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 Chapter 54: Rise of Monsters 44 Departure

While I was returning to the Elven city, I saw that more than half of the city had been destroyed.

What am I supposed to do for my dinner now......

Sighing helplessly, we went to the Elf Queen.

At this point she was directing elves to clean up the wreckage. Looks like there are many buildings that hadn't been destroyed, so I didn't see anyone putting up tents.

"Fir, you're back?"

"Well, the monsters have retreated?"

"That's right, they suddenly retreated......"

"It seems that the enemy had no reserve forces. They relied directly on the forces from the transmission gate as their army."

"What? Transmission gate?"

The Elf Queen was surprised at this and called elder Durante over.

"You said it was a transmission gate?"

The old guy came over to my side and stared at me.

"Where is it?"

"Go that way for exactly 6354 meters."

I said pointing the way we came.

"You......know how to be really accurate."

"Well......it's because of a habit."

I can't tell them that I was looking down at the minimap.

"That's...... Since they have retreated, does it mean you have deactivated their gate?"


I casually replied.

"I caused it to overload and explode."


Elder Durante's face was twitching.

"Hey. If you were able get control of the transfer gate a bit ago you might have been able to find out where they were able to get so many monsters from. But since you've stopped their attack it's fine, otherwise the city would be finished."

"Getting back to the main topic, this place isn't the only Elf city right? Have any other cities been attacked?"


The Elder was about to say something but the Elf Queen quickly replied.

"This Elf city is the innermost of a network of several surrounding cities. As long as the cities on the perimeter aren't broken the inner city would be fine."

"Well, that's pretty good."

"Because we relied on monsters to patrol in the gaps between cities it reduced the burdens on the elves."

Hearing this, Aliyah and I glanced at each other before looking at the Queen with sympathy.

"About that......you might have to reconsider."

"Reconsider? What are we reconsidering?"

The Elf Queen was still puzzled. The Elder on the side immediately frowned.

"Could it be that......the monsters have rebelled?"

"I can't say they've rebelled."

I shrugged.

"What I should say is that someone made them evolve. And they evolved to a level where they aren't affected by the control of others."

"Not controlled by others......but......we only have to use the monster flute and they respond to us."

"Some people think that. Others obviously don't. Don't believe it. Why don'y you give the flute a try and see how many monsters are still under your control?"

"That's ......"

The Elf Queen hesitated for a moment. The Elder brought out a monster flute and blew on it.

Strange noises came out from the monster flute but I was able to hear some sounds.

The sounds lasted for a long time, but, afterwords there was a long silence.


The Elder waited a long time before sighing helplessly.

"This is major issue. I'll report it to the assembly of elders immediately. Fir, the Elves owe you a big favor. In the future Elves will be your friends. if there is anything don't hesitate to ask."

"That......Thank you. There is something I need to bring to your attention. The monsters that evolved were able to evolve through genes given to them by the organization 'Snake's Eye'. I know them. We wanted to track them a moment ago, but they threw us off partway."

Right, even though a tracker was put on them, when we came over we saw the broken tracker discarded on the side of the road.

It was useless even though it still operated .

And when we started looking for the Sub-dragon messenger again they had vanished with out a trace.

It helped me figure out two things. First, they have the ability to find trackers. And second......they may have even found us but were indifferent to us.

A cold sweat ran down my cheeks. If the second assumption is correct then they might still be monitoring us.

"Snake's Eye......I understand, I will report it as well. Queen Sylvia, I will leave this with you."

"Then how are we going back......"


The Elder gave a wry smile and pointed to the Elf Queen.

"All right, all right. I will be responsible for carrying you away from here. You can rest easy."

"Carry away......then the transfer gate at the temple......"

"We intend to use our magic to interfere with its magic elements so that it can't produce a portal. It will be easier to study it when it is closed."

"You are going to destroy it to avoid direct problems? That's a good plan."

It seems these elves were desperate, but thinking about it as well, when the Human empires had encountered this sort of thing earlier they had panicked. These Elves could be considered very calm.

"That......do you need our help?"

"No no no, you've already helped us a lot. Julian!"

Hearing the Elf Queen calling, the young elf that had found us to pick a fight ran in front of us. But there was no hostility in his eyes, compared to a bit ago.

"Julian, you will go with Fir and Aliyah as they leave the Sea of Trees."


I looked at Aliyah, she looked back helplessly.

It seems the Elves need to make big moves. They want to do something and don't want us to see it.

Otherwise, what can account for our rapid departure in the evening? You could offer some lodging in any case.

'Sorry, it seems that we can't hope for your Elf skills.'

I sent the message to Aliyah through the terminal.

'Don't worry about that, and...... who says there is no hope?'

Aliyah said smiling.

'Oh? You managed to get skill books?'

'Right now I still haven't. But......soon.'

Saying that she looked behind at Julian.

'I just talked to him about a deal~'

I turned back to look at Julian's nervous face, then at Aliyah.

'You seem to be good at corrupting children and the like.'

'What! This guy is almost 8 times my age, who is the child?'

Fine. Your chest is still small, so you can say that.