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 Chapter 48: Rise of Monsters 38 Continental War

As far as I am concerned,the benefits vegetarian foods is that you can eat as much as you want and not be satisfied. In the end, the plaza between the Elf Queen and Elder was demolished. We had also managed to taste the entire menu a little bit ago.

"How was it? Comparing our food to human food."

The elf chef asked me after we had finished.

"Well, it's pretty good. I really want to say, I think I prefer elvish food. Although I like meat, I think that humans have made meat too monotonous. Your food has a refreshing, comfortable feeling to it."

"Is that so? Are you also a chef?"

"No, I've been alone for a long time. Compared to you I can make rice, but that's it."

I froze for a moment when I said this.


Why did I say this? I clearly have my own habits......It doesn't have any impression to it.....

Strange, why?

It's relevant to the moment, did my subconscious pull out the memory?

Strange, why is this?

"Is that right? When can you show me what human cuisine is like?"

"It's no problem when I find all of the materials, but right now we have something else to do."

I looked and saw that the Elder and Elf Queen was heading towards us now.

"It seems like your daily chat has ended. Listen up. If you paid attention that hanging lamp wouldn't have been ruined."

I said pointing to a lamp on the side.

"There. As for the Elf Queen, the Elder had only used 30% of his strength in the dispute, so next time don't play this meaningless game with him. You accidentally ruined your decorations and wasted money."


The Elf Queen looked surprised and turned to the Elder.

But Elder Durante was faster and rushed over to me.

"Oh my god! You destroyed my only fun hobby!"

"Stop it. If you want fun then single out a monster."

"Do you think I haven't tried that? Their monotonous way of attacking bored me, that's why the Elven Queen is entertaining."

"Good good. You're slowly becoming interesting.

It seems that this old man is also a tease.

Oh my god. Are all of the high level elves like this clown? I really can't believe it.

"Compared to those boring things, shouldn't we discuss how to solve the monster problem? I will say this in advance, most of the monsters that were sent to the human lands have been dealt with. I think they will all be defeated soon. While I don't know if the portal will always work. But at this rate I think the guardians of the Sea of Trees will be ruined."

"It must be those Dark Elves! It's only good for them!"

A nearby elf said suddenly.

"So that they can take the opportunity to attack us, our strength is divided in half, we control the monsters and the Dark Elves control abyss creatures. Their strength is definitely rising."

"Abyss creatures...... hey hey hey, you're talking about those......demons?"

"Well, that's right. It's what is written in some of the books."

"This might be good news for you. I met an abyssal creature in the temple labyrinth.

"That means......"

"Those abyssal creatures might also go to human cities. Hang on a second, there are less abyssal creatures, and you might also get the blame for killing the abyssal creatures at the same time."

"Hold on...... if it's like you say then who the hell is responsible."

"I also want to know, but I haven't found the answer yet."

I shrugged and said to them.

"Although I don't know why so many things have happened, but I know that someone wants to make a mess of more than just the human lands. The whole continent will be ruined in that case......"

"The entire continent?"

"An attack on one of Humanity's most important colleges triggered a continental war. With the monsters of the Elves and abyss creatures attacking human cities, it would raise doubt between the Elf races. It's already too late for me to discover what they want to do next."

"Attack the Goblins and Beastmen?"


I looked at the elf that spoke with admiration.

"That makes sense, it might not be wrong."

I will immediately inform the Goblins and Beastmen. Although we are not allies, this is clearly related to the safety of the entire continent."


I could only bitterly smile to myself, because I began to doubt that we would have much trouble facing Snake's Eye.

Although I don't know why I want to oppose Snake's Eye......perhaps, I'm like them.

Of course, I'm not like them in trying to conquer the world.

That's the sort of thing only extremely bored people will do. I'm not that bored.

At most......

At most I'm bored enough to go against someone who wants to conquer the world.

Compared to the destruction of a visible enemy, standing up against an unseen enemy has more feeling.

This is really interesting, I was already looking forward to their next move.


If this continues the continent will certainly have a terrible war. When that time comes......

When the time comes that the world has been engulfed in war, then that will be troublesome.

"When the time comes...... you want to protect people too much?"

I said to myself, and looked to the Queen.

"We have to find a way to close the portal, do you have any way to do that?

"That...... It would be necessary to find the magic formation."

The Elf Queen smiled.

"That's really frustrating."