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 Chapter 51: Rise of Monsters 41 Monster Assault

Going through the transfer formation, I came to a Giant Eagle that was diving at me! I waved and an Ice Wall appeared between me and the eagle. The Eagle collided against the wall with a bang.

Screaming, the Eagle flew back into the sky.

"It looks like we found trouble......"

I looked behind to Mulando.

"Is this a Dark Elf attack? Or did the monsters rebel?"

"Mr. Fir!"

Eli ran over from the side.

"This is bad. Those who were responsible for guarding the monsters ran away and the monsters began to attack the city!"

"Calm down Eli. Didn't you go with us into the bunker?"

"That's......I don't know. It lit up but I wasn't taken in."

"I see......"

Thank goodness, otherwise it would have been trouble if you saw my transformed state.

Although Mulando is a dark elf, he thinks nothing of me being an undead. But if you saw it I wouldn't have been able to mingle with the Elves.

"Anyways, what's the Elf Queen going to do?"

When I asked this I pointed my right hand. An Ice Totem extended from the ground and struck a two horned rhino that had charged straight at us. Aliyah rushed up and stabbed a dagger into a gap in its armor by the neck and twisted.

The HP of the rhino dropped to zero as if it were a level 1 mob. But that wasn't the case as it was a level 40 double horned rhino.

"Oooo~ Exp."

Satisfied, Aliyah pulled out the dagger and got rid of its blood.

'Well, Mulando and Eli should find a place to hide. I'll go to the Elf Queen and help them fight off the monsters."

"All......All right.

Eli and Mulando nodded.

"Your skills aren't that bad. But the basic quality of a gentleman is to protect women."

I patted Mulando's shoulder and then pulled Aliyah onto a summoned Ice Board.


Under the board a whirlwind suddenly pushed on it and the two of us flew out like cannonballs.

Of course, we weren't actual cannonballs. But this acceleration was enough to scare a person to death.

However, I started up the doll that was hidden below at the same time and made it jump straight up from the water and put it back in my ring with a wave of my hand.

"Oh. It seems we managed to recover our loot."

Pulling on my clothes, Aliyah said that with a laugh.

She's been pulling on my clothes ever since she confirmed the safety of the skateboard. But that's ok. It would've been embarrassing if I'm being hugged non-stop.

But my clothes might increase by a size because of that. This isn't good.

"Well, we nevertheless need to still help the elves quickly. After all, the elves are our good friends. Even if she isn't the Snow Princess, Falan is still important. But what ever the case, they are an important race in this world, perhaps they will lend us a hand in the future. Having them owe us a favor is a good idea."

"That makes sense. Then I can justifiably steal their stuff ."

"What are you doing! How can you say that you are going to rob them!"

I said righteously.

"We are just borrowing it to look! Of course, if you are talking about those magic crystals......we just need to help them verify that those magic crystals can't be used!"

"You are really shameless! Do you intend to say that to their faces?"

"Of course not."

I shrugged.

"I'll just say we discovered this when we borrowed them."

"It's still stealing! Tch~"


Really, isn't rummaging something that a hero does?

"All right. Enough talking, let's go."

I said while rushing towards the spot where the Elf Queen's name was visible.

Flying over to the queen, I saw a sub-dragon also flying over to her. Pulling out my staff, a blue ray of light directly hit the sub-dragon, then a nearby elf warrior leapt up high and cut the frozen sub-dragon's neck.

A crunching bang, the sub-dragon's neck broke like glass and suddenly it fell to the ground.

"Oh my god......"

The Queen curled her lip and stepped on the head of the dragon.

"Thank you."

The Elf Queen beckoned to us.

"In addition to the guard monsters, these monsters rushed out from the north. Can you go see what is happening?"

"Of course your excellency~"

I shouted and looked back to Aliyah.

"Come on, you heard what the Queen said."

"The monarch told me to patrol the mountains~"

Aliyah actually groaned to herself.

"Huh? Did you forget to take your medicine?"

"You forgot your head. Let's go!"

Aliyah knocked on my head.

"Ok ok, Queen Aliyah~"

Quickly accelerating, we rushed to the north.

"Come, let's go look at what the cute little animals are doing."