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 Chapter 75: Empire's Turmoil Arc 21 Everyday Mercenary

We......can actually eat a lot.

Naturally, it's not only because we were able to eat it, but beyond just eating it, we were also selectively eating.

But the way that we were eating wasn't like cattle where the stomach was divided into separate roles, rather we chose something different from eating the food.

That's right. Food in games generally has two uses, recovering satiation and also recovering HP and granting beneficial statuses.

Like the roasted dragon meat. Of course, while it is called roasted dragon meat it isn't actually real dragon. It's the magic dragon, or sub-dragon we saw before. Dragons are usually...... a special race that can't be controlled.

Really, their species fertility is so low, but are quite effective a producing offspring with other races. How exactly does that work?

Well, that's the dragons' problems and has nothing do do with me.

Back to the immediate problem. Looking at the dragon burger I'm holding in my hands, I can see its effects.

Restore satiety 10 points, restore HP 30 points, increase strength 20 points, effect do not stack

That's right. Food is a type of item we can use. So as long as we have the attributes we can continuously replenish ourselves.

After we've eaten ten burgers, our satiation is naturally full. A strength increase for 5 minutes or something? We can't wait for that.

So the only way we can do it is to loose HP.

We are using poison on ourselves, while using burgers to restore HP, this automated replenishing system is just a waste of resources. However......

We are happy~

These poisons were accidental byproducts from producing a drug so it doesn't feel bad to use it.

That is...... we have more than 100 bottles. I don't know know how long it can be maintained.

But thankfully, after we had eaten over 30 hamburgers sister Lu abruptly stood up.

"No......How could......"

Sister Lu was holding her mouth to hold back and took a few steps backwards before sitting back on the stool.

"Is sister Lu dying? There are still five minutes left, try to take a break."

The man next to her shouted.

That's right. Our game time was only 15 minutes. It's already been 10 minutes.

The people around her saw her and stopped making noise. They were looking at her nervously.

Let's press for the advantage!

I quickly used a potion with my left hand while taking a bite from the burger in my right.

In a few short minutes more than 10 hamburgers went down.

Oyado ended the fight with 20. But Aliyah and I knew this method. While I don't know what she is doing do reduce her HP, but she has eaten about 30 or so.

"Oh my god...... Are you all monsters......"

Sister Lu was gasping for breath. She slowly stood up.

Going to the side of the table of hamburgers she looked at them. I could see that her forehead was covered in sweat. It seems that it was hard for her to continue eating.

She slowly stretched out her hand but stopped halfway there.

I could see her shivering.

Her friend by her side was watching nervously. Especially now that her face was ashen.

She fell to the ground and her body began to convulse.

"The competition is over! Fir wins! You guys hurry and take care of the vomiting. You over there, quickly clear off a table and have sister Lu lie up!"

"G......got it!"

Hearing the manager's orders, the people around us jumped into action.

Several brawny men cleared off a table and someone went to pick up sister Lu.

"You'd better not mess with her now. Her stomach is having trouble digesting and is expanding excessively. If you mess with her now you would damage her stomach.

I quickly said when I saw what they were doing.

"What then?"

Sister Lu's companions asked.

"Let her puke it up. Sorry, I'll pay for the cleanup."

When I was done, I went straight for sister Lu's throat. Applying suction to sister Lu's body, all of the food that hadn't been digested and stomach fluids were suddenly spit out all over the floor.

Aliyah covered her face and left the room but Oyado watched with curiosity.

"All right, there's no danger now. Go get her up."


Sister Lu's companions were on the ground, helping her up while she coughed. I pointed at her and a white light shone on her, clearing out all of the negative effects.

"I......I just......"

"You are stuffed and almost completely bloated with gas. Seriously, while the game is important, life is more important. Manager, is there water? Let Lu gargle then take her to get some rest. Although she looks a lot better now, she won't be able to recover so quickly. Not to mention that she drank so much wine beforehand."

"Ah, I know that."

The companion next to her said.

"Kid you...... are really impressive. Thank you. I lost this time, so I will pay for the game. I'll write down the favor. If you need any help you can find me at East Rock Hotel."

"Yes yes. You should go get a good rest."

"No, it's my treat."

The shop manager said, smiling.

"Yeah. Mercenaries should help each other. You did good, so this time is on me.

The uncle said giving us a thumbs up while his face turned into a hearty smile.


I don't know if I can even call it a smile.

"It seem that you know each other well."

"That's right. Everyone in this store is a regular. But you, this is the first time I've seen you in this city."

"Un, we were looking for an appropriate mission in each city, but the railway isn't open so we were delayed."

"Ah, that's right. I heard somebody stole a train. It really hasn't been safe recently. But you should be able to go through tomorrow. Being able to move on the rails is very important so having it closed for a long time is a huge loss."

The manager said.

"Do you want to stay together?"

Sister Lu said as we were getting ready to leave.


"You shouldn't have a place to stay, right? Do you want to stay with us? We are gathered up in a courtyard, there should be extra space."


I looked at Aliyah and Oyado and both of them nodded.

"Then we will have to inconvenience you."

"What are you saying! Really, thank you for today. Alright, let's go. We'll show you to our command."

"Oh? She has a special place?"

"Well...... it ought to be said that she is very strange. It's because she......is a magician but likes to use a sword as well."

"A magician and a swordsman......"

Isn't that the same as me? Even though I have recently found that using a crossbow is more convenient.

"Come and you'll see. Let's go."

And they walked out of the store.

"See you later uncle Madela."

"Ha ha, good bye."

After we left the store, uncle Madela brushed his beard at the strange words.

"Eh? Did I mention my name?"