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 Chapter 56: Empire's Turmoil Arc 2 Kidnapping

Although it may be very difficult to cross the Rupture Mountain Range for most people, but for me with my jet board it's just an issue of a few minutes.

While there were more people and flying up making a bit strenuous, we took the chance to fly over the mountain range in the middle of the night and came into the Human territories.

Seriously. Whether they are humans or elves, isn't this sort of night time border watch too lax? I can pass freely like this, aren't other people even simpler?

Forget about it. I'm not a leader of a nation, why should I be so concerned about this?

"What are we going to do if Falan is still over with the Elves?"

Aliyah suddenly asked.


I put the ice board away. While we weren't found, somebody will certainly notice that it has been used.

"There has to be someway. It has been so long and she hasn't shown up, what can I do to rescue her?"

"That's true too......"

Aliyah let it go.

"So what should we do? Go straight back to the Witts Empire?"

"Of course. Or do you want to stay and share your feelings with the border guards? I think they would be very happy to do that."

"Shut up you pervert!"

"Yes yes."

I took out the communications headset.

"What are you doing? Will there be a signal here?"

"Who knows. Every airship within 100 km or less can pick up a weak signal. Maybe there is a signal, we might be able to connect with a plane.

I said while turning a knob on the headset. After going through static for a while I suddenly got a loud noise!


The sudden voice startled me into taking off the headset.

"What's wrong?"

Aliyah asked, confused.

"You should listen."

I handed her the headset. She put them on and after a while did the same thing as me.

"What the hell!"

Aliyah rubbed her ears.

"Who is yelling in this!"

Aliyah shouted back into the microphone.

"Oh oh oh, isn't it Aliyah~"

The voice in the headset caused us to jump in shock.

Speak of the devil......

"Falan, it looks like we are close to you. Where are you?"

"Ahh, I was kidnapped by nobles~"


"The nobles had just finished a boring vacation in the Sea of Trees, because it seems some nobles do that. Afterwords a mercenary unit nearby went kidnapping.

"......There's that sort of thing."

I can't help but be scared by this pain-in-the-ass world.

Everyone is getting ready for war and you are in the mood to travel. Kidnapping is also bizarre I guess?

"Who else was kidnapped with you?"

"Oh. A noble from the Witt Empire. His name was Marshall or something. Probably. His family were caught in this."

"Marshall......that's a strange name. But, if it's the Witt Empire, then he might be able to help me with something."

"Ehh~ Isn't it my rescue~!"

"Save you? With your combat power, shouldn't it not be a problem to handle a group of mercenaries?"

"Of course it's a problem! They have two water magicians and I can't reveal that I am a necromancer."

"Then why are you able to still use a headset?"

"Because I am a magician and schoolgirl I have my own spaces. Also, they are keeping an eye on me even though I am talking. But right now they are too anxious and trying to hurry."

"Yeah, if they aren't careful they could turn into your summons."

"Really, I don't want such disgusting summons~ Well, I'll give you the location, ok? Come save me~"

"Yes yes~"

Having no choice but to cut off the call, I looked to our group.

"It seems we have a new job. Let's go Julian, don't you hate kidnappers? There is a group we can clean up right now."


Julian's eyes were filled with doubts.

"Are they kidnapping elves?"

"Of course not. They kidnapped a human?"

"Eh? Why? Humans kidnap other humans?"


Aliyah and I looked helplessly at him.

"Elves never abduct each other......?"

"I don't get it. Because of the abductions, aren't they turning them into slaves?"

"Ehhh......Because abductees can be exchanged for ransom. So you can make money, understand?"

"Right. You humans are really strange creatures."

"We consider this to be a normal event?"

But after a moment I realized a problem.

"Falan said she was going to give us the location a moment ago, how is she going to do that?"

I looked at Aliyah and she looked back with an expression that showed she didn't know either.

"How would I know? Don't tell me that she is going to take out a cell phone to find her location and transmit it to us?"

"Ha ha ha ha......that's really funny."


Just when I had finished, the distant sky glowed with a red light!

Looking carefully, a column of flame pierced the clouds, lighting up the night sky!

"Oh my god, this signal......"

I looked at the two of them.

"Is she lighting fireworks?"

"Who knows? I only know that the border guards will see it. We need to get there."

"That makes sense."

Finished, we rushed to the place that had been blazing.

We left behind Julian, who had been staring blankly for a moment before shouting 'Wait for me' and following.