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 Chapter 72: Empire's Turmoil Arc 18 Bait

"Teacher......you are awesome!"

Upon returning to the cart, Leon immediately came over to talk.

"We heard the sounds of the explosions just now and were very worried for you, but Ms. Mari told us to not worry about you. Really! You managed to defeat multiple airships on your own!"

I felt kind of embarrassed looking at their worshipful expression. Even though I got rid of them, I have to say, it was because they weren't skilled with the combat airships.

If they had been a match for me, the railgun on each airship would have shot me in a sequence, and fired missiles towards where they predicted I would fall back, although it isn't certain that it would kill me, but I would be seriously injured and they could use the railgun to finish me off.

That's right. If they were skilled pilots, even if you gave me one hundred courage just now, I wouldn't rush out.

If you don't court death, you won't die.

Or at least not die an early death.

"There's nothing that could be done. If they couldn't be gotten rid of, based on the airships' design, we wouldn't have been able to get away during the night. They would find our tracks in the morning and by then there would be no way for us to escape.

I looked at them as I said that, and then took out the prince's map.

"According to the Prince's itinerary, we should arrive at the next city's walls at midday tomorrow. Additionally, there is Earl Jensen's territory. While they haven't come out publicly about it, from the information in the terminal, he is allied with the head of the Kjell family. While they might not openly attack the Prince, that doesn't mean that they would simply let us pass. Because of that, as a part of the Prince's plan, tomorrow when we are in Earl Jensen's we will travel around Daydream City, then we will discard the carriage and return to the city. From there we will take the train to the imperial capitol."

"That's the basic idea."

Bai Yueguang smiled.

"They've dispatched combat airships, this shows how determined they are. Next you'll have to reimburse them for their airships when they use more direct methods to deal with you. I think things are going to be really dangerous when we pass through the city."

"Oh? Do you have any suggestions Little Bai?"

"Don't call me by that really weird name. I'm not......"

Bai Yueguang wanted to say something. From the side, Hei Luoli grabbed on to him.

"It's ok. Little Bai is a tsundere. Don't be bothered by it."

Seeing the complex look on Bai Yueguang's face, I can only silently morn him in my heart.

I unconsciously looked to the sides at Aliyah and Oyado .

Eh? Why did want to look at them?

Well, it doesn't matter. We need to quickly leave this place.

"Tell us, Bai Yueguang, do you have any suggestions?

"Un. I think we should split into different groups, three small squads. In two of the small squads every person should take a different train to the imperial capitol. The last group would create some trouble in the city. That should reduce the likelihood that we will be found out."

"Oh, Little Bai is right!"

Ms. Mari nodded too.

"I thought of an additional suggestion. When you get to the city, it's basically a train hub. We don't need to take a train directly to the college. They might not realize if we took a small detour."

"All right, that's true. So the plan is like this."

I thought about it.

"We will split into three groups. The first two groups will leave first for Daydream City pretending to be something like merchants or mercenaries. The last group will hurry in with the carriage. If someone comes after them, they will abandon the carriage and head back to the city before trying to cause some confusion. Of course, it's best if they think we are in a carriage, so the third group is going to try to drive the carriage to the college."

"Un, let's do this."

Ms. Mable and Leon nodded in agreement."

"Then, the next problem is the issue of the distribution."

I looked at the group.


----------Dividing Line's Monthly Ticket----------

Although the original plan was rock-paper-scissors, because of the strong requirements of Aliyah and Oyado, they formed a three person group with me. I.e. a high firepower group.

On the other side, Hei Luoli, Bai Yueguang, Leon and Dale formed a mercenary group, and Ms. Mari, Falan and Ms. Mabel are pretending to be a group of traveling aristocrats. Of course, Tai Shixi's military outfit is unavoidable, and at 180 cm most men would avoid her.

In order to be realistic, I also took out two dolls and put aristocratic clothes on them with wigs similar to Mabel and Leon's hair. But appearance changing techniques don't work on dolls, so I had them wear masks.

It's more of a cover up. Looking at my masterpiece, I nodded.

"All right stop giggling. We've already been heading to Daydream City for some time.

Aliyah lowered the curtains in the carriage and turned towards me.

"Be prepared. Someone might catch up to us soon."

"It's allright, that's later."

I continued to drive the carriage down the road, however, we were traveling along the side of the road to avoid collisions with other carriages.

"Hey hey, can you hear me."

Suddenly my headset rang and Bai Yueguang's voice came out.

"I can hear, what's wrong?"

"We are almost at the city. They seem to be fairly busy today, so it's unlikely that they'd discover us."

"That's good, but don't lower your guard."

"There's something else. We just saw two airships taking off from the city and two teams of light cavalry came out of the gate. They are obviously targeting you."

"Is that so? They're being exhausting."

I had a light smile.

"They're really coming. That's good. You continue following the plan, I'll distract them."

"Well, you guys be careful."

Finished, Bai Yueguang cut off the call.

"Big brother, someone is coming."

Oyado suddenly jumped off of the roof of the carriage.

"I saw an airship catching up to us!"

"An airship?"

I frowned. Just now Bai Yueguang said that there was two.

But it is absolutely impossible for Oyado to misjudge that. There should only be one airship coming from the rear.

So where's the other airship?

Immediately, an attack warning came from the forest on the left. I pulled the carriage to the left, but the horse didn't manage to react before two missiles hit the left side of the carriage. There was a loud roar and our carriage exploded.

Stealth Shadow!

I turned around, and turned into a shadow along with Aliyah and Oyado. My hand also reached out to put the two humanoid dolls into my ring, and then I jumped out of the window with a shuaa.

Another two missiles hit the carriage as I went out, and with a blast the entire carriage was blown to pieces.

Haha, it looks like the 6 airships that were left in the ice were really angry. This is trying to kill us.

Interesting, but...... today's quest isn't this. It doesn't mean anything for me to beat you.

I released the two of them, and then put down Aliyah and Oyado.

"Run! Go to Daydream City!"