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 Chapter 65: Empire's Turmoil Arc 11 Deep Underground

Although there isn't many lights on the nighttime streets of Nightsteel City, there are plenty of bars lighting the streets.

We met a lot of people lying on the streets or trying to get us in trouble along the way. I just used a bit of ice on them and they managed to wake up.

But using the bars I should be able to quickly find the black market. Looking at the minimap and comparing it to the surroundings, the entrance to the black market is......


Why is it a toy store?

Looking at the dark toy store, I turned to Oyado.

"It looks like the entrance should be near here. If I use this thing for a bit......"

I took out the device I had used to absorb magical energy before and put it on the store window.

"Ok, let's go in."

Pushing the button the device flashed, causing the inside to light up. A door suddenly appeared next to one of the windows.

Was it a magical barrier? Well, if you knew the entrance was here you could go directly past the protection.

But since we didn't know we could only force our way in.

I really don't know...... I don't know what to do about the people who actually think this is a toy store.

But it is gloomy, and fairly remote. Perhaps no one comes here to buy toys?

Pushing open the secret door, an passage to the underground appeared.

Looking at everyone else, their faces were filled with anticipation, but they didn't know what to expect.

"Is covering up the door we broke unimportant?"

Julian asked cautiously.

"It isn't a problem."

I waved the staff I had recovered.

"They'll only think that the device that powered the doorway ran out of energy. Don't worry."

"That so? That would be great."

"I should say that you'd better put your cloak on or people will see your ears. We would have to have uncle Gabriel wipe the memories of the people who came to capture you."

"Oh oh."

After hearing that, Julian pulled on his cloak.

I smiled and said.

"You don't have to be cautious. We're here to cause a lot of trouble anyways."

'Yeah! Yeah! A lot of trouble!"

Aliyah excitedly smiled.

"Don't over do it. I don't want a bounty put on me by a mob boss."

Done, I pressed a button to change clothes. My magicians robe changed into an assassin's black leather armor.

With a mask on my face.

"Oh! I also like that kind of clothing!"

Done, Aliyah smiled and her clothes changed into a crimson armor.

"These don't have much of a difference from normal?"

"What do you mean there's no difference!?"

With a clatter, the armor on her back stretched forward and fastened over her head. The armor blocked both sides of her face.

"What the hell, this is your gear?"

"No. I had asked Ms. Mari to make a special armor before. It's a helmet after after all, it's inconvenient to wear it and I couldn't find any good place to put it down."

"Ok ok. Oyado, then you......"

I turned to find that Oyado had gone.

"Don't worry about me big brother."

Oyado suddenly appeared on my right.

"No one can see me."

Done, she stepped back and her figure disappeared.

What an accomplishment for a professional assassin......

I shrugged and continued down.

While I walked, the structure of the stairs seems to have changed to metal plates. I can see light coming from below us.

After a long walk, an underground exchange similar to a mixed goods market appeared.

When we entered the bouncer standing at the door looked at us but didn't say anything.

While his titles showed he was this place's guard, it seems he wasn't very responsible.

It's a good thing though.

But looking at this gloomy place it seems it isn't a simple place to find.

"Are we going to split up or stay together?"

"It would be more efficient to split up."

Done, Aliyah turned to the left.

Seriously, she must be trying to buy something strange.

I gave a wry smile and turned to Julian.

"Come on. Don't get lost in here."


I opened the messaging window at the same time.

'Ms. Mari, where are you now?'


They paused.

'are interrogating.'


'In the literal sense. We are interrogating our kidnappers.'

Oh my god. What do you want me to do? Help you whip them?

"So where are you guys?'

'Oh. There's a hollow wall to the left of the hotel. I'll have Hei Luoli go and pick you up at the door.

'All right......'

It seems that we are late again. The work was stolen from us.

Even if it's in a different sense, our work is done anyways.

"Julian, come on, I know where they are...... huh? Julian?"

Looking around, Julian had disappeared!

"What the hell? It's unlikely that guy would be kidnapped, right?"

I immediately looked at the mini-map and found him running quickly towards the other end of the black market.

What the hell does he want? He's running off on his own.

'You guys have fun playing with them for a while. There's something on my end. A slight delay.'

'There's no hurry. We aren't rushed.'

After getting Ms. Mari's reply, I gave a light smile and chased after Julian.