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 Chapter 76: Empire's Turmoil Arc 22 Assassin? Ninja?

"Oyado, do you sense it?"

"Un. It's there."

"Really. I don't want to cause trouble, why does trouble keep calling?"

"Is it because my big brother is so special?"

"This has a sort of 'this is my fault' type of atmosphere."

"Doesn't it?"

"Well~ Who knows."

"Alright you two!"

Aliyah, who was in the front, turned to face us.

"What do you keep muttering about? It's really nauseating!"

"Ara, we were just talking. Nothing more."

I casually remarked before sending a message to Aliyah.

'We are being followed. But the target doesn't seem to be us. But rather sister Lu in the front.'

That's right. It's sister Lu, the mercenary that we met at the barbecue who ate until she burst.

Helen · Lukins

Heavy Equipment Warrior LV 34

Neutral · Unrestrained · Berserker · Foodie · All Heavy Equipment Master · A Ranked Mercenary · Dark Gathering Mercenary Group Assistant Deputy · Whatever Goes · Field Warrior

Heavy equipment warriors, like their name, use heavy weapons like heavy hammers, great swords and morning star. But there are shortcomings. While they can use the weapons they can't become proficient in them.

Like sister Lu. She may be level 34, but only has the ability of a level 20 great sword swordsman because there was so much to learn.

And to be proficient in everything......I can say as someone who uses all skills that deeply understanding the skills is too painful.

However, it is convenient in a way. Every weapon type can be used, after all. You can pick up things on the battlefield to use as a weapon and don't need to worry.

Ah. That's right, I need to get back to the main topic.

Right, on the roof behind us there is a...... I don't know if it's a assassin or ninja following us but she wasn't hostile to us at all. From that I can guess that their target is sister Lu.

I would have liked to take a rest but I didn't expect for this sort of thing to happen. I really don't know if we have some sort of special trait that makes it easy for us to pick fights.

Aliyah froze when she saw my message before giving me an unhappy look and turning around.

"It looks like a ninja......from looking at their name.'

'Un. I don't know why they are eyeing sister Lu but it shouldn't be anything good, based on their behavior.'

'Well. It's no matter. First we need to find a place to rest or we will be exhausted.'

'You aren't afraid of turning into a pig?'


'I mean that after eating we should take a quick walk. It aids digestion.'


While I can't see Aliyah's expression it seems that she is very unhappy.

But why do her values look so strange? While it lowered to 800 a second ago, but it suddenly returned to 880.

How exactly is this measured? This is a device without an instruction manual. How am I supposed to use it!

Forget it. I'll find a target to study as a reference later. It's time to solve the more immediate problem.

Right. It's the issue of tonight's stay. I don't want a ninja behind our backs as we dawdle in our free hotel this evening.

But right now the entire city is in a state of martial law. There are obviously more soldiers on patrol in the streets than in the morning.

Although there isn't a way to check, shouldn't they think children of the Marshall family have escaped back to Daydream City? There should be a chance to sneak around at night, even if there is increased security.

Although it might be excessive, only cautious people last long.

But now I have to wait for them to get hungry and make a move. There won't be as much commotion if it was handled inside of the hotel.

And now......

It's time to wait.

----------Time Division Line----------

East Stone Hotel is different from ordinary hotels. In order to take care of mercenaries, they have large buildings with courtyards that can be rented out.

Sister Lu and the Dark Gathering Mercenary Company is renting one of the yards. Although it wasn't very large, I was able to understand from listening to them that only a few of the higher ranked mercenaries had come for this mission, which is why there was only 10 of them there.

But this is better. It's herder to avoid accidental injuries if there is more people. While we do have a system that helps us prevent accidental injuries, but I honestly don't know how to team up with NPCs.

That's right. Usually when you are fighting you need to form a team, that is to say that if an NPC doesn't form a team I can't join with them.

It's really deceptive.

But that doesn't matter. As soon as we entered the door we told sister Lu what was going on. While she was somewhat surprised, she nodded when she saw our serious looks.

Why did she nod? Basically, it's because we volunteered to deal with the ninja.

Why did we volunteer?

It was for after dinner exercise.

Besides, it looks like sister Lu is in an ordinary mercenary group. I took a glance at their equipment a moment ago and didn't see anything special.

It seems that the problem is with sister Lu. Even knowing what it is should lead to the start of an event.

That's not a good way to think of it though. So I suggested that sister Lu separate from us. we'll use the opportunity to draw out the enemy and ask what they want when we capture them.

Rather than letting our brains overheat it's better to grab them and say hello.

Right when we saw that they had entered the hotel, I smiled, pointed, and two currents of cold air wrapped around their feet. The three of us then rushed to the roof in different directions.

Oyado rushed over to them with a woosh, but their figure flashed as they used a substitution technique!

Eh? Doesn't the substitution technique rely on speed? They can use it to escape from imprisonment?

I was somewhat surprised. With a wave of my hand the cold air was released around the perimeter, but, they seem to have picked me out as a target as a cold dagger came towards my neck!

"Stop or I'll......"

They weren't done. I pulled out a crossbow and fired a few shots behind me. They tried to push in but their attack was weak.



Their eyes were unwilling, but they still fell down.

"Sorry, but there's a fast acting sedative on my arrows."

Seeing them fall, I turned to Oyado and Aliyah.

"All right. Let's see who the hell this assassin is."