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 Chapter 2 Restless Campus

On the way to the college I looked at the teacher's set of magician robes.

It wasn't because it looked good, the clothes could even be described as works of art. Rather, a change in their design could hinder movement. It's made similar to the clothing of the aristocrats or military uniforms. The only thing that is upsetting is the shawl, it gives the feeling of being an enemy boss.

But I have to thank that outfit, otherwise there would be more people giving me bad looks on the way. As for why that is happening, it's naturally because I am next to Princess Anne. While the Princess doesn't have a flattering personality, she is loved by people as an image of the Empire.

Especially with people with ages close to her. The sheer number of them made it so that we could walk only a few steps before meeting one of them, or several of them.

But it feels like if I've get a bit closer to Princess Anne then they would tear me limb from limb. It's a terrible feeling.

It's not like I can't understand what they are thinking. I'm like them after all, a teenager with a healthy mind.

But I don't have the sort of bad taste that's interested in the Princess's attributes.

But now that I've walked in a circle around the Imperial College, I have to say that the buildings here aren't just a lot taller than at the Gray Magical Academy. They have better decorations and have slipped powered magical crystals into their walls. One of these houses might be more expensive than the entire Grey Magical Academy.

Well, it is the Imperial Academy. Unlike the Academy it represents the country as a whole, so there is nothing wrong with adding in a little more style.

"So, do you have any thoughts after seeing the entire college?"

We had returned to the entrance after a lap around the college.

"A lot of money was spent."

"Ah, that's your usual reaction. There is no emotion in it at all."

"Sorry about that, I'm a very rational person. There isn't anything wrong with it. At the very least I don't indulge in daily flights of fancy, I only think of things I need to do.

"So that's it. Otherwise your three sisters wouldn't follow you around all day."


"Look back."

I turned and looked. Aliyah had a look of disdain, unlike the blank looks of Oyado and Purewhite, as they watched us from a nearby alley.

Hey! Aren't you even going to try to hide? What are you trying to do?

However, I sensibly turned my gaze back to Princess Anne.

"To keep it short, thank you for the tour. I guess I will see you in class then?"

"That's right, I need to take care of some business as well. I have something that I need to process and I need to apply to skip class."

"Skip class......"

I looked back at the three and reluctantly shook my head.

You people are amazing, playing truant on the first day......Speaking of which, Aliyah, aren't you a coach for swordsmanship? You know it's the first day of class, and this is......

I guess it doesn't matter.

I turned to wink at them before running away with Stealth Shadow.

Coming to a crossroads, I drank a potion to restore my MP. Then I used Flash to move straight into the prep room for this afternoon's combat training.

The Flash skill is truly useful.

With a satisfied smile, I quietly sat down and took out one of the books that I had borrowed from the Elves.


"This book is garbage!"

I slammed the book shut and it fell to the floor.

The title of the book didn't leave me with a good expression.

Guide For Creating Beautiful Arrow Fletching

FML. I wasn't in the section with magical books? Why was there such a strange book?

I took out the next book, and when I saw its name I threw it down.

Quick Hair Care Techniques

"That damn brat......"

I seem to remember that these books were recommended by that brat in the library? Isn't bullying me for not understanding the Elf language going too far?

I picked out several books and found that most of them were useless. I managed to get lucky and bring back several elven magic books though. After sorting through them the worthless books were all packed in a box. I'll look for a chance to send them back.

What a scam.

Have the Elves lived so long that they had nothing interesting to do?

I checked the time after the books were packed and found that it was almost time for class to start. With a sigh, I tidied up my clothes and left the prep room. From this distance it looked like there were already many students waiting.

Ah. There's so many people that it's making me nervous.

I remember that there are 17 people in this class. In addition to Princess Snow, Princess Anne, Leon, Ms. Mabel, Oyado, Durst, and Ms. Samantha, there were two people outside the court. When I looked at their names I could only admire their devotion to power. One of them was from the Kjell family's second son Hart after all.

As for the other person, well, I get the feeling that they are the type of person who gets bullied in class. They're standing on the edge of the crowd.

But what actually surprised me was that she was at level 40. You couldn't tell that from her titles...... well, except for the [Avenger]title.

Hey. There's really no helping it, but why is it that only people who focus on revenge that become powerful? There really are a lot of problems with this class.

"Big Brother!"

The first person to notice me was Oyado. I saw her dart out and rush over to me.

"Where did you go Big Brother? Aliyah and I have been looking for you."

"I was naturally in the prep room. I am a teacher now."

I said as I patted her head.

"Well, where are the other people? If I remember correctly there should be eight more people."

"The eight of them won't bother you."

The person who spoke was the girl with the avenger title. Well, she has a very strange name.

Merlot· Bell

LV40 Magic Swordsman

Neutral · Upright · Avenger · Loner · 1 Hit Sure-Kill · Arcane Possessor · Career Transfer ·[Black Hawk]

[Career Transfer]? This is the first time I've seen this title. Does it mean that she wasn't originally a magic swordsman?

She's also managed to learn Arcane skills. So why did she change to a job that doesn't even show up?

It is convenient in how encompassing it is since both martial arts and magic can be used at the same time. Well, she should have her own reasons for it.

She pulled her orange hair behind her head and stared at me.

" You are the[Magician's Hidden Blade]magic swordsman, who single handedly defeated the monsters that attacked the people of Blue Lake City, Lin Fir correct?"

"Um, that's right. What's wrong?"

"Come on! Let me experience your strength! Let's see if you have the qualifications to be my teacher!"

After that she lunged towards me and I quickly let loose a Thousand Year Frozen River without even thinking.

"Ah pui......"

Everyone was shocked to see that I froze Merlot in a block of ice. I could only scratch my head helplessly.

"This......isn't my fault?"