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 Rise of Monsters 29 Sea of Trees

I don't know how long I fell. Only that I suddenly touched the ground.

At the same time the dark surroundings disappeared. I couldn't see any surrounding terrain on the minimap.


Even if the minimap doesn't show me where I am, I can tell with my own eyes. That was because I was in the middle of a giant towering tree. Looking up, I was barely able to see where the tree ended.

Just above me a black, flashing magical formation was slowly closing.

Did I come from that magical formation?

Without a second thought I quickly summoned the ice board and shot towards that place. But when I got close it a black bolt of lightning struck the board, shattering it.

I quickly opened my wings, but the magic spell seemed to react to it and instantly shut with a bang!

The black arcing disappeared, leaving me flying in the air in a daze.


What exactly is going on? A ruin in the temple had a gateway to the outside world?

I've never been here either, as far as I know at least. The lands of the Western Continent didn't have high trees like this at all.

Did I enter the Elves' Sea of Trees?

I looked around and opened the status bar.

The Flight Restriction has disappeared. MP recovery is back to normal. There was also a bonus to wood elements. I hope I don't suddenly jump into a group of elves or druids, that would be a huge problem.

Where did Falan and Aliyah go to?

I remember that they went into the tower first. In theory they should have arrived first, then why is there no trace of them?

Was it because the transmission went wrong or they arrived early and left?

I opened up the messaging menu and looked at Aliyah's name. Her name was still grey so she wasn't near me.

I fell for quite some time, but I can confirm that unless Aliyah instantly accelerated and spent the entire time running, she should be in communication range.

I suddenly felt lost. I don't any survival skills at all. This type of forest...... even if I had directions, how would I get out?

Thinking for a bit, I opened my wings and flew to the peaks of these giant trees.

Since I can fly, then I'll just fly and assess the situation. Then I could look around and see what I can explore.

Flying over the treetops, I was shocked by what I saw.

There was an endless sea of trees in front of me. I couldn't see the edge in any direction.

Like being in the middle of a sea, there are no landmarks anywhere. But it is green in this case.

What should I do?

I can only think of getting out a compass and going south to human lands. Although I am not certain, I believe that this is the Elves' Sea. I would want to leave to the south.


Suddenly the sound of an electric arc came from the distance. I looked towards the source and saw a new black magic formation less than 50 meters away.

I quickly flew over. Although I don't know the principles of this magic, but since I came in this way I should be able to get back.

I flew to the bottom of the magic and then went in.。

At the same instant a black ball flew out of the formation! It knocked me over.

I hesitated, then accelerated to catch the black ball. It popped just like bubble and Aliyah came out.


When I caught Aliyah she continued to scream, and only stopped when she saw me.



"SO DARK! ! ! ! "

Her voice was tearful. When she suddenly hugged onto me I could feel her body shaking.

It seems she found it hard to accept the experience she just had.

"I had the Night Vision skill but I couldn't see anything! It was terrifying! What exactly was that?!

"Most likely...... an ancient portal or something similar, I think. Those monsters probably came through a similar portal, they arrive in the Western Continent through the inside of the temple."

"So horrible! Why did the whole thing have to be black! Would the transfer kill if there was a speck of light!"

Aliyah was probably afraid of the dark...... No wonder I felt her confidence rose after becoming a wolf. The basic ability of wolves made her fear the dark less.

But if you can't see your surroundings you would collapse faster.

"It's alright, it's alright~ Next time don't rush in too fast...... got it? I also don't want to go through the ocean of trees alone with no idea how long it would take, having Aliyah makes it better."

"You......What are you talking about!"

She suddenly pushed me away, but noticing that we were still flying quickly grabbed onto my clothes.

"Hurry up and land! Is it that fun to fly?!"

"Haa, alright......"


Seeing Aliyah's unhappy look, I opened my hands and dropped to the ground.

"Well, Aliyah, there's a problem now. Do you know where this is?"

Although it was a guess, it would probably be better to ask.

"This place...... I think it is the Sea of Trees? The top of the continent only has trees like this.

"Yep, so we should go south to get out...... have you seen Falan?"

"Not at all, could it be she didn't show up?"

"No, I was the first to arrive. Your portal appeared only after a bit."

"So that's it. It seems the order we went into the gate wasn't the order we appeared, but...... why did we go here?"

"No, it should be that the magic is two way between the temple and the Sea of Trees, so those monsters can appear."

"In that case...... eh?"

Aliyah gave out a strange sound and pulled something out of my back.

"What is this?"

In her hand was a...... blow dart?

"In your body......"

I wanted to say there was one on Aliyah's back, but a paralyzed status flashed in my eyes and my body fell down.

What bad luck!

It was a paralysis blow dart!