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 Rise of Monsters 30 Elf Territory

Seventh night notes: Here's how to turn the blow dart into a blow arrow, after all blow arrows are more common.

That's right, it's been a long time.

Although I would like to sleep, but I can't even enter into the upper stages of sleep. It makes getting rest difficult.

The only comfort is that my body can recover in this state. It makes up for the effort of wandering in that labyrinth.


I suddenly felt water splashing against my face and the sleep state lifted.

I wiped the water off of my face and looked around.

It appears to be some sort of cell. Looking at my status, flight is restricted, magic is restricted, and skills are restricted.

How luxurious~ I also lamented.

My weapons were taken off of me. Even the dagger in my pants is gone.


My storage isn't the ring on my body, rather it's in the system where they can't take it~

Looking next to me, Aliyah actually went to sleep after having water poured on her face!

Is your ability to adapt that great?

"That......Fir...... your Excellency?

Now I noticed that there were three people outside of the cage.

Two of them were male elves wearing beautiful silver armor, in the middle was a female elf wearing the golden robe of a wizard......

Wait, was the female elf calling my name?

I looked carefully at her titles and realized who she was.

Eli · Lirya

Back when we were in Skybreak we rescued this elf shaman from the auction house.

That time we returned the elves and beastmen to the other side of Rupture Mountain Range, partly driven by conscience and partly due to the quest.

Or saying that coming across real elves made us curious, alright?

"Yo, long time no see Eli."

"Humanity's forces! Be respectful towards Senior Priestess Eli!"

The nearby male elf immediately rebuked.

"Shut up! You look like a perverted gay guy! You look excessively beautiful! Aren't you a homosexual?"


They actually didn't know how to react to my rebuttal and turned to Eli. Eli gave a bitter laugh, after talking with the guard they left.

When they walked out, he turned to glance at me.

Tut. Surprisingly, level 50 elves actually dared to cross me. Let me use magic for a moment and turn you into popsicles!


But I heard that the Elves' magic was excellent. Dragons' magic also is beyond Humans', not counting their racial magic.

Although Demons and Undead have their own magic types, creatures that don't live on the continent are classified differently using their race names.

There are three types of Elven magic: support magic to make up for their lack of close combat abilities, quick reaction combat magic, highly damaging long-range chanted magic.

Their melee is basically useless, but their bows are a bit more powerful.

However, their instantaneous combat magic can give other races headaches. So humans that want to capture an elf they have to find a single one and wait for the elf to use up all of their mana. The power consumption of the instantaneous magic isn't a joke after all.

Inside the Ice Empire's national treasury were a large number of notes gathered by bounty hunters, they could be considered fairly detailed.

Both sides have lost blood over this.

"That one......I know......a benefactor......it's not good to be locked up, but......have to know......you came to the sea of trees......your purpose......I can't......let you move freely."

"Oh, you have pretty good comprehension."

Eli's speech sounds pretty strange. This sort of intermittent speech gives the impression that she is shy.

We were investigating human activity involved with the recent appearance of large monsters and traced it to the Sea of Trees. We tracked the monsters to a temple, inside it was a transmission array that sent us to the Sea of Trees. It should be within 1000 meters of where we appeared."

"Transfer array......? I understand......I believe you...... Mr. Fir......"

Eli blinked her big eyes, then bowed apologetically.

"But......I now......need to go......report to the Elf Queen. So please......in here......wait a bit longer.

Finished, she looked at me and the sleeping Aliyah and left the cell. I think she said something to the guards, and then left.

"Say......she was one of the elves we rescued."

Suddenly, Aliyah turned and sat up.

"Tch, you were pretending to sleep?"

"Because you didn't wake up when that elf was worried about you, so I pretended to sleep. If I were awake they wouldn't have been so direct in talking with you."

"Fine, fine. It's all good. Do you have any good ideas? For the current situation?"

"Eh? I thought you would say that Eli would tell us we could leave.

"That's too naive. Humans have kidnapped and murdered how many of the Elves? It's not possible that the don't hate us. It's also impossible that they feel gratitude because we returned one of them. We should be happy that they haven't already killed us. So we need to prepare more than one strategy."

"Ha ha. It seems you are clear on the situation."

"That's natural. Of course while looking for an escape route I want to find some elf magic."

"That's your main goal? It's the same in the end. What are you going to do?"

"This thing...... it restricts magic and flying abilities. We can only rely on what's inside our rings."

I smiled and reached a hand out of the of the cage, with a shuaa, a battle doll appeared outside.

"That's right, there was that way!"

Aliyah also nodded in approval.

I took out some magic scrolls from my ring, and placed it on the doll.

The combat doll's figure disappeared.

"Well, Stealth magic and presence hiding, along with the lockpicks, Explorer No. One, go!"

"You have some nerve to say such a tacky name......"

"It's important in controlling it......"

I smiled, sat on the ground, and closed my eyes.

Connected to the doll, it's vision entered my mind.

"Thieving Infiltration Start!"