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 Chapter 62: Empire's Turmoil Arc 8 Imperial College


Prince Sillan had a look of interest.

"Are you accusing the current Duke of patricide?"

"I am not making accusations. It is true, I just don't have any evidence."

"Oh? How do you know?"

"I naturally have my own methods, but it can't be called evidence."

I can see the titles inside but it really can't be called evidence. While the information in the titles is sometimes hidden, there hasn't been any errors so far.

That's to say, the [Patricide] title that appeared by his name. So that he killed his father can't be wrong at this point.

Unless he has more than one father......

Or perhaps...... his father was NTR'd. Then there's nothing I can do about it.

"Interesting. No problem. The investigation will be turned over to me. But then again, what are you going to do next? Are you going to stay here as a mercenary or go back with Duke Marshall to teach his children in their territory?"

"Well......I don't know, but I might choose the latter. After all I don't have any work. And as a foreigner I can't start investigating James. And the evidence I have isn't good to use, it is very difficult to get it the normal way."

If James mind hasn't broken, then after such a long time he certainly hasn't left any obvious evidence. I'm not Conan, solving this is better left to the professionals.

"Well, exactly. I am the chairman of the Witt Empire Royal College. It would be good if you became a surrogate teacher and then let two from Duke Marshall's family enter afterwords. It would make things much easier."

"Ha? Much easier?"

"That's...... Princess Anne has been showing a temper ever since she came back from Grey Magical Academy, and she also doesn't attend classes in the Royal College. She doesn't learn anything else aside from studying airships every day......"

What the hell? The Princess studied airships?

"This isn't good, but at least she isn't messing around."

"Flying an airship into the Mage's Tower isn't messing around?"


I can see the faces of the Royal Family and the Master of the Mage's Tower when the airship crashed into it. Their expressions are beyond description.

Ha ha, let me smile at that.

"Fine, I get it. In short, I need to give Princess Anne something to do? Even if I entered your Royal College it might not be feasible? Princess Anne and I are ordinary friends."

"That's the point."

Prince Sillan had a helpless look.

"Anne has almost no friends."

----------Happy New Year----------

"In that case, the college wants us to go and become teachers?"

Aliyah's face is just past my nose. Looking at her expression, I spread out my arms expressing that nothing could be done.

"I don't actually have an opinion~ I don't actually have a problem with becoming a teacher~"

Smiling Falan said on the side, while eating a pudding. She was wearing black silk on her thighs and swaying them, I don't know which clothing store helped her change her mage robes into a short skirt. For this sort of thing I can only say, good job.

However......does she really have no problem? She's just a copy of Mari Sensei, I heard those two were our early this morning to drink. That's just unhealthy.

"Well~ Being a teacher isn't that complicated, say something from the book, then afterwards they should understand fairly quickly.

Listen, that's one of Mari's terrible half-hearted teaching speaches!

"Then what am I doing? Big brother?"

Oyado asked.

"This......Oyado can't do anything. We are going to Witt Empire's Royal College to mooch off their food."

"You're really carefree, but anyways, as long as they provide enough equipment it doesn't matter where I go."

Dale was indifferent about it.

"Aren't you helping Blue Moon over there?"

"There's no need. I'll give a blueprint for an engine to Lanya afterwords. She'll throw it on to her business partner and study it herself. I decided that airships aren't an option so I decided to go wander with you."

"Ha ha......is that so......"

That's right, Dale came with his airship......legion. That's right. This guy now has 12 combat airships parked on an unihabited islands outside Blue Lake City. Although I don't know how effective they are in a fight, but he said that not a single airship was damaged in the fight against level 40 monsters. It's quite scary.

However, because it was his transport nobody could go back. But just a moment ago, Purewhite asked to learn how to operate Blue Moon's airship, which is why she wasn't here now.

Looking ab Bai Yueguang and Tai Shixi, they were wearing the standard armor of the Empire. It can't be helped. Right now the situation between the east and west continents is very tense. Looking at them, those three will trigger a lot of events, so they dressed that way.

Hei Luoli actually liked a western style dress, a light-pink skirt that I noticed that Bai Yueguang hadn't taken his eyes off of.

Only, Tai Shixi was too tall. There was no impression of a young lady when she wore a skirt...to be honest, she has the feeling of a queen. As a result, she consciously chose to put on an female imperial battle armor. The general armor for battle isn't suitable for her, so Duke Marshall sent a formal Imperial magic swordwoman's dress to her.

At that time, Duke Marshall asked Tai Shixi if she wanted to join the Imperial army, but Tai Shixi refused because it would be too boring.

"I don't care, I just want to see the Empire's swordmanship. I heard it was a gorgeous set of one-on-one sword techniques."

Bai Yueguang said with a smile.

"And there are delicious things to visit."

Hei Luoli nodded on the side.


Tai Shixi's response was simple.

"It seems like nobody has an opinion?"

"Hey hey! What about my opinion?"

Aliyah called out from the side.

"Aliyah, you have something important to say about the Royal College?"

"Yes! What's wrong?"

"The Royal Family, they definitely wealthy!"


"Money. Do you want me to say something else?"

"Humph! You don't have money if you are paying off debts!"

Aliyah thought and nodded.

Looking at Aliyah, I blushed in shame. I suddenly remembered something.

"That's right Aliyah, you should go and convince your Commander now. Ask her to go with her cousin to the college."

Right now it's dangerous to stay in Blue Lake City with Durst, If I let James get killed, I wouldn't be able to finish this quest.

"Eh? Why?"

"Because of the quest, we haven't finished it?"

"That quest......"

Aliyah thought for a moment.

"It just happens, the Commander won't be quiet."

Then Aliyah rushed off.

Really. Even though she has an unforgiving mouth, she still seems to care about keeping good relations with others.

Why does she always hit me, really.

"Then it's decided."

I nodded, then I left the room and headed to the room of Prince Sillan.

"Your Royal Highness, when do we start?"

"It seems you and your companions agreed. Very good, we will leave in the afternoon."

The prince laughed.