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 Chapter 55: Empire's Turmoil Arc 1 Goal

"Eh? Look for your older sister?"

Walking on the road in the Sea of Trees, I had barely finished listening to Aliyah's explanation when I flew over.

Normally, I don't really fly over. It was just to see Aliyah's surprised face.

"Even though we can accept commission for the mercenaries, but not just any missions are accepted! Is the task to look for his sister?"

"What's wrong~?"

Said Aliyah as she flipped through the elvish skill book.

"He already gave a valuable item in exchange. Are you actually opposed to such a good deal......yeah, I should have told him to bring up some more skill books, maybe you don't care?"

"Sorry, you......I don't know that much about magic."

Julian said embarrassedly as he walked ahead.

"What? You don't know much about Elf magics?"

This was a surprise to me, not understanding the elf magic wasn't what I expected to hear.

"No no no, I rely on simple magics, I can only use magic arrows."

"Ok, stop it. It's not a big problem. I still have to give my opinion on your skill book."

I've borrowed a lot of skill books after all. Although I haven't followed the formalities for checking them out.

"I think your grudge against humanity is really deep. If you can't understand some of humanity's behavior and anger some unnecessary people then we will have trouble."

"What are you afraid of? Aren't you the National Magician of the Ice Empire? I remember that National Magicians are generally Viscounts. Judging from your relationships I don't think you aren't a Duke. Your other titles aren't minor either."

"Well...... that's not the main issue. But Snake's Eye is doing such large scale actions now, there's not much point even if I investigate them stealthily. It would be better to join a force and fight directly against them, what do you think?"

"I don't care, anything fun is good."

Aliyah replied casually as she continuing to flip through the book.

"Ahhhh, then we will gather people together for our cause? There is no special purpose, but just for the sake of fun."

"That's correct. We don't belong here anyways. We don't care too much about annoying things, isn't that right?"

"That's to say......but there are a lot of people we are familiar with here...... don't tell me that after mingling with the mercenaries for so long there isn't any feelings."

"The Red Rose Mercenaries!"

Aliyah angrily corrected me.

"Ok ok. It's your red mercenaries. You have no feelings at all?"

"Ahhhh. All right, all right, I get it. Everybody definitely is good person! I also don't want for them to have problems......well, I definitely don't know what those Snake's Eye guys are thinking!"

"If we knew we wouldn't have so much trouble."

I spread my arms widely.



Julian, who was leading the way, instantly turned back to look at me.

"You said you want us to help find your sister...... that isn't a problem. The issue is the information about you older sister. If you want to find your sister we need more information. It might be unpleasant to hear, but we don't know how many kidnapped elves are inside of human cities."


Julian had a painful expression. Thinking a long time, he seemed to suddenly think of something, then took out what seemed to be a pocket watch from his pocket.

"This is something the kidnappers left behind!"

I came over, it was a engraving that looked like a family's coat of arms. Clicking the button on top it actually opened like a pocket watch.


But this was not a pocket watch. Inside was a metal piece, and it was irregular.

According to my years of experience playing games, this thing ought to combine with something else and form some sort of key.

However, after I took off the thin piece of metal, the back of the thing actually caused me to stammer in shock.

"This is......"

It was something I knew well, and shortly after I turned it a smile came up.

"Remember when we were back in Blue Lake City and the guards hurried past?"

"Well, what happened?"

"Look at this."

I put the thing in her hand.

"The mark on this and on their horses are the same."

"What! The Witt Empire's Royal Guard!"

Julian was suddenly angry.

"Hey, hey! What did I just say? Calm down! Trying to save your sister when you don't have a cool head is impossible. I can let you go back if you don't control your emotions. While it's inconvenient, leaving the Sea of Trees on our own isn't impossible."


Julian thought and clenched his teeth.

"Fine! I will control myself."

"You say one thing but do another, watch what you are doing. Next time I find a problem I won't forget it."

I looked to Aliyah.

"It seems goofing off is out of the question. Right now we need to go to Blue Lake City and have a good conversation with the Guildmaster. Based on the Guildmaster's character, she should be willing to help us out."

"That's right. Only this time we have to deal with the national machine."

"Afraid of something~"

I laughed.

"We've already dealt with the Mitchell Kingdom. Dealing with the Witt Empire too isn't out of the question."

"In that case, are you going to destroy the Witts Empire Imperial City?"

"How is that possible~ I'm a civilized person."

I shrugged.

"Naturally, this doesn't rule out the possibility."