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 Chapter 69: Empire's Turmoil Arc 15 More Kidnappers

Coming to the place that Ms. Mari had mentioned, there was nothing except for three corpses on the ground.

How pitiful, even though you were villains. If you hadn't kidnapped people from the wrong room you wouldn't have come to this fate.

"Let's go. I've already investigated this, it seems that the Kjell family wants to kidnap the Marshall family."

"Oh~ so that's what it is. It seems that the relationships between the aristocracy is really bad."

Ms. Mari nodded and looked at Hei Luoli and Falan.

"Although we have gotten things on the bounty side figured out~ We didn't want to kill them either, but they had lost their minds while under the control of Falan's magic, so we let them go free~"

"Is that so......well......I hope that they become good people in their next life. Eh? Where's the body?"

I went back to find that the bodies on the ground had disappeared. Looking around, I didn't see the body, or even blood.

"Oh. We were going to destroy all traces anyways, so I stored them."

Looking at her smile, I realized those guys had already become new zombies under the necromancer.

"Let's hurry back, the two Marshalls should be in danger."

"Don't worry so much. Don't they have a powerful butler? There shouldn't be a problem that fast."

Falan said, waving her hand.

"About that butler, shouldn't he only protect the prince?"

"Okay okay~ Let's go back since there isn't anything interesting here anyways~ I don't think you want to stay in this dirty place either."

"By the way, didn't Aliyah come? She said she was coming to find you."

I just noticed that while Aliyah should have already arrived, there wasn't a trace of her. I don't know where she went.

"She didn't. I thought she wasn't coming."


I quickly opened the communication window to her name.

We just arrived here and yet she's been kidnapped. Is this a magical kidnapping city?

'Aliyah, where are you?'

'Ah, sorry. I didn't replay to your message a bit ago. I'm tracking a group of people right now. I heard them say they were going to sneak into our hotel so I followed them.'

'Seriously, it's wave after wave of people......money's power is strong. All right, we will be right over. Don't do anything reckless.'

'Yes yes yes. Don't worry~'

Cutting off the call, I turned to Mari and the rest."

"Aliyah has gone back because she saw someone else going to try kidnapping."

"What. Why are these people are so troublesome~"

Falan shrugged in pain.

"Staying up late is the natural enemy of women~"

"Really. Considering that you didn't come immediately. Well, it isn't all trouble, after all we know who is behind it and who we are fighting against."

"So hurry back and find another place to sleep. Otherwise there really will be no other chance to sleep."

"Okay. Oyado, you go and meet up with Aliyah. We will be right over."

"Got it!"

Oyado jumped from my shoulder into the air and completely faded away in front of us.


I want to learn that skill too, it's really cool......

--------------Switching People--------------

POV: Oyado

Shadow's End!

Jumping several times in succession, as black smoke I passed through the entire city and the hotel was in sight.

"Found you."

Seeing the figure of big sister Aliyah on the roof, I rolled over and stopped at big sister's side.

"Big sister Aliyah~"


Aliyah turned to me in surprise. She let out a breath of relief after she got a clear look at me.

"So it was you, Oyado. You almost scared me."

"Hehe, sorry sorry~"

"By the way, what are you doing here?"

"Big brother said not to worry and to meet up with you first."

"Tch, it was that idiot Fir? So nosy, I can handle this myself."

Aliyah curled her lip with slight dissatisfaction. Despite that, her face seems happy.

Hey! Seriously! Big brother is a sentimental idiot, doesn't he know how incredibly harmful that is to young girls? Why can't you just declare who you like?


But......it might be because big brother doesn't know who he likes?

It's possible. I don't know about other people, but since it is big brother. It might be possible.

"Let's go Oyado. They have opened the back door of the hotel."

Big sister Aliyah patted me, then with a flash of green light she darted towards the inn's back door.

Shadow's End!

I directly followed to the door.

"Be careful!"

I grabbed Aliyah as she tried to go through the back door.

"It seems......that someone died"

"Yeah, I know."

Big sister Aliyah glanced at the doorway.

"Five people who went in just died, but the guards didn't win because there are still enemies in there."


How did big sister Aliyah know? Isn't that too incredible?

"All right, stop staring."

Aliyah laughed. Pulling out her swords, she stabbed one backwards through the door. At the same time a scream came through the door.

That's......How did she find out?

"Come on."