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 Chapter 77: Empire's Turmoil Arc 23 Ninja Dragon Girl

A female ninja.

The girl here is a female ninja, there is no other way to explain it. It's the same ninja outfit that I've seen in countless video games. Only...... how do you convince a female student to wear Ryu Hayabusa's silly falcon face mask? It's not pleasing to the eye at all!

"Why are you staring at her face for so long?"

Aliyah said grumpily.

"I was only thinking that a female ninja wearing a face mask isn't keeping with the aesthetic, that's all."

I said with a serious look.

"Eh? It isn't that bad? I remember back when I was playing games, if I chose to become a ninja I would choose to wear a mask."

"Eh......at least it proves that the design of this outfit isn't a clique thing......Ok, we don't actually care about that detail. We know who this is anyways."

Well, thanks to the name and title system we have already gotten a good look at the ninja girl's name.


(TL: lit. Dragon Woman)

Ninja LV 42

Evil · Unfeeling · Cold-blooded · One-Hit Kill · Unusually Restrained · Dragon Sword Inheritor · Fugitive

When I read her titles I began to feel depressed.

It's nothing else, just, what do you mean by dragon sword inheritor? Don't tell me that World took a videogame over from our world to play? Even if that was true, you dared to not even change the name or anything? Aren't you afraid that other people will check the copyright?

As a result of the words I said in my heart, their titles suddenly changed. The [Dragon Sword Inheritor]became[Deep Blue Sword Inheritor].

World-chan, are you watching us like an 8 PM serial drama?

Nevermind. It doesn't matter. It would be better to investigate the reason that this guy attacked.

"Here you go Aliyah."

"Eh? Why are you giving her to me?"

"Bullshit, don't tell me you want me to frisk her?"


Pausing for a moment to think, something seemed to come to Aliyah and she stopped and stared at me.

Then she moved in front of the ninja.

Seriously, she's treating kindness like donkey guts......

But, I noticed that as we were talking about nonsense, Oyado had been quietly taking a lot of things off of Longji's body.

Ninja throwing darts, kunai, a spell and some broken things, and of course money.

Although it's only 3 pieces of silver.

So poor. When I see those three coins I kind of feel like I should put in a few gold coins.

I definitely have an abnormal amount of money.

"Is there evidence of their identity, or information about their mission?"

"Not yet big brother. But there was a picture on her."


I took the card with a magical glow from Oyado. When I tapped it a silhouette appeared on it.


Why does this picture seem so familiar?

The photo was of a clearly tall woman. They clearly weren't a weak soldier based on their clothing. But their face was unclear, it looked like a shadow was obscuring their appearance.

Looking at this photo, I realized that two people we had met had looked similar to this. One of them was the person we had just met, sister Lu.

The other person was......


Tai Shixi......

But it's obvious that the person isn't Tai Shixi, just that they are similar.

That's because the person in the photo is getting ready to use a skill, but there isn't a long halberd in their hands.

That's right. She'll continue to hold her halberd even when she's using skills. I've never seen her let go.


She wore the same armor, 24 hours a day, for an entire year. Except for the clothes the duke recently sent her, I haven't seen her in any other clothes. But the person in the photo is wearing different clothing.

In the end, the person in the photo isn't Tai Shixi or sister Lu but looks similar to them.

Thinking that, I summoned a water sphere and dropped it on Longji.


She suddenly awoke and wiped the water off of their face. Despite wet hair, she looked at us and her appearance before jumping into a corner and watching us warily.

"Yo. Don't be nervous Longji. I just want to ask you a question."

I took out the picture and showed it to her.

"Are you looking for her or are you planning to kill her?"

"You......Give that back!"

She tried to rust towards me, but did't even get halfway before a shadow rushed out and kicked her back.

I realized that it was Oyado who had shot out. Oyado gave Longji a flying kick, and she actually tried to doge it in mid-air. She grabbed her side after the falling down in the doge and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Don't attack too strongly or she'll die."

I could see that there was only a little bit of HP left after she fell.

How am I supposed to get information if she dies?

Well, don't call me cold-blooded. A single thoughtless action can set you back when dealing with[Evil]people.

But to keep her alive, I waved and half of her HP was restored.

She seemed to feel the change in her body and looked at me an amazement.

After some time, she seemed to sigh and replied.

"I'm going to kill her. That's the mission."

"Oh? Do you know the name of the person you are going to kill?"

"I don't know it. But if I kill everyone who looks like the picture then the job will be done."

There was no expression on her face when she said it. It was as if it were natural."

"That's a really awful theory......"

It looks like Longji is already a half brainwashed killing machine? That's interesting. While I've seen it in anime this is the first time I've seen it in real life.

Un, she isn't that frightening. Or at least she looks cute. I don't know if she is acting in order to complete her mission though......

Well, it doesn't matter.

"That's funny. When do you need to be done with your mission?"

"It has to be done for me to go back."

"Sounds fun."

When I thought about it, it suddenly seemed interesting.

"I have a proposition. I'll help you find this person and in exchange you won't kill any innocent people. How about it?"

"Hey hey hey what are you thinking!?"

Aliyah said from the sides.

"False charity?"

"I was suddenly interested. There aren't that many[Evil]people who would calmly talk with us."

"Well......don't be too over the top."

"It's alright as long as we can finish the task."

Suddenly, Longji replied.

"I agree with your condition."

What is she thinking?