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 Chapter 66: Empire's Turmoil Arc 12 Brocon

Shortly after I started chasing Julian I realized why he had come here.

That's because the surrounds have changed from the normal shops to the slave market.

It seems Julian slowed down after he entered here and began to search.

I rushed behind him, pulled on him and whispered.

"Julian, you......"

"I can feel her! My big sister is here!"

I hadn't finished before he turned and startled me.

"Your big sister...... is here?

"Yes. I can feel it. Big sister...... is here somewhere. I could feel it when I came to this place."

"Is that so......"

Well, I've heard that brothers and sisters may have a direct link.

Except from the time he had mentioned...... isn't something wrong?

"From what I remember, wasn't your sister taken a long time ago? What would she be doing in the slave market now?"

"I......I don't know......"

Is it a second hand sale?

Some nobles might have bought the elf, and after some time they happily abandoned her......

"All right, I'll help you find your older sister. Ms. Mari is over there. There's probably an eighty percent chance they settled it, ok?"

Meanwhile, I sent a message to Aliyah. She should meet with Ms. Mari first.

"So Julian, in which direction do you feel your big sister?"

"It's near here. But...... although it feels like my big sister it's a little strange."


"Well, there's...... a strange feeling."

"I don't know what you are describing by saying it's some sort of strange feeling. I have no idea what your sister looks like anyways. You should give me some sort of general direction."

When I said that I looked at the people around us, especially those who were kept in cages.

I looked carefully at all of their names. I was hoping to find someone with the same surname as Julian.


There are many people on this path. Although many of them are human, many of them are beastmen or elves.

Although on the surface it is common sense that I should go and save them, but I'm not going to do it right now.

It's a part of this world after all. If I rescued everyone I saw, sooner or later I would end up caught here myself.

"Over there!"

Julian suddenly shouted out and ran away.

I froze for a second. Shaking my head, I caught up.

Seriously. I thought that this guy was very honest, but was it actually that he was too impulsive?

Soon, Julian had rushed to a slave store that had been hollowed out of a wall.

"She's here."

Julian said before going in. I immediately tried to stop him.

Are you kidding me? Anyone who gets a store here can't be an ordinary slave dealer. If you rush in...... I have no idea what to do.

Go directly to their boss?

Isn't that a joke? The people here are unlikely to sell to us, or even let us purchase using money. Perhaps the people inside won't necessarily devour him when they see his anxious appearance.

"Calm down. We will go in and see what is happening. If you want to see your big sister again just keep calm. Ok?"

"Um......yes, fine."

Julian nodded. But from the look on his face he was still very nervous. I don't know if he understood or was faking understanding.

Standing here won't solve the problem though. We need to hurry in now.

Additionally, I can see that a lot of people are inside it by looking through the walls. If I'm going to fight...... it will be very troublesome.

I stepped forward and pushed the door open. A feeling of nausea welled up.

"This...... this is......"

There was no name for this shop, and before I thought it was an ordinary slave shop.

But I understood once I came in.

This place is more than an ordinary slave shop. This place is actually...... an organ store!

Yes, Arranged in the store's interior there were all sorts of organs. It seems that...... this place is basically a hospital.

But with these organs spread all over the inside of this room, it feels really......


Yeah. It's terrifying.

I really don't want to stay in this room for another minute. We are here to find Julian's sister after all.


Wait a minute.

It should be unlikely that Julian's sister is already......

I gulped and looked at the organs around me.

When Julian said his sister felt strange a moment ago it shouldn't have been referring to this.

This is...... isn't this too terrifying?

Additionally, the people around us are completely focused on the instruments on the organs. Are they picking out goods?

Oh my god. Is the science and technology of this world already supporting organ transplanting?

Or are they using magic?

But clones like Oyado can be created. Organ transplants shouldn't be too difficult.

"Big Sister!"

Just then, Julian called out excitedly and rushed out.

"Hey, wait......"

I looked at where Julian went and was shocked.

Behind a table in the direction he ran there was a surprised young female elf.

I couldn't help but be surprised when I looked at her name.

Michua · Menglode

It seems this is actually his older sister! That's great.

But when I looked at her titles my brow wrinkled.

LV 40 Elf Archer Lv 50 Surgeon

Evil · Bloodied · Murderer · Fallen Elf · Illegal Doctor · Fugitive · Merciless Executioner ·[Smiling Scalpel]· Brocon

This person...... seems to be very dangerous......

Except for...... Brocon at the end......

What the hell?