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 Chapter 61: Empire's Turmoil Arc 7 Information

Under the guidance of Prince Sillan we walked into the lord's castle.

As expected, acting big is great. Duke Smurandall, who had been insufferably arrogant before, now could only carefully lead the way.。

Speaking of which, there was a quest that we hadn't finished before. Even though we can now turn in the quest, and get the easy difficulty reward, it should be obvious I won't go for the easiest reward but I want to at least complete the hardest requirements. But the hardest difficulty shouldn't be completed right now. After all, the former Duke has a rational reason to kill the present Duke.

The only thing that can be done now is the extremely difficult task of helping Durst. I think that is is really troublesome. After all, we weren't here when the current Duke killed his father, understanding what happened then is very difficult for us.

Well, the task has no time limit anyways. We'll talk about it when the time comes.

"This room......is completely soundproof. You can relax."

Duke Smurandol Said respectfully. He turned and left the room before talking to the bodyguard.

"You will take careful care of the Second Prince and Lin. Treat their orders like they are my own. Do you understand!"


The two guards at the door said at the same time.

Prince Sellan didn't actually have a guard. I don't know if he was very confidant in his swordsmanship or there was someone protecting him that I couldn't see.

He is a level 45 swordsman, definitely the pride of the capitol.

But that's not a problem for me. After all, right now we don't have any obvious concerns.

Prince Sellan walked into the room, I followed and shut the door.

I saw him immediately take out a ball and it gently floated in the air. Then we were surrounded by a green light.

"It's a device that will let us talk at ease. Don't worry."

The prince explained.

"Oh. I don't care. After all, what we are talking about doesn't need to be kept secret. Of course, if there is anything you want to tell me your highness second prince, then it's another story."

"Ha ha, daring to speak to the royal family, but with a commoner origin, it's unthinkable."


I shrugged.

"I'm just used to it. What's wrong? Does Prince Sellan intend to personally teach me manners?"

"Of course not. It's rare for someone to speak to me directly. Why would I have to teach you?

"Ha ha......"

I laughed, then spoke with seriousness.

"But I don't think we came here to chat. What do you know about Snake's Eye?"

"Really. It's hard to come by a good chat. But, you're right. It's clear that the Empire is facing a crisis, we really can't keep chatting."

Prince Sellan sat opposite to me on the couch.

"Snake's Eye. They are a secret organization active in several empires. Due to their actions only surfacing this year we don't know much about them."

"Is that it? I would think that you would make a great effort to investigate an organization that bombed two colleges?"

"Here's the problem."

Prince Sellan shook his head.

"Before the bombings we didn't know anything about this organization, and afterwords they disappeared without a trace. Almost all clues disappeared in the blast. But we were able to investigate a clue."

"It is Princess Anne, I think?"

"Yes. Right before the bombing, Princess Anne received a fake recall message and left the college, and the letters were sent from the Imperial Palace."

"In other words, you suspect that Snake's Eye infiltrated the staff of the Imperial Palace?"

"Yes. After all, it isn't easy to forge a royal recall message. If it doesn't pass through the imperial staff and the Royal Family's assistants it won't take effect."

"But didn't Snake's Eye do it?"

"Yes, but......to impersonate a member of the Royal Family......"

"Don't forget that they pretended to be Princess Anne. Shouldn't it not be difficult for them to impersonate members of the Imperial Palace? I think that your intelligence agency have learned that they can use illusions?"

"Indeed, they can create illusions. But the inside of the Imperial palace has been set up to break illusion magic. No one can disguise themselves."

"Are you sure? Couldn't they have temporarily shut the enchantment down, and done it in that time?"

"This...... we also......"

"I didn't say it at first, the problem is that the Grey Magical Academy and the Witt Empire are a half-day away? Although the older airship model isn't that advanced, but I remember that Princess Anne had been gone for a long time. Why wasn't the problem noticed?"

"About that...... because Princess Anne discovered that none of the royal family had called her back she played it as a joke, so she took the opportunity to play at home for a day......"

"It seems that Snake's Eye are very familiar with Princess Anne's character......"

I gave a weak smile.

"All right, let me tell you something about Snake's Eye. I don't know how big the organization is but they have almost mastered the world's most advanced technology and magical techniques. Take a look at how airship technology is changing. I think that Snake's Eye already has something more advanced than that."

"This is...... you are......"

"Well, I had been able to observe them and talked to them the first time. By the way, Do you know 'that place' between Grey Magical College and Doge Military Academy? There was a Snake's Eye subdivision. When I went in there I met some members of Snake's Eye. Perhaps you could find clues if you searched there."

"It's too late. The Empire already dispatched people to investigate it. That place was very suspicious after all. 5 hours after the explosion our intelligence agencies had already gone to that place, but there was nothing inside and had been cleaned."

"It seems they had been planning this for a long time. When I went to that place there was still a lot of people shortly before the explosion."

"Oh? You investigated them?"

"No, I heard that I could get information. I didn't expect that the person selling the information was someone from Snake's Eye."

"Is that so...... It seems that their powers are incredible."

"Yeah, that's basically all that I know. Do you have any information?"

"I told you, we only have a small amount of information."

Prince Sillan said with a weak smile.

Tch, really, isn't this an exchange of information? You didn't have anything to say.

But I also kept some things back. After going into those things under the college...... I need to hold on to that story. Otherwise I will have to explain how I am still alive after I bore the impact of the blastwave when I was pushed outside.

It's because I have unlimited healing, ha ha......

Looking at him helplessly , I shrugged.

"Well, forget it. I'm not going to get any information from you anyways. The things at the college should have been a major blow."

"That's not great, it touches on something that those in the palace have been anguishing over...... sorry, this is mainly my own personal action, I don't have the ability to give national intelligence to you. However, your information is very useful. In exchange I will personally help you investigate something. Speak. Is there anything I can help with?"


My eyes lit up and I smiled.

"Well, I have some matters that are really troublesome and I would like you to help."

"What...... is it?"

He was shocked by my transformation but still asked.

"Help me find out how James killed his father."