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 Chapter 3: Unsuspenceful Sparing

"Well, I'd like to apologize first."

When Merlot's body fell out of the melting ice, her body was completely soaked making her unstable on her feet.

While the ice made from magic won't melt unless it encounters fire magic, it can cause the water in the air to become liquid. Merlot wouldn't be soaking otherwise......

Only, since she is wearing armor, it won't offer any protection to her.

And looking at her weapon, she will probably die a miserable death......

"I'm sorry. I used an Arcane skill on you without activating the battle enchantment. I really have to apologize."

"No, it was my fault since I attacked first. I should thank you for not killing me."

"What are you saying."

I rapped on her head.

"How could I kill my own students? Go and find some clothes to change into."

"No, I......"

"Go now!"

I released a frozen restrictor and ice started to cover her armor.

"Or do you want to become an ice sculpture until the class ends?"


She gritted her teeth and replied word by word.

"I......will change......"

"Good. That's the right idea."

I tapped with a finger and the ice covering her body crumbled off.

Walking on some of the ice that hadn't melted into water, Merlot bolted into the female student preparation room and slammed the door shut.

"Well then. I think I've made my attitude fairly clear so we can go ahead and start the class. First of all......

I looked at the people around the room.

"I know most of you, but I don't know what your last teacher went over in her class. So could you tell me what you've gone over so far?"

"About that......"

Oyado raised her hand.

"Ms. Mari was actually very angry this morning because you didn't come to the lecture. She said that although the magical theory and combat classes are taught separately, the topics should be synchronized so that it's easier for students to understand."

"I see. Thanks for the answer, Oyado. There wasn't any I could have done that though as I didn't get the academic schedule. Alright then. Princess Snow, could you tell me about this morning?"

"Sorry?......You actually asked me. I don't know how to answer you though, because I didn't go to class."


"I skipped the magical theory class because it was too boring."

"Why are you saying that so righteously? I know theory isn't that fun but......nevermind. Fine, since we are in my class now and there is no real content just say what you want to go over. If you say that you don't want to learn anything I can't force you to learn. So please tell me what you want to learn."

The class looked at eachother but didn't say anything.

Oyado has no interest in magic. As far as Princess Anne and Princess Snow, well, I have no expectations in them participating in class.

As for the others, the two from the Marshall family were whispering in the back and didn't know what to say. As for the one from the Kjell family, they were glancing to the side at the two Marshalls without a care.

"If there isn't anything you want to learn let's go ahead and end the class......"

"Hold on, we......"

The Marshall siblings were about to say something when a roar came from behind me.

"Please teach me how to use swords techniques and magic at the same time!"

When I looked back, Merlot had changed into a student uniform and was holding a sword and a magic guide book.

"You were able to attack instantly just now, so doesn't that mean you have managed to pass the oath rank? I've also heard that you can also use sword techniques, that makes you a true magic swordsman! Please teach me how to use these two kinds of skills at the same time! I need to get that power!"

"Well......I don't know what you have gone through, but it's no use trying to get strong quickly. According to my theory, first you need to understand your strengths and the weaknesses of your opponent. If you do that, you should be able to completely overwhelm your opponent. Alright then, how about this. You've asked for it, so which one of your classmates is going to fight you?"

The instant I said that everyone moved their gazes away.

Apparently we are feared by the class. It wasn't that they found her repulsive, but rather terrified by her?

Don't tell me that I have to......

"Over here! Big Brother! Let me do it! I'll fight with big sis Merlot."

Oyado volunteered and quickly ran over to the field.

"Is......that ok Mr. Lin?"

Merlot asked with some concern as she looked at Oyado.

"There's no problem since Oyado agreed...... You should be careful then. Well, I'm saying be careful to protect yourself. If Oyado used her full abilities......I might not be able to fight her."


Merlot swallowed and looked towards Oyado.

"The......then I would like some advice."

"Don't worry about it~"

Oyado said as she shook her hands. I don't know where the two daggers came from, but one of them was the Dagger of Death I had given her.

"Alright, take your positions."

I pointed towards the combat area.

"It really does feel similar to a battle enchantment~"

Merlot went to the field holding the book in her left hand and a good grip on the sword in her right hand.

Oyado went to the field with a light smile and looked towards Merlot.

"Giver her a chance to fight, Oyado. She won't be able to discover her own weakness otherwise.

"I understand Big Brother~"

Oyado cutely waved her hand. I sighed, and started the battle enchantment.


The moment I said that, Oyado's body transformed into a green shadow and rushed to the other side.

In the same instant she unhesitatingly struck towards Oyado with her sword.


The blade passed through Oyado's body and her ghostly image dissipated under the blow. Just as Merlot had shown surprise, cold steel pressed against her neck.

"Big sister Merlot~ You've lost~"

She talked with a cute tone, but, Oyado's eyes had an ominous hound-like glint in them as she appeared on Merlot's body. That's right, Oyado was squatting on her shoulder holding daggers against her the front and back of her neck.

"You...... are already dead~"