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 Chapter 49: Rise of Monsters 39 Exposed

Even if they had said not to worry, we had barely finished talking when the Queen and Elders began to work.

Looking around us, the elves began running all of a sudden. I don't know when they appeared.

"I think......we should go somewhere calm."

Aliyah said helplessly.

"Right. I think the elves in the city have a lot of interesting things to do, so......"

"What do you want to see? I can take you to it~"

"Eli, when did you appear behind me?"

"Eh? I've been here the entire time."

God. There wasn't even a small presence. This is too horrible, is she Akari?

(tl: probably Yuru Yuri's Akari Akaza)

"Well, until the Elf Queen and the Elders finish their preparations we will be idle. I suggest...... letting us visit the elven magicians?"

"Is there elven martial arts, especially those that use dual swords or daggers."

Speaking of which, Aliyah is a thief. Although she is mainly stealing things, in that branch thief should be classified as part of the assassin's career.

It seems that Aliyah is using both dual swords and daggers as weapons. Going to the elves here should be right, Because my impression of the elves is someone who is fond of shooting a few arrows, hiding, and looking for a chance to stab them in the back.

Of course, this might be my bias. After all, that is what I have done in many games.

"Well......if it's martial arts, I think everyone already went out to patrol. But those old guys that practice magic should still be in the bunker."

"Wait, the bunker?"

I rubbed my temples.

I'm beginning to think that the elves of this world aren't the elves of my common sense. If an elder teasing an impatient queen isn't strange enough, then what language should I use to describe their decision to build a magic tower as a bunker?

"That's right. The magic researchers in the tower hated papers getting blown out of windows, so a bunker was built under the original tower. As more and more was built, they moved everything down. Finally, the original tower was torn down."

"Oh my god. These magic researchers are really......"

I suddenly realized I couldn't find a tsukkomi to describe them.

"Well, anyways. Let's go see the magic researchers."


Eli suddenly pointed behind me.

"It seems they are coming to you."


I turned around. Coming towards me was some guy wearing a grey robe and a silver mask with black stripes.

Oh my god. What is that strange outfit? Can't you guys put on something that won't get you arrested as terrorists when you walk down the road?

What's just as terrible, the title of this guy is really bad.

Mulando · Yefa · Musu

[Completely Shielded by Equipment]

It's like you picked up a comic book, and when you opened it found it was blank.

This is really uncomfortable......

"Are you the human?"


There is something wrong with this guy's manners. At least say hello first.

"Very well, you said you wanted to see our magic bunker?"

"That's right."

"Very well. Your Elvish is very good. Come to our bunker. I want to talk to you about your legendary magic, perhaps you could learn some more Elvish. Of course, until now there hasn't been any elves that have studied human magics. Your magical skill might be a gift. Let's go."

Finished, the guy turned to the back of a building I had thought was a monument. Pressing a button on the door he instantly vanished.

You actually set up a teleportation formation as the door? Is this some foreign joke? Aren't you elves spending too much on magic crystals? You actually set up a direct transmission door?

I rolled my eyes and followed.

"Miss Eli, do you want to come?

"Of course."

The three of us went into the transfer formation.

Pressing the button, with a flash, we were inside the building.

This is like the scene transition of a game, but there wasn't even a loading screen.

Seamless loading, this is really good~

But I have to say, the decorations of the elf bunker aren't simple.

Hundreds of bookshelves are constantly rotating, and the books are constantly flying about.

Aside from that, there was a lot of things moving back and forth. It looked like conveyor belts.

"Sorry. It's a bit messy."

The elf said as he walked to the side.

"Come come come, come to my lab. Let me take a look at your magic."

"What are you going to do?"

"Testing your magic of course? Don't worry, it will only take a moment."

Following him along the corridor for a minute, we entered into what looked like a basketball court.

But the biggest difference was...... the court was surrounded by all sort of strange magic patterns and equipment.

"Come come come, stand on this. Let me see what you can do in your strongest state."


"Stand on it and you will know."

I thought about it, and skeptically walked on the device.

The elf magician started fiddling with the buttons on the instrument. After a while, he pressed a button and I felt a surge of energy enter my body.




Bindings are being lifted?

Am I the first to use this machine?

Just as I was feeling gloomy, I felt a strong force explode from inside me! At that instant......

I watched as my angel and bone wings stretched out!

"Oh my god. You must be joking......"

I'm finished! Exposed!