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 Chapter 67: Empire's Turmoil Arc 13 Under the Conspiracy

The biggest organ trading shop in Nightsteel City's black market temporarily closed its doors.

Inside, Oyado and I watched embarrassedly as Michua kept clinging on her brother . We kept drinking tea without being aware we had run out.

Naturally I confirmed it wasn't organ broth because I was able to see tea leaves floating in the water.


Have you had enough? You've been clinging on to Julian ever since we came in. Isn't your brocon trait already beyond being cured? I know a group of pretty good chunni clinics, how about you give them a try?

"So that's what's going on. Thank you for bringing my little brother here. While I don't like humans you've become a friend to me~"

She said while smiling, but I smelled a dangerous odor.

That's right. The dangerous odor isn't just from her reveled titles, but her body has a dangerous atmosphere similar to Falan and Ms. Mari.

That's right, Falan who slaughtered people like they were plants and Ms. Mari's black bellied madness. Now from the body of this young elf.

Although I don't know what happened when she was brought to the Humanity's lands, but......I can be absolutely sure that this isn't a happy thing.

I probably shouldn't reveal her scars. Otherwise, whether or not I was her friend, she would give me a complete understanding of her experience.

I don't want to think about it!

Anyways, it seems like she doesn't have any huge problems. Long purple hair. A neat white nurse outfit. Deep purple pupils in smiling eyes. There's no hint of it from the outside.

That's right, from her appearance......

"Big sister, you're hugging me too tightly......"

Julian said with some pain.

"Sorry, sorry. It was just that I was so excited~"

Michua apologetically loosened a bit, yet she didn't release her grip

It seems that Julian will live a happy life, yep.

"Right, how did you find me? I had thought that nobody would find me here. I was waiting until I had enough money before finding someone to bring Julian out."

"The thing is...... it was because of this."

I took out the emblem that Aliyah had given me.

"This thing let us know which country you were in. But the reason I found you is because I came to the black market to save some people."

"Save people?"

"Don't worry about it. They solved the problem themselves."

I hope that those kidnappers can tell you who was behind it before they are killed. There's absolutely no other way for them to survive.

"Is that so? That's good. But who did you manage to provoke? There shouldn't be anyone in Nightsteel city bored enough to kidnap someone else~"

"There's nothing that can be done. From our investigation, it seems that they just wanted to kidnap somebody else and we were accidentally involved."

"So that's how it is~"

Michua nodded.

"That's understandable. You should have come in as mercenaries, so it should be related to the people you came with~ Well, I don't care. But I don't want my brother to be in danger~ So from now on Julian is going to be intimately close to me~"

Yep, that bastard is beyond saving.

"Ah, that's unimportant. I actually have a question."

"Hm? What's your question?"

"Who gave you your surgical techniques?"


She looked shocked.

"You and master said the 'same thing'~"

"Same thing?"

"That's right~ Master said the same before going out."

"So that's what it was. Master?"

It seems like Michua was saved by this master. Furthermore, this master...... is like us. An otherworlder.

"Right, master said, if you meet someone who says the word 'surgeon', then they are the same as master. Master is called Muyu. Others call her Doctor Muyu."

"Is that so......"

"Yes, but master is always gone. I have no idea when she will return. So if you wanted to meet it will depend on your luck."

"Well, if there's the chance."

Doctor? With this world's magic perhaps the dead could be raised.

But it's hard to say. It'll wait until we meet.

"If that's the case, I don't want to disturb, my companion is waiting for me still. I would like to ask one more thing though. Do you know where you can buy information in the black market?"

"That's...... there are many people who are offering that service."

"For example?"


Michua said happily.

"Then please help me with something."

"What's up?"

"Help me to investigate who wants to kidnap the Marshall family."

"Marshall......so that's how it is. There was that sort of thing."

They suddenly had a look of realization and looked at me."

"I know what's going on. I'd advise you to hurry up and leave Nightsteel City."


"Because the person who wants to kidnap the Marshall Family is the owner of this city."

The owner of this city?

"The Kjell Family......is that so?"