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 Rise of Monsters 28 The Ancient Tower

Gara, gara......

In the passageway ahead there was three zombies with large swords patrolling slowly.

The zombies' withered and putrid bodies were moving strangely. But we knew, these things that seemed slow have combat abilities similar to a human.

Don't ask how I know, at the entrance of the ruins there are 5 piles of ashes that weren't originally there.

In addition to 3 empty bottles of my MP potions. These guy's defense is unbelievable. Considering Aliyah's hobby of 'I have to hold your front line', I can only helplessly assist. Ice Domain and Frozen Light were quickly fired on the enemy, and I watched as Aliyah and Falan's two skeletons chop them up.

But they were still covered by their defense. Their HP loss was just too slow. Aliyah jumped and cut each zombie held by my ice before switching to fire to burn the other one to ash.

After all of that, the information on the strange zombies updated.

Hell Gatekeeper -- Doom Guard LV50

Attribute: Undead

Weakness: Fire Magic, Light Magic

Really, couldn't you have given me that information first? It actually didn't tell me. I had to verify it first.

It didn't matter anyways, looking for weaknesses is fine.

I nodded to Aliyah and Falan. Aliyah grinned and leapt forward, her two magic chainsaws turned into flames and cut them down!

"Arcane · Purgatory Rend!"

A red figure slowly formed behind Aliyah. It's blazing hand curved with Aliyah's motion and cut down the three human remains.

At the same time, I pointed towards the feet of the three zombies. A layer of frost spread out under them, fixing their feet to the floor.

Aliyah's attack immediately followed, the red light swept through the three zombies.

All three zombies were now burning, and two of them had been slashed.

Right after her attack, Aliyah jumped to the side of a building before jumping over to where we were.

At the same time, Falan waved a wand in her hand. Flames fell from above onto the three zombies and their HP went to zero.

It's a refreshing shower~

But we are not willing to stay in one spot, we quickly changed direction towards the center tower and ran.

As I expected, a number of zombies rushed past where we killed the others. It doesn't look like a patrol, they look like they had taken stimulants with the way they madly ran past.

We ran to the nearest side of the tower. Looking at it's side, we sighed in relief.

That's right. We are now inside of an underground city in the middle of the labyrinth. The underground city has been completely abandoned, of course.

But I only say that it has been abandoned by humanity. The many zombies here consider it to be their beautiful home.

We were in the labyrinth for several hours before breaking into the underground city. The architectural style seems very similar to the temple on the outside. If you really wanted a description then it looks like the ancient city of Pompeii.

But the most annoying thing is the wandering zombies. We have killed a lot of them, but I get the feeling that more ran in from elsewhere.

They were being refreshed from someplace that we didn't see and I knew nothing about.

In the entire stone city, I couldn't find any special buildings except for the tower in the middle.

It was obvious too. The tower connected the underground city and the ceiling. It seems that connection point can let us reach the top.

Although I don't know what is above, but in this case, to see everything important we need to get up.

Everyone had the same idea as me. It seems we are reluctant to stay in the underground ruins too long.

I reached out and a stairway of ice connected to the middle of the tower.

"Come on, I don't want to stay in this place too long."

"Ahh~ Although I'm surrounded by these cute undead, but I feel that they aren't in tune with me~?"

Falan said reluctantly.

"Those undead seemed to ignore my contact attempts, or rather, there is someone more powerful controlling their thoughts and turned them into combat puppets~"

"You seem really happy......"

"That's because they are just puppets. It shows that they are inflexible when it comes to fighting, additionally it showed that someone was controlling their speech......"

"We can loot some more?"

"That's right~"

"Really...... I think we can form a tomb raider squad......"

I wryly smiled as I rushed over to the ice stairs.

Reaching the side of the tower, I knocked on the walls and smiled.

The tower didn't seem indestructible. I can't help but feel happy as that restriction was extremely upsetting.

Naturally, there doesn't appear to be any entrance on the outside. Although I can probably use a mechanism to open an entrance. But if you could open your own door, why look for the entrance?

Ice Totem!

A pillar of ice struck the walls opening a huge gap.

"Can't you use a more civilized way to open the door?"

"Falan, I didn't think you would actually call the way I open doors 'an uncivilized way', don't you think it's incredible?"


Falan walked next to me, smiling. Then turned to the hole.

"Ok, next time I will try to be civilized."

"Yeah, next time."

Aliyah also bitterly smiled as she went over to the gap and I followed.

I also destroyed the stairs because I saw the zombies rushing towards us. It looks like the sound from hitting the wall attracted them over.

After that I jumped into the gap.


But I instantly regretted it!

This isn't because I saw monsters, but because I began to quickly fall!

In addition, even after what felt like a long time I didn't reach the bottom!

"Aliyah! Falan!"

I loudly called to Aliyah and Falan, but the surroundings seem to have absorbed the sound. I couldn't even hear an echo!

"Summon Light Ball! Ice Board!"

The ice skate suddenly cushioned me and the ball of light appeared next to my head.


"This...... Where is this place?"

The ball of light couldn't illuminate the surroundings, there was only an expanse of darkness. Like that, I slowly drifted down......