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 Chapter 57: Empire's Turmoil Arc 3 Encountering the Duke

The pillar of flame shot into the sky for over 20 seconds before disappearing. And during that time we managed to spot the kidnapper's caravan.


To be precise, it should be a private mercenary caravan or perhaps using the mercenary group's name to commit crimes, because the moment we stopped we saw the mercenary's flag burning.

To be precise, not just the flag, but the whole fleet was burning. At the same time a series of curses were coming from inside the fleet.

"I told you to keep an eye on the fire magician! What were you doing!"

"I confiscated her wand! But I don't understand why she can still use magic......"

"Fool! There is something called a magic crest now! What use is merely confiscating a wand!"

Noisy...... It seems that Blue Moon's business has been really good......

I laughed bitterly, and then did a sweep over the situation.

There is a wagon that isn't burning with four green names inside. It looks like it should be the kidnapped people.

7 people with yellow names were rushing to extinguish the fire on the burning wagon. But I think it's no use because the horses used to drive the carriage have disappeared. They should have been scared off.

"Oh, Fir, Aliyah and an unknown elf. Long time no see."

Like a monster, at some point Falan passed by the side of the forest. Coming in through a tree in the back.

This is scary, ok? You can see Aliyah almost drew her sword, not to mention that Julian has already pulled on his bow.

"Seriously, scaring people like that. Your signal was a bit intense, I don't think you needed to be 'caught'."

"Why don't you sit in a free carriage?"

Sure enough, Falan's way of thinking diverged greatly from the norm. I looked at her with admiration.

"What's to be done now? Are we going to go save people?"

"That depends on what Fir does~"

Falan said, smiling.

"That's a very famous person in the Witt Empire after all. If they were saved there would certainly be benefits."

"You know me too well, Falan."

"You flatter me~"

"How long do you two plan on continuing spouting garbage?"

Aliyah's finally said, unable to endure it.

"If we don't hurry up then the other carriage will be slightly burned."

"Ok ok~ Julian, you stay in the bushes. If you see anyone fleeing, shoot his foot. Don't let him escape. But don't kill him, understand? We are very civilized people."


Julian nodded, then jumped onto a tree branch.

That jump was awesome, so envious.

I can fly though.

"Then here is what we will do. Aliyah, I think you prefer beating up people? I will leave the mercenaries to you."


Aliyah quickly agreed and rushed out in a red light.

"Then Falan, you'll......"

"I'm very lazy~ Don't give me anything to do."

"Well, you can spectate. I'm going in~"

In a split second, I changed into a noble's magic robe from a store and then accelerated into the burning fleet.

But when I arrived, Aliyah had already beaten all of the mercenaries into the ground. They were lying on the ground while moaning painfully.

In that case, in although I had borrowed them but they now belonged to me, as to avoid dirtying my clothes.

"Frozen Restriction!"

A simple ice spell covered the burning carriage, soon the flames were extinguished.

Even though it isn't as direct as water magic, but it can't reach the ignition point for natural flames to continue burning because the magic that originally ignited the flames had ended.

I finally walked to the carriage, took out my staff and gracefully froze the lock and lightly struck the lock to shatter it.

The carriage's door slowly opened. In front of me was a young noble in gorgeous clothing with a elderly noble couple.

Although the clothing of the older couple was not as gorgeous as the younger noble, their status was clearly much higher.

"I am honored to meet you. I think this is the first time we've met your excellency Duke Mudorans · Fid · Marshall."

Right, when I saw their titles a moment ago I realized how wonderful it would be to have these four people.

The Marshall House. One of the Witts Empire's four largest houses and the one in control of the Witts Empire's magical research.

Even more funny is that right now it took 20 to 30 mercenaries to kidnap them. Two of them were water magicians. They are going to leave without them knowing how humiliating it was.

But this was understandable. After all, looking at the two water magicians, it seems that before they had played the role of guarding the Marshall Family.

Your efforts failed~

"You......you are......?"

Duke Marshall asked with a bit of baseless panic.

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Lin · Fir, a national magician of the Ice Empire. I was just traveling through."

"Oh......oh, is that so."

He looked outside and his expression slightly recovered.

"Thank you for saving us. These bandits were too much, they secretly assassinated our guards and kidnapped us. If you hadn't passed by we would have been worrying for our lives. By the way, there was another who was caught, a lady magician, you......"

"That's my companion."

I laughed and turned around just to see Falan coming in.

"She was already rescued. And this is Aliyah, my partner."

I introduced them to Aliyah, who had beaten the kidnappers.


But it seems they had nothing to say about Aliyah. I realized why after some thought.

Aliyah is still dressed like a mercenary. I think that's why the old man wasn't showing any interest.

Seriously. That's why these nobles can't speak properly. Thankfully I was the first to come over. Would we be despised otherwise?

Perhaps then it would have turned into us kidnapping them. I always want to educate such shortsighted people.

However, seeing that our comrade Aliyah had started to happily rummage through the kidnappers' goods, I decided to forget it.

"Lord Duke, what are you going to do next?"

Although I asked, I saw the guards responsible for patrolling were rushing at us. Although I didn't know which country they were, that wasn't the problem allright?

What I meant is, could we borrow a carriage or something.