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 Chapter 63: Empire's Turmoil Arc 9 Nightsteel City

Even if you convinced me that using magical enchantments has a better effect than modern technology isn't using wind magic to make stealth airships too foul?

I turned back and saw Dale's 12 airships floating behind us. But I could only see the titles, not the airships.

Our group was riding in a horse drawn carriage towards the Imperial Capitol.

I feel that the happiest person in our group should be Duke Marshall. Since his son and daughter have agreed to attend classes at the Royal College, he has been completely excited.

Of course, the reason they want to go is because the prince brought me over to the Royal College to be a substitute teacher or something.

Speaking of that, I asked the prince why the Witt Empire had the Royal College but Princess Anne attended the Grey Magical Academy.

Obviously, if the princess went to the Royal College she would go home everyday. Nobody in the royal family can stand her savage temper.

But when I was in the academy I thought that Princess Anne was better than the Snow Princess. Was it my imagination?

Or did Princess Anne do that because she wanted everyone to pay attention to her?

Whatever the cause, this time we should be a little busy helping the Witt Empire and Princess Anne should be very happy.

After all, I need to have Prince Sillan help me in my investigation. It might be a good idea to be a teacher before the investigation ends.

But Duke Marshall wasn't riding with us in a carriage. He was sitting in another carriage on the way back to his territory. After all, we were recently delayed a long time. If we don't go back then there will be a lot of difficult things to deal with.

After all, it isn't a democracy here but an authoritarian system.

However, should I say that it is a carriage exclusive to the Royal Family? Right now we are in Prince Sillan's carriage and there is still extra room after carrying all of us. It's just like a very large bus.

The prince apologized to everyone before we boarded. He hadn't expected so many people, otherwise he would have flown us straight over.

Ha ha, you have 12 planes behind you.

But according to the Prince's presentation the Witt Empire has accelerated the construction of railroads. Although a city on the border like Blue Lake City hasn't had the rail laid down, the imperial capital's heart has been connected.

I seriously don't know who to credit for it.

But it is two days from here to the royal capital. After all, the speed of a carriage is incomparable to an airship, But the Prince planned to switch with the railroad halfway so we can get to our destination faster.

Only, I said not to worry. We were eating and drinking while we mingled with the Prince, so what was the rush?

Naturally, to dispell the boredom during this time Dale took out specially made playing cards. Dale made a printer and the equipment to make poker cards. It's impractical for them to be hand drawn after all.

So, everyone in the car happily started playing cards. In less than half a day, everyone had become quite skilled at playing 21 points, Texas Hold'em, Tractor, Landlord and other games. While I don't know what gambling methods are in this world I think the Prince will soon make an official casino.

It's a long journey after all, in the middle we ate some sandwiches. We left in the afternoon, so it was already dark when we stopped.

At this point we were at the Witt Empire's largest industrial city, Nightsteel City. Although it is an industrial city, it doesn't have the smog that we were used to in the industrial cities of our world but rather dealt with the magical industry.

It's been booming for a few years though. Before the magical industry basically handcrafted everything until the recent development of machinery. Now the industry can be considered to be truly expanding.

To be honest, right now the magical facilities in each empire are basically selling to Scion's Gate. Thinking about it now, it's understandable why Ms. Mari would have enough money to quickly build an airship.

The main point is about Nightsteel City of course.

The Witt Empire has four noble families and only three dukes. It's rare for commoners to turn into nobles. The most famous family name beyond the nobles is the Kjell family.

Their identity is similar to that of the Imperial Family, they both developed magical tools.

Only the Smuu Household makes combat type dolls, and the Kjell Household largely makes attendant type dolls.

Yes, it's a doll loaded with a magical intelligence device.

But there is a lot of criticism as the construction method is still a secret.

Like the Smuu Household's study of artificial people, there are rumors that the Kjell Household uses magicly brainwashed human souls to make it.

Granted, nobody has a any way to confirm it.

But right now I can't get a good view of the stars above Nightsteel City. It's nighttime after all. Besides, there is a distant factory that is lit up. There are few places where it city is lit up.

"We have been waiting for you a long time your Royal Highness."

The carriage parked in front of the hotel. When the door opened a butler-like old man was standing in a respectful salute.

