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 Chapter 78: Empire's Turmoil Arc 24 Punches and Arrival

"So that's what it was. They were trying to assassinate someone who looked like me."

Sister Lu said as she watched Longji quickly eat bread.

"But it looks like the assassin has had thing worse than we have. How long has it been since they've eaten?"

"Well......I don't know."

"I haven't eaten anything for two days, three hours, because I couldn't afford it."

This guy said honestly.

"You...... Don't you have any income?"

"Because the assassination hasn't been successful I haven't been given a reward."

"Why don't you change the mission?"

"As a good ninja I will never give up on a mission."

"Ok, I get it."

I turned to face the others.

"This guy is an idiot."

"Really, aren't you being too cruel?"

"Then I'll be a bit more tactful. Hard headed?"

"Well, anyways. Since it's already been agreed on we'll give you some help."

"But I only said that I would help you find them, but I don't know where to find this person......so then, Longji, you should follow us for now. Finding him would be like finding a needle in a haystack. There's no way."

"No problem."

When she said that, she quickly finished the bread in her hand and stared at us.

"Thanks for the hospitality. I don't have enough money on me but I can work it off. If there's anyone you want me to kill it'll be fine."

She sounds reliable but I doubt she's in any state to assassinate anyone. Wouldn't she starve to death?

"Is there anything else you can do."

"Such as, you......"

I hadn't even finished before Aliyah came and kicked me in the stomach!

"Pfuu! What are you doing?!?"

"Um......I felt as if you were going to say something disrespectful so I stopped you before you could."

"What the hell? How could someone as upright as me say something so disrespectful. At most I was going to ask that she not wear a mask and put on cat ears......Pfuu!"

So I was kicked again.

"You really are a twisted pervert."

Aliyah said ruthlessly.

"I usually had ninjas dress up in games."

"You liked to do that sort of thing? How much money did you spend on those games?"

"Me? I naturally used a cheat engine to change their clothes."

"You are completely beyond redemption!"

"Thanks for the praise."


Oyado suddenly started talking from the side.

"If big brother wants it, I can bring cat ears!"


I felt a new mouthful of blood spray out.

I think that if the super cute Oyado brought cat ears the enemy would be willing to be killed by her? Her battle potential is beyond measure!

"Hey hey hey! You are going to let your sister to follow a bad example? The same is true for you Oyado. If you indulge this guy then he'll take advantage of you!"

Aliyah had just stopped it and yet Oyado shook her head.

"It doesn't matter. As long as it's for big brother."

"Well, let's not make too much of a noise. Longji doesn't know how to react to us."

I fixed my clothes after they had been hit by Aliyah twice before looking at Longji.

"In any case, we don't have anyone we need killed. But if you meet anyone that you want to kill you need to get orders from us."

"Understood. If that's your order."

"It's not worth calling an order...... but if you understand it in terms of orders then it doesn't matter.

We looked towards sister Lu.

"Speaking of which, we are going to disturb you until for tonight. But we will leave when the train reopens. What about you sister Lu?"

"We still have some things to deal with here. Well, don't worry about it. I'm sorry, I don't know where our leader has gone even though I asked you to come on over."

"It's no problem. We are the ones intruding."

"Don't mention it, goodnight.

Then sister Lu and her companions left our room.


"You can sleep alone on the couch!"

Aliyah said that without a trace of courtesy in her voice. Then she dragged Oyado and Longji into the room and slammed the door shut.

Looking at the sofa and then the door, I nodded silently.

The couch looks pretty good.

------------Dividing Line------------

At the same time, Witt Empire Imperial College South Entrance

The train slowed to a stop and many students from various cities came down from the carriages.

Since the railway opened, the students who lived along the railway were able to go home to amuse themselves. Then, at the end of the weekend, they to returned to the city of the college.

Bai Yueguang's party also came with the stream of people into the college. Once they were off the train, Bai Yueguang gave a stretch.

"Ah, finally......"

"What! You were obviously sleeping the whole way."

Hei Luoli couldn't help but to complain behind him.

"What if someone attacked!"

"It's fine~ But anyways, is Dale......?

"Ah~ You were looking for me?"

Dale came in yawning, followed by Leon.

It seems like Dale had slept the whole way. Leon was laughing by his side.

"Anyways, it's good to finally get here."

Hei Luoli glanced around.

"So what's next? Fir won't be able to get here that quickly."

"We should talk with Ms. Mari when she gets here......"

"It's ok. Since we've all arrived there shouldn't be any problem for them."

Leon said afterwards.

"I hope so. But what are we going to do now?'

"Let's go the the academy's Magical Security Department. It's our family's home turf so others shouldn't dare to mess with us. Also, the most important thing is to let our father know about our where we are."

"Ok, we'll listen to you."

Bai Yueguang had just stopped talking when his eyes, which had been looking around, suddenly grew big.

"Ah pui...."

Seeing a familiar figure walking in the distance Bai laughed for some reason.

"It seems that it...... won't be boring soon."