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 Chapter 50: Rise of Monsters 40 Total War

Although I feel really good right now, I understand that this situation isn't a joke.

I accelerate over to the elf. No matter what, I have to control this guy to keep his mouth shut.

"L......Lord angel!"

I just started flying through the air for the guy to drop into a kneel. I was almost too late in braking and nearly tripped on him.

Luckily my reaction speed is pretty quick, and I was able to raise my wing slightly to avoid him and turned back to him afterwords.

"I'm in! This is much cooler than my wolf form!"

Saying that, Aliyah charged out. Her body had gained a red coat.

"What are you doing! Do you have to compare this sort of thing?"

"Of course! Don't you know how cool you look right now?"

While Aliyah said that, she took out an unknown circular box, put it on the ground and stepped on it.

Ka-shing! Surprisingly, a full body mirror popped out of the side!

What is this device? Is was very mysterious.

But more amazing was the mirror in front of me.

"Oh my god...... which visual kei band descended from the heavens?"

(Tl: original is , shā​mǎ​tè. Look it up for images or an explanation.)

I was instantly frightened enough to pee myself when I looked in the mirror. Visual kei wasn't enough to describe me, did a model run out of Victoria's Secret Fashion Week?

On the left were two angel wings, the right was two bone wings. I haven't seen form of these two before.

But this can be considered good. Looking at my messy, shoulder length silver hair, one red and one gold sick looking pupils. I really want to find a spot of earth to bury myself in......

"I say Aliyah."

"What is it?"

"Do you have a blindfold?"


"Seeing myself in this stupid form isn't something I want to do."

"Seriously! You're ignoring me! How many people want this fantasy appearance!"

I looked at Aliyah painfully and let out an indescribable long sigh.

"Anyways, no matter what...... that guy over there......Mulando? I wasn't ridiculing your strange name. Say, did you make me take my original form on purpose?

Seeing his reverence towards me, I decided to take advantage of our relationship.

It was voluntary in any case, I didn't force him to do it?

"How......How is that possible. I was just curious as to how you were able to use legendary magics. I didn't want to deliberately break your disguise!"

"......Fine, I believe you."

I walked in front of him.

"Come on. However, you have to agree to a few conditions."

"Please speak lord angel."

"First, never reveal my identity to anyone. Second, tell me anything you know about angels. Third, let me look at the magic of the Elves."

"Tch, shameless."

Aliyah complained.

By the way, if there are any useful martial arts books, my friend wants to see them."

"Okay, no problem. However......"

"What is it?"

"An angel appearing here. Could it be......"

"Hey, you don't understand what happened? You and the monsters of the Dark Elves attacked Human cities. The hatred between Humans is about to cause a war to break out. You and the Dark Elves have lost a lot of combat power. If you begin fighting there will be heavy losses."

"This......Hey, I knew that."

"Oh? What do you know? That's right, can you take your mask off? It really looks weird."

"What? You can actually see my mask? No, surely, you are one of the lord angels."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

It suddenly felt like something was wrong, I turned to Aliyah.

"What do you see when you look at his face?"

"An expressionless pale face......what's wrong?"

"What I see is a mask with black stripes."


Aliyah rubbed her eyes.

"How can that be, clearly......"

"[Clown's Grin]。"

Mulando took off his mask revealing his original appearance.

"So that's the reason. It was like that......"

Under that mask he was actually a dark elf .

"No wonder......I don't think the elves in general would call me an angel. Rather......"

"Lord Undead Holy Angel......"

Mulando knelt on a single knee.

"I didn't know......did you come to accelerate this mess or......"

"Ah, I just came here to play."

I pretended to say casually.

"What's happening between the Abyss and Heaven doesn't matter so I came by to look. The Elves here will be fighting soon, so......"

"I know I know."

He nodded repeatedly.

"Good. Then we will keep each other secret...... Anyways, are you the only person in the magic bunker?"

"No, this layer is mine. Nothing more."

"That's good."

While I was talking I opened the skills menu. I retracted the wings and used the skills Falan taught me to cover up my appearance.

Looking at the mirror, my appearance slowly returned to normal. Black hair, black eyes.

Looking at the mirror, I took a photo to confirm that there was no problems behind me. Aliyah returned to her normal look and Mulando put his mask back on.

"Well, the problem is solved. Remember Mulando, don't use your machine to stimulate people freely...... but it is effective, more so than magical medicine."

"Cough cough, you just consumed a large magic stone. No one, including the angels, are generally able to quickly absorb the stone's energy. But I had been developing this machine for some time! In the hope of a new world of magic!"

He looked so excited, I had the urge to introduce him to Mari-sensei and Dale.

Researchers are all abnormal people. This is the only thing I am sure of.

"But the elves here like to study magic, there should be a lot of magic stones?"

"That's true. Unlike the Dark Elves, the Elves of the forest study a variety of magic, so there are plenty of stones."

"Aliyah, did you hear that?"

"Of course, the problem is...... where are they?"

We both looked at Mulando.

"......You people...... want to rob the Elves' magical warehouse?"

"Even among angels there are desires. Not to mention, I'm not an ordinary angel."

"I get it, please......"

Suddenly, Mulando wasn't able to finish his sentence. At that moment, the floor suddenly shook. It felt......like it was coming from above!

"It seems...... we have a problem......"

I saw a large red name rushing across the ceiling!

"It seems there is no chance to rob it today......however, we well be able to get experience fighting a monster~"