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 Chapter 52: Rise of Monsters 42 Evolution Gene

"I guess we will also have to develop air traffic regulations, otherwise there will be problems."

I lowered the flying altitude, changed direction and flew out a gap in the trees!

Half a second later, a Sub-dragon hit the tree behind me while the other two bypassed us above before rushing towards us.

"Damn, can't those guys talk?"

I pointed the wand back, a blue light hit the necks of the two dragons and covered their necks with a layer of frost.



A red shadow jumped from a nearby tree, two daggers struck the necks of the Sub-dragons. They gave out a pitiful cry before their heads dropped.

I turned and caught Aliyah in her fall before accelerating into nearby thick grass.

"Super Arcane · Leaf Song."

A dark green glow surrounded us. Our figures gradually faded before being hidden by the surrounding foliage.

Soon, several Sub-dragons and Hellspider Flowers blasted past and behind them was the Double Rhino, Blast Cheetah, Dark Lions and all sorts of magical creatures! It looked like it was a zoo today.

"Why not kill them? It's a lot of exp!"

Looking at all of the monsters running past, Aliyah was dissatisfied.

"Seriously, you didn't even look at the number of monsters."

Looking at the dust clouds of the monsters I curled my lips.

"There are too many monsters for it to be a joke. Even if it's[Eternal Frozen Stream], being hit by such a large group of monsters would destroy it."

"Ice Dragon?"

"A magic that summons a phantom Sub-dragon. I really think that the chance of the Sub-dragon winning is higher.


Aliyah shrugged.

"Let's forget it since you aren't confident. But what's next?"

"It's to sneak over to the woods that the monsters came out of. Weren't we here to investigate it?"

"And then?"

"Naturally we will have a chat with these small animals, I don't think their collective rage is happening without reason."

"Chat with small animals? You are referring to the monsters?"

Aliyah looked at me mockingly.

"While you can speak the language of the Beastmen and Elves, you think you can master the language of monsters?"

"You don't know if you don't try?"

"Ok ok. I hope they have enough money for you to steal."

"Steal money from the monsters? Although that happens often in RPGs, but we can't do that now."

"How is it possible? Some of the monsters might eat a lot of coins or something."

"Well, then please find these monsters with gold hidden in their stomachs."

I said this, waved, and a green light wrapped around us.

"Stealth mode is ready. Let's go."

I changed my clothes to thief's equipment in order to keep from making too much noise.

Silent Gloves and a thief's soft boots are essential.It was important for the change of clothes to be convenient.

Naturally it has to be this equipment, but wearing an something like an ordinary coat is important for going out.

Well, it doesn't matter.

"Oh my, Fir. You said Snake's Eye spends too much time thinking of conquering the world? Why not make a front with the people of this world to fight them? See, we all can't die so there is basically no need to worry about combat casualties?"

"There are a lot of problems despite of that."

I said while walking.

"For example, the dead can resurrect instantly, so the people of this world will quickly notice that the people they killed were reappearing. If the news spreads then our presence will be exposed."

"That makes sense. We'll be caught and be used like animals in research."

"Yes, and it's even more terrifying since we can't commit suicide."

I stopped and stared at Aliyah.

"And so, don't be caught as a test subject."

"Aren't you worried about yourself? You are the careless one."

"Don't worry, I have a lot of ways to solve that problem......Shush!"

I suddenly heard someone talking ahead. Immediately I pulled Aliyah to the side and hid in the bushes.

"What's wrong?"

"There was a voice ahead."

"A voice? Isn't that normally good?"

"No. It's atypical because it was talking in the Human language."

"Human language......"

Aliyah put away her indifferent expression.

"Either it is Snake's Eye or it's......"

While she was talking two people came in from the distance.

"Mr. Quincy."

One of them was dressed in the clothes of a commoner and had a rough face with a beard.

"Many thanks for your provisions...... the one that you called for."

"Evolution Genes."

The other person I couldn't describe well, because he was wearing a black cloak and could only be described as mysterious.

Even the face was a mask, so their gender couldn't be seen.

Aside from that, titles can't give me information on the guy.


The person has the Snake's Eye mark embroidered on their back. I can only strengthen my eyes to investigate their identity.

Well. We'll call them Men in Black A.

Right, someone just called him Quincy. It would be better to call him Men in Black Quincy.

"Well, thank you for providing us the Evolution Genes, letting us enter a higher plane."

"Don't thank me, it was just a transaction. I helped you break the Elves' control, and you will give me the location of the entrance to the Abyss."

"Of course."

"Also, I don't know if this gene will have any negative impact on you, I only know that it will increase your intellect. For the rest......you should use your own discretion."

"Of course. As long as there is actual intelligence, we will definitely be able to enter a new stage and become existences similar to dragons!"


(Tl: This can also be read as Lord Rand. It's not clear which it should be)

Men in Black Quincy said this with a strange voice similar to a computer.

"Be careful. If the Dragons learn about this, they will definitely deal with you before they kill you. At that point you would be worthless."

"I know that. They are never soft towards the people who challenge the prestige of Dragons. Don't worry, we have our own plans. They're not something that I would trouble Quincy with."

"Well, our organization doesn't have any interest in this. The top priority...... in short, you will quickly tell us the location to the entrance of the Abyss."

"Of course, please come with me."

Done, Rander's body suddenly became much bigger. He actually became a Sub-dragon in just a few seconds!

Only, this Sub-dragon and the ones that appeared before are completely different. This sub-dragon had a single, slender golden horn!

Golden Horn Dragon. An Sub-dragon inferior to the strongest species. Because its origin isn't pure it isn't recognized as a dragon, but their blood hasn't had any impact on their form. Thus, they are more powerful than dragons in some aspects.

Such as speed and attack.

Their only drawback is intelligence. They can use the magic of monsters aside from the dragons but can't understand anything else.

Granted, monsters have their own magic and skills but those are closer to instinct and can't be taught.

"Thank you."

Men in Black Quincy jumped into the air and landed on the Golden Horn Dragon's back.

"Let's go."

Rander looked at Quincy, thought for a while but still flapped a wing and flew into the sky.

"Aren't we going along to look?"

"I don't think we can beat either of them. The Sub-dragon alone was level 70, and that other person......"

"Well, we still need to continue to the source of the monsters."


I took out an item that looked like a compass.

"I left a tracker in the Sub-dragon's body, it might be useful? But now we need to stop the attack of the monsters. Let's go."