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 Chapter 73: Empire's Turmoil Arc 19 Escape

For ease of movement, Aliyah and Oyado ran in the front with the dolls that were pretending to be Leon and Mabel and I ran a little bit slower to continuously attack the airship with ice totems.

Since you have magical defenses installed, if I used the ice totem's physical output, would you be damaged?

They've probably been informed about last night's battle. When they saw the ice totem, the airship acted like they had seen a ghost and hurried to dodge it.

Seeing this scene, I had a faint smile. Letting the ice totem continue up, I allowed them to dodge my attack to buy time for Oyado.

At the same time, I modulated the frequency on my headset to intercept their communications.

There are few people aside from us that know about the frequency modulation after all.

"Reporting in. We have found the target and accomplices outside the city and they ate putting up intense resistance. Requesting further instructions."

"The Count isn't speaking. Try to survive as long a possible, only ruthlessly attack when they try to escape."

A bitter smile burst into my heart. The missiles just now weren't a ruthless attack? It seems like they still don't have a good understanding of these weapons.

It's more than a ruthless attack. It was practically attempted murder.

I switched the channel and connected back to Bai Yueguang, Ms. Mari and Aliyah.

"I just intercepted their communications, apparently they won't let us easily reach our destination and are even willing to kill us."

"Isn't that heartless? That doesn't matter, we have already caught up to the train. Thanks to you, we haven't seen a security check by the train."

Bai Yueguang's happy voice came, followed by Ms. Mari.

"That's right, our train has already started out. The train station staff have already retreated, making it a lot easier for us."


I suddenly thought of something.

"Are all of the people gone?"

"Yes. Right now there isn't anyone aside from the two guards at the door."

"Is that so, I understand."

I had thought of a good idea, but I would have to wait until I can confirm that the situation would let me put it into action.

But for now......

"Aliyah, change direction and run to the railroad's tracks."

"Eh? Why?"

"Because there are too many of us to go in, you should run along the tracks."

"What about you?"

"Naturally...... I'll fly in!"

Finished, the ice board appeared under my feet and brought me up to a high altitude.

At the same time I pointed back, with all of the mana in my body I let loose an earth shattering barrage of ice totems and ice falls, bombarding the enemy from all directions.

Watching both airships turn and run away, I turned and quickly flew over the city's high walls. In a high speed dive I avoided the guards on the wall and entered the city!

Simultaneously, I swiftly determined where the train station was and rushed straight into it. At the same time, two vials of magical compounds were dropped on the floor of the train station. A large block of ice rose up and the entire door froze.

Yep, yep~

I looked at my masterpiece with satisfaction. Then quickly moved through the crowds of people who didn't understand what was going on.

Of course, before I had landed I had replaced my clothes with my assassin outfit so that the people around wouldn't know my appearance.

I looked around the train station, and went to the side of the train that was used to patrol the railway.

Although I called it a train, it is actually powered by magic. The way it operates is also different from trains in our world.

Except, I don't know how to start the trains of this world.

However, I still might have a method of starting it. There is a large start button on the side after all. I can't help but see it.

When I hit the button, several guards and magicians crossed the train station's fence. I drank a potion to increase my mana, and with a finger, four ice boards appeared on top the engine in the back of the compartment.

"Well, let's hope it doesn't break."

I crouched down in the back and started the jets.

The powerful acceleration threw me against the back wall, and I felt a pain in the back of my head. After I adjusted the speed down I stood up.

This really gives people headaches, this acceleration is simply insane......

I looked out the window. Just when I got out of there, I flew into the two divisions of cavalry that were blocking the exit. Although they were also wearing metal armor, there is an old saying.

You can't be defeated in martial arts if you are fast enough.

Well, I admit that I was spouting nonsense. But I did run directly into them. And then really did rush out of them.

Only my head suffered damage.

"Aliyah, are you running along the railway right now?"

"Yeah. Where are you?"

"I've already started the train......yeah, I see you guys. The two airships are behind you."

Far away, I see Aliyah's name by the side of the railway. But the airship is circling above them and occasionally attacking.

"There's nothing I can do about it. It's flying too high for me to hit."

Aliyah's voice was filled with helplessness.

"That's the problem with melee. Be ready to accelerate, I am going to slow down and pick you up."

"No, you keep accelerating. Don't forget, the two people with us aren't humans but rather your humanoid dolls."

"That's true."

The two people are Oyado and Aliyah......

As soon as I finished I saw the two of them speeding up and jumping!

A moment later, two sounds came from the top of the car. At the same time I saw an opportunity. While passing by the dolls, I took them into my ring and it looked like they were rushing onto the train.

"What about the airships?"

Asked Aliyah as she rolled into the compartment.

"About that......we should use modern equipment to defeat modern equipment."

I smiled and took out three smoke bombs.

"I finally have a chance to use these."