, I can't think of a reason that anyone would build cities with such a simple layout. Or are the Elves like the layout?

Alright, it doesn't matter that much.

I rushed along the tops of the trees towards the gate of the library. When no one was around to see, I quickly went into the library through a window on the side.

Softly landing on the ground, I looked around.

There were actually elves quietly reading books, completely oblivious to me climbing in.

Anyways, that was only natural. After all, I was still invisible. Even if they could feel my presence, they couldn't see or hear anything.

The elves appeared to be concentrating. Sitting at tables and on the ground, along with food and water, they apparently were planning to fight a war of attrition.

Aside from them, although I wasn't that familiar with the Elvish language I had specially learned what the word for magic looked like in each language before. Looking at the sign next to the stairs for a bit, I saw that the magic was on the third floor.

Coming to the third floor, I was slightly surprised.

On this floor I didn't see a single elf!

Oh my god...... this isn't rational......

Having said that, I still began to put the books from the shelves directly into my ring.

Also, with one of the books, I opened it up and I put my finger on the camera to copy it all with a click.

The feeling of piracy......is really good!

I'm unable to learn skills through the doll's sight. Otherwise I would just learn them all, instead of taking photos.

While the doll's hands doesn't shake, the efficiency isn't that high. I can generally shoot 50 pages a minute.

After taking photos for some time, I looked at the bookshelf.

Oh my god. Will I be able to stay in prison long enough to read all of these?

"You there......"

A figure suddenly appearing behind me surprised me. The doll's body stopped for a second before the head slowly turned.

It looked like an elf about the age of Aliyah was standing behind and looking at me.

"Could I ask that you help me get down the elementary-grade Elf earth magic book from the top shelf?"


I didn't know whether I should respond to her, because...... what she just said...... was in the Humans' language!

This person......is it a route?