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 Chapter 58: Empire's Turmoil Arc 4 Golden Ticket

Things are going more smoothly than I imagined. The border guards that came all belonged to the Witt Empire. After seeing Duke Marshall, he was immediately assigned a large number of guards and the best treatment.。

And of course we received the same treatment for rescuing him.

In addition, because of the Duke's great dissatisfaction with the security, the officer in charge of the guards quickly arranged for a carriage to take us back to the Witt Empire. Shortly after dawn broke our party made a formation to return to the Witt Empire.

Of course there was a full imperial footman barrack set as a guard. As long as they weren't blind nobody would look to trouble the troops.

Originally, Duke Marshall and I were in two carriages. After all he was a Duke and even though I was a National Magician, it was impossible for us to be on equal footing.

In addition to that, I didn't have any noble blood. Of course, there was none according to the setting.

However, they invited me to talk in their carriage.

Since he was the was in control of in charge of the National Magic Institution, he is naturally aware of magic's importance.

Even if he didn't see me use magic, the scattered kidnappers showed everything.

By the way, the kidnappers have been detained at a border prison for treason.

Of course, I was the only one invited. But after sitting in the carriage the Duke didn't say anything, but the other nobles were staring at me.

"Pardon me, but are you really a national magician?"

The younger female aristocrat of the two asked.

From the name above her titles she should be the second daughter of the Marshall family, Mabel · Marshall.

I smiled and responded.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because the national magicians I know all either look old or ave very solemn. You're the opposite of those two."

"Right, I don't look serious enough."

"No no. It's actually good. If all magicians were like that I wouldn't want to learn magic anymore."


The Duke immediately rebuked her.

"Sorry father, I was just saying it. Ha ha......"

Mabel immediately said with laughter.

"I am sorry for the ridicule. These two members of my family don't like learning magic, so......"

The duke said with a weak smile.

"Everyone has their own ambitions. It's hard to make them come around."

I laughed and said.

"I'm curious too, why don't you two like to study magic?"

"The spells are too difficult to remember!"

The other young man replied immediately.

His name was Leon · Marshall, he is a level 15 magician as well as a level 24 swordsman. It seems this guy favors swords more.

"In swordmanship you only need to remember the attack routine, but magic spells are hard to remember. It's too unpleasant."

"It is?"

I reached out and a piece of ice formed in my hand.

"As long as you master the fundamentals of magic you don't need spells to use magic."

"Oh. It seems you are a very good magician Mr. Lin. You can actually use magic without needing a spell?"


Actually, I only just pressed the skill button. But it should almost be on my skill level.

All right. I admit that I am bored and I'm just putting on a show of power.

"That's......I wonder if I could ask for you to become the teacher of my unproficient children?


You actually want me to be a teacher? Even if you say that, I don't think that my skills can be learned by an ordinary person.

"With all due respect, you son Leon seems to be more accomplished in swordsmanship compared to your family's magic. It seems he is more fond of creating smaller techniques. Of course, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. But it will be difficult if you want them to learn pure magic."

"That so...... then......"

"It seems you understand what I am trying to say. If you want me to teach your two children I could probably make them into Sub-Magic Swordsmen or Magic Tool Users."

"That's not bad. As long as they are able to be a magic related profession."

The Duke's face was full of expectations. It seems as if I was something like a savior.

"Anyways, it still depends on if those two want to learn."

I smiled and looked at the two noble youths. They seemed to have some resistance to magic and bitterly smiled.

"Leon, you feel that speed in battles isn't important?"

"Of course it's important!"

He immediately replied


I pulled out the Magic Guide Book, and summoned a ice short sword.

"This is the is the Sub-Magic Swordsman's Ice Short Sword. If you cut your opponent it will slow them down. Don't you think it is useful?"

"Well......of course!"

His eyes lit up, wanting to reach out and take the ice short sword. I thought about it, then handed ice short sword over to him but it disappeared in an instant.

"Unless you are going to use the knife to cause damage to an enemy at long range it will be for your own use, as you can see. It avoids the possibility of being taken by others."

"That's really great!"

"Right, there's also Miss Mabel. I know that you like to produce small items."

Career: Alchemist, same as Lanya.

"Of course, you could add magical elements to the inside. Like magic grenades, magic reagents and magic traps. Speaking of that, if you two coordinate you might be able to make a good combination."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Maa, don't talk so much today, wait until later. I think you were frightened before. Take a good rest."

"Similarly, that being the case, would you please wait until the Witt Empire, if you could."

"There, Duke you are being courteous."

Happily, I was unobstructed in getting a ticket back to the Witt Empire.