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 Chapter 1 Campus Drama, Opening

I don't know if the campus has some sort of monitoring system, but right after I left the bakery I saw Prince Sillan waving towards me.

Seriously, can't you give me a break?

"Yo, you're up early. I'm here to give you the class materials Mr. Lin."

Then he handed me some papers.

I opened the folder and took the file out.

Being a teacher......Well, it shouldn't be too difficult even though I have no experience.

But after I looked over the class list I gave him an incredible look.

"Your eyes......Last time someone looked at me like that they wanted to kill me.

Prince Sillan said as he wiped away his sweat.

"Is that right? You know why then?"

"Maa, Don't give it any mind. They requested you when they joined the school so we added them to the class that you were substituting for."

"Ahh, let me go back to relaxing everyday......"

I shouted towards the sky. Silently closing the folder, I turned to Prince Sillan.

"In that case I can't refuse it. But if I don't turn out to be a good teacher they can't blame me."

"Well~ the students of this class are a little bit special. That's to say you don't need to worry about it. It's unlikely that they would complain even if you didn't teach anything."

"......Low ranked students?"

"I can't say that, all I can say is that they are hard to handle. But they shouldn't be any problem for you, right?

"In other words, the students in my class aren't easy to deal with? You've given me some difficult problems."

I took the file back out.

As I expected, there were a lot of big shots in my class.

For example there was: Princess Anne, the Snow Princess, Pryn, Oyado, Aliyah, and various people who's identities look difficult to deal with.

Among them I can see the Marshall family members I had guarded......right, that's how it should be. There is also two from the Smurandol family as well. It looks like Aliyah did as I wanted, this will guarantee that I will be able to complete the quest I wanted to.

But I also saw the name Kjell. It's interesting having two enemies in the same class. Is this going to kill my rhythm?

Well, they shouldn't try anything at the school? And if they did try something, then I will do what needs to be done as a teacher......

"Is that what you had me become a substitute teacher? The original teacher is too afraid of them and couldn't do anything? And because I wasn't a citizen of your country I couldn't be threatened by them, so I was a good pick for a substitute teacher, right?"

"Well......It wasn't what I intended. Only, the entire council of school directors discussed it and everyone thought that having you become the substitute teacher for this class was best."

"What terms are they offering to persuade me?"

I smiled.

"Don't tell me that you thought I would accept instantly? Although I have some free time, I can still reject the position. If you actually compared the position to the alternatives there is actually quite a bit of risk."

I stepped towards the prince.

"I am very aware of the excesses of the nobility in this country. If someone important to me is injured, I'll warn you right now, I don't care if the person who does it is a noble, I will do my best to erase them from this world! I swear it!"

'OK, OK. Don't look at me with such horrible eyes. They did offer some conditions, but there wasn't time to mention the most important parts while you kept talking."

"Even if that was so, what did they have to say?"

"It's......they'll make you a noble of the Witt Empire......how does Baron sound?"

"Do you think I value something like that?"

"That's true......more advanced magical equipment and books......"

"Yes, I'll admit that's not bad. Give Oyado a set of lightweight armor, and give her the right to read all of the books in the library......I believe that's all."


"What's wrong? Do you have something to say?"

"Not at all, it's fine!"

He shouldn't be too surprised that my conditions were so weird? It's the way it should be. I actually value new equipment and skills more, but I could follow the spirit of my principles and take the opportunity to add on a bit more.

And compared to a normal reward, I value new equipment and skills. Although, while I have so many, I find it more practical and convenient to only use a few of them. That's why I need to learn more, to find more convenient skills.

"Then it's settled. Though, looking at my schedule, it looks like my first class is this afternoon?"

"That's right. I heard from Anne that you completely lack any basic knowledge and that you are actually better at combat instruction. So the morning's general knowledge class will still have its original teacher and you will be teaching the afternoon lesson. Right, I should warn you. You have a really powerful person in your class. The combat instructor has changed 3 times after each of them were injured."

"Oh, that sounds very interesting~"

I suddenly became interested.

A student who could take down a teacher? I'd like to see it.

It at least proves that their skills are strong but I need to learn more.

"The last teacher who heard that was terrified. I think you are the only person who would be so happy to hear that."

"Isn't this good for you? Well, if nothing else I am going to take a stroll around the school. Despite being a teacher, I have no idea what's going on in the school after all."

"You don't have to worry about that, some people volunteered to guide you around."

"That shouldn't......"

"What's wrong? Isn't it good to see your former classmate after so long?"

Princess Anne, wearing the school's blue uniform and her trademark smile, came over. I don't know how long she was waiting there.

Speaking of which, last time I saw Princess Anne (or rather, the person who imitated her) I should have noticed, the real Princess Anne's smile is terrifying......that's not right. It's very meaningful.

"Well~ It would be my honor. But if I let the princess guide me personally wouldn't I probably become a fugitive from the princess' suitors?"

"Are you actually worried about that?"

"Of course not."

"That's right~"

The princess laughed.

"Ok~ Let's go~"

"Yes, yes, yes~"

It seems that my happy campus life was about to start~