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 Chapter 53: Rise of Monsters 43 Behind the Monsters

We didn't have a long way to go. It took half an hour to get there because we could only walk.

Going through the brush, the scene we saw left us flabbergasted.

In the middle of a clearing in the Sea of Trees, there was a structure that looked like some sort of elevator that was giving off all sorts of weird lights. After each time it shone, new monsters would continuously come out of it.

"If my guess isn't wrong it should be some sort of machine equipped with a transmission device."

I whispered to Aliyah after staring at the machine.

"Oh? How do you know?"

"The magical lines and the spacial magical array are very similar. They should be pretty much the same."

I pointed to the side of the elevator-like device. Like I said, the magical formations were similar to what I had seen before.

"So that what it is. In other words, these monsters from other places were being shipped over to be used as a fighting force?"

"That's probably what's happening. But if that's the situation it only shows that they might have a lot of these devices and shipping combatants to different places."

"So what do we do?"

"We destroy it of course. Otherwise, sooner or later the Elves will be finished."

I examined the machine carefully, and pointed to a console on the side.

"Do you see that? That's probably a control device, but there are two Silver Horned Dragons guarding it. Getting close to it won't be simple."

"Kill them to get past?"

"Hey hey, don't you see the steady stream of new monsters? Isn't fighting them to get past the same as a death wish?"

"Then what should we do?"

"Really, even though it is a magical device, if this thing is automated then there has to be mechanical parts. And if there are mechanical parts then we should be able to overload them and crash the machine."

"That sounds very complicated."

"Okay, then I will show you."。

I used high-level thieves stealth technique on myself. Although it will not make you completely invisible, it will make it so that other people don't care about you.

I went through the group of monsters and came to the side of the machine.

But it is unlikely that I can go infront of the two Silver Horned Dragons. What I will do is to go around the back of the machine.

Right. Behind the machine. Then I looked for something similar to a heat sink, put a pile of assassin electric motors on it and used some special clay to plug up the exhaust.

Finished, I walked back to the trees and Aliyah's side.


"Almost, we need to get them going."

Done, I started up the electric motors.

Shortly after, I heard a clanking sound coming from the machines. But the monsters didn't seem to care and left the machinery running.

Soon, black smoke started to come out of a tiny gap. It seems things are going the way I wanted.

"Right. Cover your ears."


Not waiting for Aliyah to be surprised, a loud noise came from the machine. I put up a wall of ice between us and the machinery right then to block any flying debris.

"Okay, done!"

Pulling on Aliyah, who was still watching, we turned and left the way we came.

Looking back, much of the group of monsters had descended into chaos and a lot of them had just been blown up.

"Walk quickly. Those monsters are going to come and search, when that happens we will have a problem."

"Okay. You're really good at sabotaging things."

"You flatter me. I'd think you are better at it."

I'm not the person with the ability to cut a building into pieces.

"Yeah, thanks for the praise."

"Yes yes ......"

Who praised you!

I suddenly saw several sub-dragons take off from the machine though and flew off in another direction.

I quickly took out the GPS compass, looked at where it was pointing and laughed.

"Ready to cross the forest again?"

"......I have to even if I don't want to, right?"

Aliyah gave a small smile, I shrugged and agreed.

Tapping on the air, an ice board appeared at our side.

"Come on."

Pulling on Aliyah, we turned into green light and flew into the forest in the direction of the compass.

-------Dividing line that's been gone for a while-------

40,000 meters above the Grey Magical Academy

Snake's Eye Mothership -- Graham's Nest

In a long corridor, a man dressed in the same black suit Fir had seen was walking slowly to the end.

Even though her whole body was covered in black, her gender was revealed from the golden hair spilling out from under her mask.

"Alice, you've come back?"

Although it is unknown when it happened, another person in the same outfit as Alice appeared behind her.

But on the speaker's mask there was an additional black star.

"......Captain Dallion, don't ever talk from behind my back, you might die."

"Really Alice, you're still like that? You'll never find a boyfriend like that~"

Just as the words fell, a red blade flashed infront of Dallion. If Fir was here, he would recognize it as the same red[Super Arcane · Punishment · Tearing Cross]he usually used. But this wasn't the same as the chaotic blade in Fir's hands. The blade Alice used was fully materialized. Even if it were dropped it would maintain its appearance.


The blade passed through Dallion's body, stopping in the air less than a centimeter from the wall. It was clear that Alice's control over the blade has reached an extreme point.

"Ahaha, you still can't take a joke~"

Dallion's body slowly vanished into the air. After a few moments the side of a blade appeared and caught the red blade.

The red blade suddenly turned into black crystal. Dallion's blade danced in the air and jerked. The black blade turned into dust and flowed into Dallion's body.

"Yes, the feeling of anger. So good~"

"Don't be so disgusting. People find you extremely repulsive."

"Ahaha~ How can you say that? I really care about my team~ Well, there's not much else to say. How did the mission go?"

"It went smoothly of course. The so-called revolutionary army bought 5000 combat exoskeletons from us. It seems like there is going to be a big fight."

"That's good. What about you Quincy."

Just when those two were talking, another person happened to come over.

It was Quincy, the man Fir had seen in the woods. He was back on the battleship now.

"Sure, the machinery has been laid out and I think the Elves are already a mess. I don't know what's going on in the far east*, it's hard for those Abyss creatures to get rid of slavery."

"As long as there are demons there will be desires. Don't worry about it. Let's go. We need to report first. The boss is waiting."

Done, the three people turned and walked to the end of the corridor.

* - far east?, I can't tell if they meant to talk about the eastern continent, could also be the dark elves lands.