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 Chapter 59: Empire's Turmoil Arc 5 Return

The carriage went east on the road. While the speed was slow, but the area of the Western Mainland wasn't that big.。

It took almost a day for us to once again reach Blue Lake City.

I didn't have any thoughts seeing the lake and walls. I only wanted to find a place to get a good sleep. Even if I can't sleep I can take a break.

My stamina bar has become almost empty. I think that if I got into a fight with some nobody I might faint.

"Let's rest here tonight. We can continue traveling tomorrow."

The Lord Duke told the soldiers with an aristocratic tone before walking into a hotel reserved for nobles. This isn't the same Blue Lake City Hotel that we saw before, it's located next to the castle. Although I passed by here before I didn't pay any attention to it and thought it was part of the castle.

Because the outward appearance of the hotel is really similar to the castle, I can see why someone could mistake them.

"Sensei, what are you thinking about?"

Hearing the voice, I realized that the two Marshall children hadn't entered the hotel but rather looking at me with curiosity.

"Nothing, just watching the night."

That's a lie of course. What can I look at night it's not that interesting.

Actually I was using the terrain to get a bird's eye view of the whole city to see where Oyado was.

I focusing on the hotel near the mercenary guild of course and quickly found their position.

Additionally their titles have started moving. I smiled and spoke to the two.

"Go on. Get an early rest."


Naturally I was just saying it. Otherwise when Oyado to comes we will be in trouble if they aren't ready to talk.

Sure enough, we had been in the room for only two minutes only to hear a window snap open. Oyado, Purewhite, Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli all came in through the window.

"Yo. Good evening~"

"Good evening my ass! You suddenly ran away without saying goodbye and were missing for so long, you have to be joking!"

Bai Yueguang said looking angry, while on the otherside, Oyado had grabbed onto Aliyah too.

"Hey! What have you done, kidnapping big brother for so long!"

"Ha? Why are you asking me instead of your big brother?"

"Who would know if you've done anything strange to big brother?"

"Oh my god. He does strange things to me. What could I do to him?"

"All right, could you two not quarrel. I'm almost exhausted, I need to rest or I will shut down."

Finished, I went to the bed and laid down to sleep.

Having laid down for two seconds I jumped up and said."

"Also, think of a good identity to use so tomorrow I can fabricate one. Specifically, ask Falan."

Then lying down again, I took half of a bottle of sleep potion. It shouldn't be a problem, right?


Early in the morning, while most people were still sleeping, I gently gently got up and moved Aliyah and Oyado aside, leaving the hotel from the main entrance.

The guards at the door were curious, seeing someone actually getting up so early in the morning.

"The market hasn't opened yet. You are......"

"I'm sort of going to meet a friend, they've been waiting so I have to hurry."

I explained, smiling. Then I walked to the mercenary's guildhall.

Pushing open the door to the mercenary guild, aside from a few sleeping mercenaries, there was no one else. Even those guild members responsible for the guard were sleeping on a table.

I looked around and went to the Guildmaster's office.

"Yo Guildmaster, are you working overtime?"

Just as I had said that, the Guildmaster jerked her head up from behind a pile of papers.

She must have had a good sleep based on the corner of her mouth.

"If you are going to sleep Guildmaster, then I can come back later."

"No no, I am already awake!"

The Guildmaster quickly said while standing up.

"Like this......"

"Yes! You shouldn't mind it......Wait a second. Aren't you Fir? You finally came back!"

"Ah. Yes, I was sort of dragged into the Elf lands for some time."


"Yeah. It seems that the monsters came from over there."

"They did? Could it be that the Elves are coordinating the attack?"

"No no."

I shook my head, replying.

"Of course not, the Elves are also victims. They had used the monsters to guard their forts, but after someone controlled them some of them came to our lands and some attacked the Elves."

"So that's it......Who are the people controlling the monsters?"

"Snake's Eye, I think. Their plans should have entered the next stage but we still don't know what they want to do."

"Ah. I see. It seems that it is important for me to strengthen the deployments. That's right, Have you had any upcoming plans?"

"I didn't originally, but something came up recently. Speaking of which, could you help me check if there is an elf with the family name 'Menglode' that recently came to the Witt Empire? I'm helping an elf find his sister."

"Menglode was it? Sure I'll help, but you should know the Witt Empire isn't a small country......"

"Well, please keep in mind. When the time comes let me know."

"I know, it isn't a problem. You've helped Blue Lake City with a large problem, I don't know how I can thank you."

"Well, that's what people are supposed to do.""

"That's not true. Being a national magician of another country, but helping other countries, it's rare to see in history."


"Well~ Because you took so long coming back I did a bit of investigation. You are actually fairly difficult to investigate, but your companion was from the eastern continent. Checking out his identity got me your background fairly quickly."

It seems that while the Guildmaster appears fairly carefree, she is actually fairly smart.

Well, it was what she was supposed to do. After all, she is the Guildmaster.

"Were you bad-mouthing me in your mind?"

"Oh no, I wouldn't dare~"

I answered with a wry smile.

"That's what I wanted to ask, we'll stop by to chat again."

"It seems you are in a hurry, where are you going to go?"

"Basically...... to go visit other cities."