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 Chapter 71: Empire's Turmoil Arc 17 Art

Although I know that Blue Moon's business has been very good, but this isn't a cheap sale?

I stepped outside the carriage I could see 6 airships circling around us with my naked eye.

Dale's airship is unmanned of course, and was flying in a higher region, so it wasn't disturbed.

But even so, six combat airships worth about 50w gold each. It seems that I need to make a new assessment of this so-called magic crystal mine.

"Bow, Ice board!"

With a shuaa I rushed into the sky towards one of the airships.

Combat airships. Their size is about that of a typical carriage, it can take two people and can carry different weapons depending on the configuration.

Even if the airships' configurations aren't really clear, the missiles on it are clear.

And compared to transport airships, their maneuverability is much better. They should be able to fight general monsters.


There is a gap when compared to my magical cheats!


I accelerated directly to the top of the enemy's airships. With a wave of my hand countless ice arrows shot directly into the top of it.

Ice arrows fell like rain, but when they struck the airship, a white shield appeared on the on the body of the ship!

Then, two guns on the body of the ship turned to face me!


I braked and jumped backwards. A barrage of icicles appeared behind me, I pulled back a short distance and at the same time a the two guns let out a flash of blue light. The two railguns went straight through the ice totem I had used as a stepping stone, and the vaporized water droplets went everywhere.

Oh my god! Isn't this equipment terrifying? These railguns aren't a joke for even me!

Even if I don't die I need to take care not to be shocked. My entire body became limp. I don't want to experience the horrors of electrotherapy!

I pressed the call button on the headset.

"Dale! Aren't the planes you are selling horrible? Magical shields, railguns, and I also saw missiles. Aren't you selling things that would have no issues destroying a city?"

"Of course, otherwise what use would our protective shields that covered cities be?"

What the heck, you are doing business like a lunatic. From weapons to protective devices, you think that it isn't ok to not be making money.

I think you are basically an arms dealer, right?

"That's good. How do we fight this kind of enemy? Since you are one of the developers, didn't you program any backdoors into the warships to take control?"

When I said that, the airship fired a missile. Luckily it was unguided and I turned to avoid their attack. The missile flew past and struck a tree on the ground, instantly blasting out a crater.

Oh my god. That destructive force, it's definitely gunpowder......

"How would that work? I don't sell broken goods. But I can tell you that the combat airship holds up to four missiles, the railguns have a cooldown of 30 seconds, there is an upper limit to the energy shield, and it can't be restored. Does that help?

"......Of course."

I smiled.

"By knowing their combat capabilities I can make plans to deal with them. By the way, are your missiles triggered or on a fuse?"

That's great, it's only been 20 seconds since they fired their railguns, and there are only 3 missiles left. As long as I am able to confirm its flaws......

"Trigger, I don't think they actually know about fuses."

"That's great!"

Finished, a blue light flashed under my feet and the ice board reappeared under me.

But I didn't go straight over. I took out a white wing and flew into the air, and the ice board was launched at the airship like a missile.

It's not enough. That airship isn't to be trifled with, it rolled to the side to avoid my attack before its fuselage turned and chased after me.

Not bad. I'm surprised that the person flying it is so skillful, could it be that Dale has set up a remote control in the cabin of the airship?

At the same time, several other airships that saw their companions attacked rushed over and launched a volley of missiles at me!

Although they can't fire guided missiles, but six airships firing two missiles at a time isn't anything to joke about. 12 missiles came straight at me through the air. I don't have even a moment to hesitate. Bringing my palms together, I was wrapped in a huge Ice Castle.

However, I've experienced the strength of the missiles, and I know it is hard to block the missiles' attack with this kind of defense. So I summoned an Ice Totem on top of the Ice Castle and ejected out to the ground!

Although I fanned my wings in mid-air, but this acceleration isn't something that I can stop before I hit the ground and my entire body hits the ground.

"You should die! Accept humiliation!"。

I looked into the air. The Ice castle was directly hit by 12 missiles and the entire castle was blown into smithereens, replaced by countless snowflakes falling in the sky.

I tremble a little. Yes, I was waiting for this moment.

It is midnight. Just now a light came out from the top of the airship, showing that it had no night vision ability. Rather, it needs the light on top to see outside.

That's to say, if the light isn't shining they can't see their surroundings.

Although the ice in the air looks like snow, but is the remains of the Ice Castle. Although they are tiny, it's made of ice crystals.

Such a vast expanse of whiteness shone more brightly than the surroundings.

On top of it being nighttime. That's to say, right now they are looking at the ice in the air.

"Well. This is the end."

I even pulled out a magic wand to increase my attack power.

I'm worried that if they saw it they might accelerate and escape.

But if they can't see it?

"Arcane · Unlimited · Thousand Year Frozen River!"

A blue light flashed. Countless ice crystals extended outwards with me as the center.

The sheer amount of ice turned the landscape and half of the sky into a several hundred meter high ice sculpture. The light of the six combat airships shone out from inside of it, making the entire thing a massive work of art.

Even though it is a rough work.

I clapped my hands in satisfaction, and clicked the call button on my headset.

"Dale, is there any heating in the cabin? How long will it last?"

"Yes, it lasts for about a day."

"That's fine. I'll be back soon."

Ending the call, I looked at my masterpiece again. Satisfied, I opened up a wing and flew back to the carriage.