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 Chapter 64: Empire's Turmoil Arc 10 Chaotic Noble Kidnapping

Ms. Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli were kidnapped......Why am I not worried?

I'd like to worry about the kidnappers safety to be honest. They might not be able to survive the night.

There was no other reason than because they kidnapped Ms. Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli.

Not anybody else. It's Ms Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli.

Although they aren't among our strongest, they are definitely the scariest amongst us.

If they wanted to kidnap Aliyah, Oyado or Tai Shixi they might just be killed. But if they kidnapped Ms. Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli......

Their deaths will most likely be drawn out and they won't leave an intact corpse?

Well, that's what's going to happen.

Speaking of Falan, she was recently kidnapped. Even if you brought being negligent into the calculation, how was she kidnapped?

But even so, we have to consider other things. For example, kidnappers use things like sleeping gas.

While I don't know if it is called by the same name in this world, there should be something with the same effect.

Well, basically to just avoid accidents it's better to send a message.

I looked in a circle but couldn't see their names. This confirmed that they have been gone for more than ten minutes. Even if their names and titles are separated by walls I could see them, but if it's too small I can't exactly spot them.

It seems I can only use other methods.

Opening the messaging window, I breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Ms. Mari and Tai Shixi were still in range.

'I heard you guys went shopping in the middle of the night. Isn't that a bad time to pick?'

Ms. Mari replied after a moment.

'What do you know. Someone is giving us a day tour of Nightsteel City's black market. Did we have any reason not to go?'

'There is no mistake.'

I smiled a bit.

'Are you guys too idle?'

'Well, a little bit. Falan suddenly showed a frightened look, so these people were happy to take us away.'

Really, that Falan.

'But the problem is......why would someone kidnap you? Isn't this your first time in this city? Are there enemies that want to kill you?'

'From the guy's statements, it seems they wanted to kidnap those two from the Marshall Family, but they had the wrong room.'

Why are all of the recent kidnappers so unprofessional? Are they underestimating the work in kidnapping?

You caught the wrong person and actually dared to take them away. This is simply incredible.

'What are they going to do? Take you away?'

'They say it's a hostage exchange.'

'Well, using three people with no reputations to exchange for the children of the Duke. They didn't think this out.'

It seems that not only have recent kidnappers been unprofessional, but they've been lacking in intelligence.

I am curious as to who the hell wants to kidnap the Marshall Family. Although their family controls the empire's magical research organization and army other people have been so devoted to capturing them. This can only mean one thing.

Someone on the black market put out a huge reward for them.

That's right. I can't think of any other reason that criminals would come to challenge them.

There must be a lot of money on their bounty. Otherwise, what else would cause such stupid people in the city to come kidnap them.

But it's incredible, where did they come in? The prince lives in this place. It's not easy to get in.

That's right, if they weren't careful how could they kidnap the prince?

Ha ha, that plot will definitely be interesting......

'Right. Do you want us to save you or do you want to make a riot in the black market?'

'I thought you wanted to see what the black market here was like.'

'......Ok. I'll go back. I'm a little...... I'm slightly interested.'

Yeah, I'm really interested.

I'm not interested in going to a black market that I've seen numerous times, but because I've just got a new quest.

Yes, it seems World-chan hasn't been lazy today. A nice start to begin making a quest.

Side Quest: Marshall Family's Magical Fairy Tales

Task One: Inquire into the Marshall Family's repeated kidnappings

Reward: Unknown

What the hell?

What's a magical fairy tale*?

(tl: *the term used here for fairy tale, , seems to be very uncommon)

Where did you learn such a strange phrase World-chan? Do you even know what it means?

You are actually going to use that for the quest's name?

This is like a third rate publisher couldn't come up with a title and arbitrarily made one. Where did you learn it?

Giving a weak smile I looked at the group around me.

They probably got the same quest. They looked at me and shrugged.

"Let's go. It seems we are going to get a good look at the city."

"I'll stay behind. If we all go won't the people we are with be suspicious?"

Bai Yueguang said, walking over to the sofa.

"Just tell them we are going to find our captured companions. What do you care?"

I said indifferently.

"Then I'll go and talk to them. It's too much trouble to go out."

Tai Shixi said and turned to go.

"It looks like nobody has anything for me to do......Oyado, Julian, come on."

"Hey! Hey! I'm coming too!"

Aliyah shouted.

"Fine, fine. Julian, don't you want to know about your sister? We might be able to find something where we are going."


Julian nodded.

It looks like I won't be able to sleep tonight.