Giving him a closer look, I saw that he was not just the Second Prince's dedicated butler but also a level 55 swordsman.

Oh my god, why has the housekeeping been so strong lately? It seems like finding a job in this world isn't a simple thing.

"What are you doing here Dunst?"

Prince Sillan seemed surprised to see him here.

"Because I completed the work that his majesty had assigned I was able to rush over."

When the Butler spoke there was almost no expression on his face, there was also no feeling in his words.

But one thing is certain, he is very loyal to the prince. Because he now has the[Absolute Loyalty]title.

If he wasn't loyal to the prince the title wouldn't have appeared.

Additionally, his initial words seem friendly. He shouldn't be a bad person.


"Are these people the Prince's friends?"

He said looking at us.

"Don't you remember Dunst? These two are from Duke Marshall's family, Mabel and Leon. Hadn't you seen them at a party before?"

"Oh, that's right. Those two have grown up and I didn't recognize them. Then those are......"

"This is Fir of the Ice Empire, Aliyah, Dale, Bai Yuehuang, Mary, Oyado, Julian, Tai Shixi and Hei Luoli. Fir is the teacher of the two of the Marshall family."


Dunst looked at me with narrowed eyes for a moment.

"You must be able to not only use magic, but a sword as well?"

"That's not so, I only learned it for self defense."

This guy...... he can tell that I can use sword skills just by looking at me? While I have publicly summoned[Tearing Blade]and learned sword skills from Bai Yueguang, I've learned other sword skills but never used them.

"Is that so? Then if you have a moment I could give some advice."

He smiled and turned to prince Sillan.

"Your Highness, your rooms and dinner are ready, would you like to take a break or eat dinner first?"

"Let's eat."

Prince Sillan said, shrugging.

"Everyone should be hungry."


Isn't that shrugging posture something he learned from us?

-----------Happy New Year----------

There was almost no talking at dinner. The butler had a very serious look and the atmosphere was unable to liven up.

Although he repeatedly stressed that he didn't care, but even if he said that we simply can't not mind it.

Back in the room, I discovered that I, Dale, Jullian and Bai Yueguang had been assigned to the same room.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with this arrangement as the same thing had been done with the girls.

From the words of the Second Prince...... it's impossible to have the same room. Naturally the two from the Marshall family have their own room.

"What are we doing?"。

Bai Yueguang asked while shuffling.

You are shuffling and you ask me what to do?

"At this point shouldn't the plot be to peep into the girls' showers?"

Dale said, holding his chin.

"You're daydreaming. I don't want to think about it where we are. Shouldn't only large baths have a peeping plotline? Besides, you don't want to think about it but if we are discovered we will be completely screwed."

What Bai Yueguang says is sensible. Thinking about it, although I don't know what the culture in the Empire is like, but something like peeping shouldn't be considered to be praiseworthy.

Oi. Not knowing what we were talking about, Julian gave us an odd look. While you are looking at us with curiosity, I don't want to explain what we are talking about.

"That's true."

Dale shook his head in frustration.

"Well keep playing cards.

Bang Bang Bang!

Dale had just spoken when there was a knock on the door.

We looked back and Aliyah's name was outside the door.

"That guy? What's going on now?"

Opening the door, outside Aliyah was standing with her hair still wet.

"What's wrong......"

"Everyone was gone after I took my shower!"


" 'Ha' my ass. I said that Ms. Mari, Tai Shixi, Oyado, Hei Luoli, and Falan are gone from the room!"

"What! Oyado was......"

"Was big brother looking for me?"

Hearing Oyado's voice, we poked our heads out. Both Oyado and Tai Shixi were watching us from the corner, carrying bags of snacks.

"You are......"

"We went out to buy snacks. What happened?"

Tai Shixi said while chewing on the side of a biscuit.

"Very crafty! Are you planing on taking advantage of my absence to sneak attack big brother, Aliyah?"


"A sneak attack you demon! I saw that you were missing, I thought you guys were gone too!"

"......Wait a minute."

Tai Shixi frowned.

"It was just Oyado and me that went out to buy snacks."


We looked at each other.

"Someone actually kidnapped Falan and Ms. Mari?"

Recently people haven't had any caution......geez.