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 Chapter 60: Empire's Turmoil Arc 6 Second Prince

Coming out of the mercenary guild, I saw two green names jumping down from the roof on the other side.

I used shadow sneak and rushed over to the two names.

"I have to say, Aliyah and Oyado, why are you avoiding walking on a perfectly good road? Do you like roofs that much?"

Right, the two were Aliyah and Oyado. When I was talking a moment ago I noticed the two names on the roof. I just ignored what they were doing.


Now that I am out, I have to say.

You are supposed to walk on the ground. This isn't Assassin's Creed, do daily walks on the roof even matter?

"That's not it, just wanted to to take a walk early in the morning. But it isn't safe for two young girls, so we walked on the roof. Isn't that right Oyado?"

"Yep Yep!"

Oyado quickly nodded and agreed.


I can only silently agree. I have to say they are justified.


"You are kidding! I just went out for a walk! Don't you just want to know why I went out so early in the morning? I went out to give out a job. Seriously."

"Ha ha ha...... who knows, perhaps you suddenly had a fancy for the naturally large breasted Guildmaster or something, and then something suddenly happened afterwords......"

"All right. Don't get lost in your delusions about me, Aliyah. Time to go back."

I patted Aliyah's head that was full of delusions.

"Really! How badly do you think of me!"

"I will find an identical head to put on your neck. Hmm, a more submissive one."


Aliyah angrily pulled out the magic chainsaws, I smiled bitterly and rushed towards the hotel.

In a moment I had rushed to the front of the neighborhood the hotel was in.


Aliyah saw that I had suddenly stopped from behind. She almost didn't break, only stopping infront of the next door dwelling.

I saw small cracks in the wall. It must be my imagination.

"What's wrong? Why did you suddenly stop?"

"Because there are strange people there."

I pointed in the direction of the hotel door.

Now there was a luxurious carriage in front of it. However, from the marks on it, I know it's not the Marshall family. The seal on top of the carriage was the same as the one on Julian's pocket watch.

The seal of the Royal Family.

This is fun, it looks like there is an interesting plot. I hope that Julian is calmer than I thought.

Changing my clothes, I walked towards the door.

When I got closer I saw there there was two knights, one of which was level 60, at the door.

Guarded by level 60 knights? It seems they don't have a simple identity, and when I got to the door the two knights blocked my path.

"This is the temporary residence of Duke Marshall and Prince Sillan, the public are temporarily prohibited from entering."

"Is that so? But I was staying there."

"I said that the public are temporarily prohibited from entering!"

He drew his swords and pointed it at me!

"......Is that so?"

I looked at the tip of his sword and looked back at him.

"Are you provoking me?"

"Well, it doesn't matter who you are, you......"

He hadn't finished speaking. I grabbed onto his sword and shone a freezing ray of light on it!

His sword froze in a moment. He quickly dropped his sword to prevent his hands from being turned into popsicles.

"What do you think you are doing!"

The other knight also pulled out his sword. The knight, whose sword I had froze, pulled two knives from his waist.

These two, a level 49 and level 60, are really fun......

I put a foot on the ice covered sword. The frozen sword was broken by my foot.

"It seems that you are pretty upset about me wanting to go back into the hotel?"

Countless ice arrows appeared in the air. At the same time a large patch of ice appeared around us.

Aliyah and Oyado also pulled out their weapons. Oh, that's right. It's not one on two, it's three on two.

"What are you doing!"

Suddenly a loud shout came from inside the building. Turning to look, a young man in a blue and red robe came out from inside the building.

"Your highness, the second prince......

Seeing who came, the two knights quickly stowed their weapons and saluted. Thinking about it, I dissolved the ice arrows and the ice on the blade with a wave.

"Really. Why are you always so impulsive! This is Duke Marshall's benefactor! Now he is his childrens' tutor, can't you report first before acting?"

The man the knights referred to as the second prince yelled at them. The two knights could only give me unhappy looks and stand to the side

Sillan · Claudia

Water Magic Knight LV 32 Ice Sub-Magic Swordsman LV 20

Neutral · Studious · Witt Empire Second Prince · Forbidden Spell Possessor · [Blue Water Warrior] · 1 Hit Sure-Kill · Strategist

Sure enough, from his surname it's clear that he's the brother of Princess Anne. But someone who wasn't very well known in comparison.

"This is different. I've heard about your affairs from your older sister."

Prince Sillan quickly walked to me, smiled and said.

"Is that right......It's my honor, your excellency prince."

"But my sister said that you aren't one to follow the manners of people."

"That was in school, now we are in public. There is such a thing as giving appearances, right?"

"Ha ha ha ha. Really, you are as interesting as my sister said. Well, if you are like that then I think those two of the Duke's children will learn a lot of things."

"Is that right...... Is Princess Anne ok? I haven't seen her since the incident at the college."

"Anne had returned to the Witt Empire before the incident. It seems someone had forged an Imperial document. Intelligence also mentioned that there was someone posing as Princess Anne at that time."

"Yeah, I also met them. Although I don't know what their goals are it is certainly related to what happened to the college."

"......It looks like you know many things. Is there any chance you would be willing to exchange information with us?"

"Of course~"

I smiled and responded.

"There are still a lot of things that I want to ask about."